Free Plus Shipping Offer in Dropshipping Tactics

What is Free Shipping Plus? How Does it Work?

You can sell products for free by selling them on e-commerce. You then charge the shipping and handling fees to your customer.

It doesn’t make any sense logically. Yeah!

You are simply appealing to the buyer’s curiosity by using the word Free Products. In fact, you have included the product cost in your shipping fee.

Let’s suppose you found a great product on AliExpress for $1.50 and the shipping cost is $3.00. This product will cost $4.50 in total.

You can use the free plus shipping model to decide whether you want the product to be free and then add the shipping cost, handling fee, and shipping cost of $9.99 to your page.

This alone will net you a profit of $5.49. This is not the only reason for the free plus shipping model.

It is designed to guide them through a sales funnel that you can create with Clickfunnels to help create up-sell or down-sell products in addition to the original product.

If you are selling a free product plus shipping, you can easily do a $30 product upsell and $25 down-sell.

You could make an additional $55 if they bought all of your tricks.

You can still remarket to them if they don’t respond. They may still be interested in buying more products from you.

Benefits of the Free Plus Shipping Model

Let’s discuss the many benefits of free shipping plus how you can get them.

  • The “FREE” Magic Word

It’s not surprising that nearly everyone loves the term “free products”. I don’t know about your, but I think I do. Your potential customers will be attracted to the word “free” easily.

  • Dropshipping

Dropshipping is a much more profitable and simple business model. Dropshipping doesn’t require you to manage product inventory or logistics. You can simply buy a low-priced product from AliExpress and get free shipping

  • The Best Way to Attract Customers

Your potential customers will view this as a risk-free chance to test the product. It works 90% of time, especially if you give away the product for free.

  • Increase your income

This will enable you to make as much profit as possible with a low product, less than $5. You can also cross-sell or up-sell multiple products. You can also make more sales with email marketing.

Set up a free plus shipping sales funnel

A normal store usually has a static page with products and different add-ons that are integrated with the website to optimize conversion.

This could be an exit pop-up, email subscription pop-up, or cross-sell addon. Potential customers can leave the site at their leisure without having to take any action.

However, a sales funnel is a completely different process. One thing is certain, however: the customer’s email address can be used later for email marketing.

Below are the steps to set up your dropshipping sales funnel with free shipping.

  1. Get a trendy and affordable product
  2. Complementary products for up-sell and down-sell
  3. Clickfunnel account
  4. Marketing Products
  5. Follow-up emails automatically sent

Step 1: Search for Trendy & Cheap Products

This will work if you find a very cheap product. You also need to find a product that is extremely popular which your customer can’t resist.

AliExpress has many of these products. For ideas on trendy products to use as bait, check out Amazon’s top sellers.

After you have found your product, you may decide to bundle it with an additional informational product. You want to increase the value of your product so that customers can’t resist it.

Your informational product might be “10 Amazing Facts You Don’t Know About Your Cat“, etc. The goal is to stimulate their curiosity.

You must also be aware of the shipping fees.

It is absurd to give away a pet toy valued at $10 and ask your customer to pay $50 for shipping. This is absurd.

You shouldn’t charge more than $10 for shipping, as you will still be selling and upselling additional products.

Step 2: Complementary products for up-sell and down-sell

You can use upsell and downsell to persuade customers to buy more expensive products.

They will most likely buy the complementary products, which is why they tend to buy more often.

At this point, you should look for irresistible and complementary products that could be used.

You could, for example, make a product with two parts. One part can be free, while the other can be up-sold. This is only one example.

Step 3: ClickFunnel account

Clickfunnels offers a 2 week trial to allow you to test-run their platform.

There are many funnels that you can use from your account to achieve your particular purpose. A funnel like this is required for the free plus shipping model.

  • Free Shipping + No Charge
  • Visit the Page
  • Upsell Page
  • Page can be down-sold
  • Thank You Page.

Get Free Shipping

Click funnel allows for complete customization. To match your product, you can easily change the color of the website and logo.

This page was designed to minimize distractions and increase product conversions. This page also includes an “add to Cart” button with a free (+shipping)

You can also include a description of the product for your customers to learn more about it.

Visit the Page

The 2 checkout page is simple and helps to reduce shopping cart abandonment. It also increases sales conversions.

You can easily follow up on customers who haven’t completed their order using the checkout form.

Page for Upsell & Downsell

Upsell pages are designed to increase customer cart value by offering a tempting complimentary product prior to customers complete their purchase.

The down-sell page can also be used to increase your sales with an irresistible upsell. To entice your customer to buy, however, you should price your product lower.

Thank You Page

This page is where you say thank you to your customer for purchasing with you. This page could feature products that your customer has purchased in the past and link to the product page.

Step 4: Product marketing

Marketing your product is the next step. Your business is new and little will be known about it. You need to increase traffic to your business via various advertising channels.

You could start by engaging Instagram influencers to promote you business. Find the ones that are relevant to your product niche and contact them to discuss business opportunities.

Facebook marketing and Google Adwords are also effective channels to reach potential customers.

Step 5 – Automated Follow Up Emails

There is a chance that not all customers will convert. The good news is that you will have their email addresses. Clickfunnels allows you to create follow-up emails that can be used for remarketing your customers.

It’s easy to set it up. This could be a one- or three-time automated follow up within a week for remarketing. Email marketing works well. Each lead is worth one dollar, so you will get more conversions.

Dropshipping is the latest trend. A store that offers free shipping and free products is one that provides the product to customers completely free.

It is true that the shipping costs are completely free, but it is also important to note that your business can make huge profits. How is it possible to sell products at zero prices and make huge profits?

What is the typical Ecommerce business model?

Any e-commerce company will follow a very common procedure. If it sells a product, it will charge $5 for the product and $2 for shipping. The total amount that the customer must spend is $7, but shipping free of charge is a different matter.

Dropshipping is a free and easy way to get shipping.

Although the price remains the same, the customer will still need to pay $7 plus shipping. However, he would rather pay it. Yes, the $7 shipping charge is all that applies this time. The supplier sells the products for $0.0 and charges $7 shipping.

The customer is happy because he believes he gets the products completely free. Cool things are also always welcome. Right?

It works by putting $5 on top of shipping costs. This increases the profit margins of the supplier and the customer pays for the products, thereby giving them away for free.

Dropshipping business eligible for free shipping

The free plus shipping trick is actually a clever one used by entrepreneurs to sell products for free, but then charge shipping costs from customers. This tactic is used to ensure that the shipping costs are included in the price that the customer is willing and able to pay.

Anyone would love trendy products in return for nothing. But, the problem is with the product selection and shipping. _Be careful. Be careful.

Shipping is free and easy. Let’s see how it works.

  • First, the keyword ‘FREE’ is used. The free products, and the trendy ones, excite everyone.
  • Marketing is essential and can be done well using social networking sites such as Facebook.
  • Drop shipping is a great option for those who don’t need inventory. It also reduces costs.
  • You can make huge profits if you have a great business management system, but only after putting in a lot of hard work and research.
  • This saves you time since you don’t have to spend your time maintaining the inventory.
  • It is possible to offer many products without worrying about color or size. Also, introducing new products can be done easily.

Dropshipping: An excellent way to increase your sales

Dropshipping is a great way to get people to your website and increase sales.

It is a good idea to test it with the “right” products and to run a promotion on your website to find out what works best for you.

Dropshipping and WooDropship are great ideas. Leave a comment below to get more advice.

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To make your e-commerce business more profitable, you can use the free plus shipping model.

You can use this business model to drive people in or then show the products you are selling as an up-sell and down-sell.

Another method is to generate leads for your products, which is an important aspect of any business.

When running ads on social media, or any other platform, it is important to clearly state why you are offering free shipping. Others will believe it’s a scam, and that there is an ulterior motive.

You could, for example, announce that you are giving away products in celebration of your store’s anniversary. It could also be to increase brand awareness.

The Clickfunnel makes it easier. Dropshipping is possible with AliExpress, but Clickfunnel has yet to integrate with AliExpress. It is however connected to the Google spreadsheet.

All orders from your customers will be saved to the Google spreadsheet so that they can be later used to fulfill AliExpress orders.