Free and Best Dropshipping Suppliers for eBay Sellers

eBay offers a steady stream for loyal customers which makes it attractive to small businesses as well as first-time sellers. You can easily sell to people by dropshipping via eBay.

Dropshipping is another option. The supplier will ship the item directly to your customer, and you don’t have to stock them.

Dropshipping offers many benefits, including steady income streams without the need to invest capital.

Let me now show you the top free dropshippers to eBay.


Printful is the best eBay dropshipper free of charge on our list.

Why? Printful allows you to sell custom-printed products to your eBay customers for no cost.

You only need to pay the product base price at the time of order, and you can then keep the profits.

There are many dropshippers to eBay, but most of them charge based upon a subscription for ebay, unlike Printful.

Printful is a top-rated dropshipping platform that can dropship a variety of customized products.

You can find high-quality products from them such as T-shirts and tank tops, leggings and leggings, hats and iPhone cases, face masks, and even face masks.

You can easily set up an eBay selling business with Printful. Printful handles all aspects of the production, branding, shipping, and other logistics. Printful will handle all aspects of the production process, branding, shipping, etc. for you. To list the product on eBay, however, you will need to pay an ‘insertion’ premium fee.

You can use your eBay brand to create unique designs for products. This will make it easy for customers to recognize that you are a dropshipper.

Dropshipping is a new concept for many people. This Printful review will help them decide if it’s right.

Printful provides excellent customer service, especially for questions regarding your eBay listings and other online marketplaces of interest to you.


Another great free dropshipper for ebay is Printify. This is one of Printful’s rivals.

Printify allows dropshipping via eBay. This allows you to sell your products directly to customers, without having to worry about shipping and printing.

To start selling your products, simply create a Printify account then link it with your eBay store.

You don’t have to be a designer in order to design products. Instead, use their mockup maker.

Printify offers over 300 products that can be printed with your unique designs and then sold to your customers on eBay.

Printify boasts over 90 print providers located around the globe in the USA, UK China, Australia, Europe and Canada.

Printify is also a free platform.


Yakkyofy is an additional dropshipper that eBay offers for free on our site.

It is also one of many dropshipping companies that receive products from Chinese suppliers and manufacturers.

This means that eCommerce merchants of modest stature can take advantage of China’s lower market prices, much like larger companies have done for many years.

It is easy to get started with Yakkyofy. You can create a free account and locate your favorite dropshipping products. Then upload them to your eBay shop.

You can upload their dropshipping products and customize them with your branding elements before listing them on eBay.

Yakkyofy provides easy-to-use inventory and order management tools so that you can manage the entire dropshipping process.

Yakkyofy also allows you to purchase small stocks in advance and have them stored in their warehouse free of charge.

They can ship packages from China to the US or other parts of Europe in 5 business days using their Special Line shipping service.


DHgate is also known by the Chinese eBay. It is China’s largest B2B eCommerce platform.

It is similar to eBay and has a user-friendly interface that includes advanced features to make eCommerce easy, secure, and simple.

Unlike other dropshippers that are free for eBay, DHgate doesn’t facilitate automatic dropshipping. Instead, DHgate allows manual dropshipping.

You should also know that DHgate suppliers are subject to a series verification steps in order to avoid any shady practices.

Before you list them on your eBay shop, it is important to work with reliable suppliers.

Consequently, when a customer orders on your eBay store you can forward the order to your DHgate supplier who will dropship on your behalf.

You don’t actually need to manage inventory. All you have to do is to monitor the order fulfillment process.


As AliExpress is Alibaba’s brainchild, I don’t believe we need to introduce it to you.

AliExpress sells products to retail customers while Alibaba caters primarily to wholesale customers.

You can still dropship items to eBay customers through AliExpress by using dropshipping suppliers.

You just need to find dropshipping suppliers or product sellers on AliExpress.

You can make arrangements with them for ridiculously low prices and unique product images. Then, list dropshipping products in your eBay storefront.

Once you have received an order, enter the buyer’s and transaction details manually via AliExpress. The supplier will take care the rest.


Chinabrands is one the most popular dropshipping platforms that eBay offers.

It facilitates dropshipping for eBay merchants as a B2B eCommerce marketplace.

Moreover, all product suppliers listed on the platform have been validated to ensure high quality product supply.

You can also find products at very low prices.

All you have to do is create a free account and start your eBay dropshipping company with Chinabrands. Next, choose the suppliers to your products.

To verify the product’s quality, you can request product samples.
After that, you can create an eBay listing with product information. After an order has been placed on your eBay store you can forward it to product suppliers for processing.

Wholesale Central

Wholesale Central is the right place to go if you are looking for dropshippers that will be free for your eBay store.

It’s a popular platform for dropshippers and wholesale manufacturers and has been a huge hit in the eCommerce market.

Wholesale Central offers a free listing of wholesalers and dropshippers, which is unlike other dropshipping platforms, which charge a premium.

Their directory is also segmented according to niches. This allows you to quickly find dropshippers who are available for your eBay niche.

They do however verify that the suppliers, wholesalers and manufacturers in their directory are authentic.

You should also make arrangements with suppliers before you list their products in your eBay store.

Global Sources

It is an online marketplace for business to business that connects with manufacturers and suppliers around the world.

Their most popular product categories include electronics, apparel, fashion accessories, and kitchen appliances.

Interestingly, eBay merchants often use Global Sources because of their section specifically for eBay suppliers and manufacturers.

After you have registered on the site, you will need to upload the product details on your eBay store.

After your customers have placed an order, you can reach out to Global Sources’ supplier who will ship the products to them after payment.

You should ask for product samples before dropshipping via Global Sources.

Aulola Dropship

This dropshipper is free and ideal for eBay merchants in UK.

Aulola Dropship offers dropshipping services direct to customers, which is unlike other free dropshipping platforms. You should only pay for products once a customer has placed an order.

There are many products available for different niches. Dropshipped products include accessories for phones, smart glasses, baby monitors and car accessories.

Dropshipping with Aulola Dropship is possible by following these steps:

  • Register for an Aulola Dropship Account
  • Choose your favorite products, then download their information and images.
  • Next, add the items to your eBay store.
  • After placing your order, send it to Aulola Dropship.
  • Pay your dropship order from the payment of your customers.
  • Aulola Dropship will then ship the product on your behalf.

CJ Dropshipping

This well-known dropshipper is eBay’s China-based. They also have a warehouse in the USA that dropsships products from there.

CJ Dropshipping allows you to dropship multiple products directly from eBay. They also facilitate Print on Demand dropshipping.

CJ Dropshipping allows you to sell common products such as jewelry, bags and shoes for women, as well smartwatches.

Dropshipping with CJ is easy. You can order and source products in your store. Their team will review your order to determine if it’s feasible for your customers.

They also ensure that their products are quality checked before they ship. Track your order easily and request a delivery analysis.

Volcanic Earth

Volcanic Earth is your best choice if you are looking for a free eBay dropshipper to sell skin and hair products.

Volcanic Earth headquarters is in Vanuatu, it should be noted. Their products include coconut soap, body scrub, and hair care products.

Before you can open an dropshipping Volcanic Earth products account via eBay, please agree to their terms.

Once you have verified your account, you can list their products in your eBay store.

Dropshipping with Volcanic Earth can be done easily. Volcanic Earth will even provide product information so you can easily populate your eBay store listings.


ModeShe is another dropshipper that eBay merchants can use for free.

Dropshippers can access fashion products from any location in the world through this dropshipping supplier.

ModeShe products include swimwear, tops and leggings as well as dresses.

ModeShe doesn’t require inventory nor investment. You simply list your products on eBay and they will deliver them to you.

You can apply for the ModShe Dropshipping Program, and then receive the product information for your eBay listing.

You can forward your customers’ orders to ModeShe after they place them on eBay.

ModeShe supports dropshipping, aside from eBay. It works on Shopify and other online marketplaces like Amazon, Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, and Amazon.

However, delivery times can vary depending on where you live.


Another dropshipping platform that eBay has in China is this one.

Chinavasion is a free platform that allows you to do business without the need for capital.

Chinavasion is a popular marketplace for drones, beauty products and fashion accessories.

It is simple to become an eBay seller through Chinavasion. You can open a dropship account within minutes.

Once a customer places an order, you can send it to them. You will then pay the payment and package it for delivery.

Chinavasion products are subject to stringent quality control checks.


This is a fashion company headquartered in London, United Kingdom.

Dropshipping is possible for many products such as footwear, handbags and fashion accessories.

LovelyWholesale is well-known for its high-quality, low-priced products.

It’s easy to become dropshipper for LovelyWholesale. You can still upload the product information to your eBay storefront.

You don’t need to purchase inventory or stock, just like other dropshippers for eBay.

Only pay when a customer pays on your eBay store. Then, enter the details of the customer for order fulfillment.

They offer a great tracking system and a return policy in the event of damage during transit.


Costway, a leading eCommerce platform in the USA, is well-known for its low prices.

They sell furniture, toys, pet supplies and office supplies as well as bags.

Costway has a dropshipping program that is ideal for eBay merchants.

Sign up on their site to select the products you like, and then upload their images and descriptions for your eBay listing.

You are responsible for shipping and fulfillment of orders placed by eBay customers.

Costway also offers bulk order fulfillment, tracking numbers, reward points and a 3-month warranty on their products.