Gold and Silver Metallic Ink Printing T-Shirt Dropshipping

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What is Metallic Ink Screenprinting?

When printed on shirts or other garments, our metallic silver and golden finishes create a bright shiny appearance. Although this style of printing tends to lose its shine and luster faster than other options, they still look amazing when new. A black shirt with gold or silver metallic ink can really make a statement!

How to Screen Print Metallic Ink

Screen printing is gaining popularity with reflective designs. One of the most popular methods for screen printing logos and images on fabrics, paper and other solid materials is metallic screen printing. Metallic ink printing and foil print are two of the most popular specialty screen printing techniques.

Thrive Screen Printing uses both silver and gold metallic inks to print on a variety of fabrics and garments. This is a popular style for large corporations looking to add an unique element to their uniforms and swag.

What is metallic ink screen print and how does it differ to foil printing? Although the techniques look similar, there are subtle differences between them and some differences in their technique. Metallic ink printing uses small amounts of copper, zinc and aluminum in combination with a clear plastisol to print your desired design onto fabric or other solid materials. Foil printing is a two-step procedure that involves adding a layer with gold or silver leaf to the clear adhesive. This will be discussed in more detail later.

This guide will cover the most important information about metallic ink printing. We will discuss how metallic ink works and the best uses for it. We will also discuss how to properly care your metallic ink printing items.

What is Metallic Ink?

Two main components are used by designers to create a lustrous look: a liquid resin, and a metallic color. To create popular colors such as gold and silver, the pigments are made from traditional metals. To achieve the desired look, these expensive metals are replaced by more durable and affordable metals such as copper, zinc, and aluminum. The balance of copper and zinc allows for different gold metallic inks, while aluminum provides the base for silver hues.

Like other inks the metallic particles are sometimes combined with a clear, plastisol ink. This requires heat to cure.

Dimensions of Metallic Particles

Screen printing designers should also take into account the size of the particles when selecting the right metallic pigments to match their project. Screen printing designers will also consider the size of the particles. Larger particles reflect more light, but require more porous screens. These screens are essential to ensure that large particles don’t transfer unevenly onto garments. If the particles are too small you could lose the reflective glow the designer wants to create.

Durability of metallic ink

The more ink particles are larger, the less likely the design will crack over time. We recommend that you wash your metallic ink designs with care, especially if they are going to be worn on the field. They look great at first, which is why they are ideal for events like one-off events. However, the design will naturally fade as the particles fall.

Non-leafing colors are also used by some companies. These pigments may be more durable than the leading types, but they might not have the same shine.

Important to remember that these pigments can oxidize over time, as they are made from natural metals. However, modern metallic inks may be pretreated to prevent UV-light fading or chemical reactions.

Top Uses of Metallic Ink

What kind of products can you create with metallic ink? Metallic inks can be used on traditional fabrics just like you can with other colors, since they are mixed with plastisol. While gold and silver are best for darker fabrics, white fabrics can have a little shimmer and an elegant quality with a subtler design.

Here are the top reasons individuals and companies order metallic ink screen print:

Company Events

For a team of employees, gold metallic printing can add professionalism to uniforms. You can add shine to the font or place a gold border around it.

Swag and gift bags

Are you looking to impress your clients and guests at a recent event? To make your event memorable, add a logo or metallic design to a bag that contains promotional items. Metallic ink can be added to sweatshirts and hoodies as well as socks, gloves, socks, and hats.

Uniforms for Team

For cheerleading, soccer, and basketball, you will stand out with your gold or silver reflective uniforms. This look is great for outdoor settings as it will reflect sunlight.

The Best Colors in Metallic Ink

Although metallic ink can be used in a variety of colors, we recommend using the gold and silver inks to achieve a vibrant look. Thrive Screen Printing offers both silver and gold finishes to create unique designs.

Gold Screen Printing

Do you want to showcase the elegance of your brand? Or do you prefer a more luxurious design? Against black fabric, gold metallic ink screen printing is eye-catching and has striking effects.

Designers may prefer templates and logos to look worn over time, especially if they are trying to achieve the boho-chic style that is popular today. Natural degradation of metallic inks gives the design a worn look.

You can also highlight other colors such as white, silver or bronze on a T-shirt with metallic gold ink.

Silver Screen Printing

Silver ink can be subtler and add professionalism to your designs. You can also use it with a variety of fabrics colors, including black, deep reds, purples, blue, and even orange. Avoid using pale fabrics as they may not achieve the desired effect. Use the ink to highlight certain areas of your shirt such as stars, waves or animals.

Combining Colors

It is possible to create a design with both silver and golden tones. This is a great way to create a complex logo or add depth to an artistic design.

The Best Fabrics to Use for Metallic Ink Printing

The versatility of metallic ink printing’s ability to adhere to a variety of fabrics is one of its greatest advantages. The technique is compatible with both cotton and polyester blends because the metallic particles are mixed with a traditional, plastisol-based plastisol.

The look is also popular for many other uses than the ones we have already mentioned. The metallic design can be used in sweat-wicking fabrics, which are often used as workout gear or sports uniforms.

This style will wear down over time so clothing with more frequent use might need to be replaced if they are not taken care of properly.

Care Instructions for Metallic Ink

To preserve their original appearance, we recommend hand-washing items printed with metallic inks. These instructions will guide you if the item must be washed in the washer.

  1. Before you place the shirt or other garment in the washer, turn it inside-out.
  2. Use a gentle, phosphate-free detergent like Woolite.
  3. In cold water, run on a gentle or normal cycle.
  4. Line dry.

Your metallic ink-printing garment should not be ironed, dried cleaned, or put through the dryer. There may be a wide range of screen printing inks, so make sure to read the instructions after placing your order.

How does metallic ink differ from foil printing?

Thrive Screen printing is not only a specialist in metallic ink but also offers a variety of other popular techniques such as foil printing. Foil printing uses clear adhesive ink to apply a layer of silver or gold leaf. The foil is left behind after the excess has been removed.

Foil printing can be as delicate as traditional metallic inks, as it contains particles that are not normally used in inks. It does however create the same sheen and luminescence that metallic inks, if any more.

Metallic ink offers more versatility for designing, as you can change the color and composition of the ink to match your desired tone of silver or gold. The two styles will change as the shirt wears. Because it doesn’t require two steps, metallic ink can be cheaper than foil printing.

These two processes are often confused with glitter ink. While metallic printing and foil printing produce a reflective surface, they are less durable than glitter-tinted ink. The best way to choose the right process depends on your goals and what you intend to wear the garment for.

Metallic Ink Printing With Thrive

Thrive Screen Printing will manage your metallic ink printing projects from conception to shipment. We are a wholesale printing company and require at least 24 pieces to get started. Get a quote to get started on your metallic ink project. Our team of specialists will walk you through the design and finish services within your timeframe, even for rush orders.

How does dropshipping work?

Dropshipping can be a simple process. There are fewer moving parts than other eCommerce models. But things are different.

This is how dropshipping works.

Step 1 : A customer finds your online store via Google or social media. Places an order for an interesting product.

Step 2 Dropshippers pass the order and product details to their wholesaler/supplier, aka “the source”. You could be dealing with one merchant, or you could have multiple suppliers.

Step 3 – You receive the money in your bank account. The wholesaler/supplier is paid directly. Ex: If the buyer pays $200, then you pay $100 to the supplier. Your profit = $100

Step 4 – The wholesaler/supplier receives the order, processes and then sends it to the buyer using their shipping method.

Step 5 The order will be delivered directly to the buyer.

You can see that your involvement is minimal in dropshipping.

You simply need to find a supplier and list the products in your shop. Then, promote them.

Pay the supplier the cost of the sale and take the money.

Profit yourself.

Now that you know what dropshipping is, let’s look at how to get started.