Goten Dropshipping Suppliers Platform Review

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Who are We?

GoTen, a global dropshipping platform and wholesale platform, is owned by Eteng Technology Limited. It belongs to Zongteng Group. Global online sellers can access dropshipping products with 20,000+ profitable SKUs. We also offer fast delivery from local warehouses. GoTen Platform allows you to focus on your sales and marketing efforts and we will take care of the rest. This helps you save time, money, and eliminates the need for worrying about product, inventory, or after-sales issues.

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Our Mission

We have been dedicated to helping global sellers launch and grow their online businesses since 2012.

How Dropshipping Made Easier

Dropshipping is easy with us. We can help you manage your inventory, products, and delivery.

What to sell

More than 20,000 SKUs

GoTen offers quality products from only 500+ trusted factory suppliers. GoTen big data allows you to identify the top sellers and most popular products, while ensuring higher profit margins.

How to Sell

Orders can be synced with your online shop

Select the products you want to list and then enable order sync with our platform. This includes forwarding orders, updating stock numbers or updating tracking numbers. We’ll also process your orders, and deliver the products directly to your customers.

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When to Deliver

We offer fast and free delivery to your local warehouse

Our own global warehouses ensure that orders are dispatched quickly from our local warehouses and delivered promptly to your customers.

Who supports?

Professional Teams

Our support team is available to you as a business partner. Our sales team will be happy to provide professional sales consulting. Our IT team focuses on creating the best system possible for you. Our After-Sales team is available to assist you with any problem to please your customers.

GoTen’s UK warehouses have a record number this time. A total of 102 promotional products are featured in ” Latest Arrivals in UK Warehouses.” These include top-selling home goods as well as musical instruments such bar stools, organizers, door & windows rain guards, organizers, organizers, door & window protection, organizers, and acoustic guitars. You can also get top-selling products at huge discounts. The promotion will run for a month from June 30 through July 30, as usual. This promotion will accelerate the UK-based dropshipping supplier’s business expansion.

Marketing director at GoTen says that more dropshipping products are being prepared in UK warehouses to support their rapidly-growing European dropshipping business.

“Our products fly off the shelves quicker as the number of European users registers increases. It’s amazing! Despite the spread of coronavirus, sales have surged by an unprecedented amount. Over 43% have been sold. We are now waiting for replenishment, and that is apart from new arrivals.

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Big Data Research reveals practical product recommendations

This is our own Service Offered by the Blog Author.

shopify dropshipping store set up

Hot sales are essential to GoTen’s product research team. This is due to the close collaboration between the team and dedicated customer managers, who offer free recommendations on the most profitable dropshipping products.

GoTen members can keep in touch with customer managers to get first-hand information and stay up to date with the latest dropshipping trends. These online sellers want more products to dropship to GoTen’s UK warehouses, and to sell via various selling platforms.

Outstanding Warehouse Facilities & Logistics Network

GoTen’s UK first warehouse was opened in October 2019. The UK-based dropshipping company currently has three UK warehouses in the West Midlands. These warehouses total 600,000. At maximum operational capacity, 100,000+ parcels are processed and orders can be shipped in 24 hours.

GoTen is partnered with logistic giants such as DPD, China Post and GoodCang to create a fully-fledged logistics network. GoTen’s free and fast delivery from UK warehouses allows registered users to easily expand their European businesses.

Recognition and Positive Customer Reviews review:

“I source a lot of dropshipping products through and make the most of their product recommendations, including ‘Platform top sellers,’ ’Monthly best sellers,’ and ‘New arrivals.’ Online retailers can rely upon GoTen Dropshipping platform to provide quality products at affordable prices and fast delivery. allows me to spend less time researching products, which allows me more time on sales. It is a great tool and I recommend it highly.”

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Dropshipping website integrates seamlessly with my Amazon shop. Dropshipping is more flexible than Amazon FBA. can quickly forward orders to me, and I can also provide updates on tracking information for my customers. I am now considering expanding my dropshipping company. is determined to make dropshipping more accessible for all. It has gained industry recognition and continues to grow. Dropshipping company based in the UK is now looking to expand its European presence and improve dropshipping services for more end customers.

GoTen is also a top global dropshipping wholesale facility that provides drop shippers and sellers with high-quality products to sell. This company has many warehouses in the USA, UK and other countries.

Dropshipping is easy and free to start. It is free of charge and you don’t need to spend time researching products. It’s also an excellent platform, just like Amazon, Walmart and eBay.

Dropshippers and customers can benefit from this site. This site offers customers fast and free shipping from local warehouses. They offer 24/7 customer support for drop shippers and customers.

Drop-shipping is a great option if you are looking to get started. There are many benefits and low risks. Dropshipping with GoTen can be scaled for drop shippers.

GoTen : The best things about GoTen

There are more than 20k profit-generating SKUs.

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You can enjoy huge discounts by signing up for membership

Customers will receive fast and free delivery

It boasts 450k+ sq.m of local warehouses.

It offers customers returns, refunds and warranty.

Customers and users will have access to 24/7 customer support.


GoTen, a dropshipping wholesale supplier, was established in 2007 by the ZongTeng group. It is now one of the most preferred dropshipper sites, offering sellers the best experience without risk and low capital.

GoTen Platform now attracts thousands of sellers and users worldwide, who sell the products and make high revenues. The platform has over 20k profitable SKUs, which are based upon big data-based research.

It’s a simple and free platform that allows you to sell on Amazon, Walmart and eBay. You don’t need a credit card or membership fees. All you have to do is register and begin selling.