5 Alternative Websites Like and Better Than CJdropshipping

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Dropshipping has gained immense popularity over a long time. This remarkable business model has drawn huge attention from all of its functions, including CJ Dropshipping and CJ Marketplace. Dropshipping has helped many people and businesses grow both financially and professionally. This article will discuss CJ Dropshipping as a dropshipping platform, its features, and the alternatives.

Understanding CJ Dropshipping

CJ Dropshipping, a wholesale business with roots in China, is one of the most popular. Dropshipping is a service that provides a variety of services such as product sourcing, fulfillment orders, product branding and shipping services. Custom packing is also available. It can be connected seamlessly to other eCommerce platforms like Shopify, eBay and Shipstation. CJ has 29 warehouses around the world and hundreds of thousands of products.

Dropshipping with CJ Dropshipping can be a great way to dropship.

  1. CJ Dropshipping is a wholesaler that offers products to sellers at wholesale prices. The products can be purchased by either an online arbitrage or wholesaler. Wholesale prices are available for products in large quantities and small quantities. Wholesale prices are a great option for people who wish to purchase these products and then store them in their warehouses.
  2. This platform is exclusively for dropshippers. The site’s remarkable growth over the past five years is due to its professional customer service team. They listen to customers and inform them about the latest product trends.
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What is CJ Dropshipping?

Product quality control

CJ, unlike other marketplaces ensures that all products leaving its warehouses pass through its quality control team. This makes them a reliable wholesaler as well as supplier. This quality control exercise is easy because they are the only suppliers. It is clear that the more than 400000+ products from the 13 categories are reliable and should be featured on your dropshipping shop immediately.

You can filter these products by price, location, video, and free shipping. Dropshipping is a great way to save time and avoid comparing multiple suppliers.

Fulfillment of Orders

CJ Dropshipping provides shippers with the satisfaction they promise. They fulfill all orders placed by customers and you don’t need to hire an order agent. CJ Dropshipping does not require a minimum order quantity (MOQ), and can ship any product your customers request, but at a charge.

Personal CJ Dropshipping Agent

You will find an agent at the CJ homepage who will provide all the support you require. CJ agents will guide you through the platform until your knowledge of CJ Dropshipping services is complete. The agent will provide contact information to help you with all dropshipping activities. The CJ agent will handle everything you need, including store authorization, product sourcing and order fulfillment.

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Product sourcing service

CJ Dropshipping’s product sourcing feature makes it a truly unique feature. This feature goes beyond the normal meaning of product sourcing. It allows you to get any product you can think of and have seen on other websites, but not on CJ. You can search on CJ for a product you are interested in, but it is not available. If you do find it, you can go to Aliexpress to get the description and send it to CJ. CJ Dropshipping won’t make the order from Aliexpress for you, but they will work with the relevant industry to manufacture it. CJ has around 200 manufacturers that can immediately produce the product at an affordable price. CJ Dropshipping is also a member the International Trade Mart (Futian Market), which has 40 industries and more than 2000 categories.

The minimum order a person can place in a given day is five. However, it’s possible to double or triple that number, and even increase it to unlimited. You can claim this service by opening a CJ Dropshipping Account. All products are at the lowest possible prices.

Product listing

If you would like to list your products from your website, then the CJ Dropshipping eCommerce platform is the best choice. After identifying the product they wish to list, the seller will click the button that prompts them for listing it. The site will capture photos and details immediately after you click the button.

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How to Change Currency in Cjdropshipping

If you’re looking to take your business international, you’ll need to be prepared to change currency. Currency conversion can be a pain, but it’s important to do it correctly in order to keep your profit margins high. Here are a few tips for changing currency in cjdropshipping:

1. Use a reputable online currency converter. There are a lot of scams out there, so be sure to only use reliable websites like XE.com or Oanda.com. These sites will give you accurate rates and will help ensure that you’re not losing any money on the transaction.

2. Always use the correct exchange rate when converting currency. Don’t assume that the rate you see on Google or Facebook is the right one – always check with a credible source before making a purchase. You may find that one currency is worth more than another in your particular area, so be sure to account for this when making calculations.

3. Track your profits and losses carefully when converting currencies – make sure you know exactly how much money you’re spending and making on each purchase. This way, you can adjust your prices as needed without worrying about losing money on the transaction altogether.

CJDropshipping Alternatives

Once we have understood the CJ Dropshipping platform we will expand our discussion to discuss other options. These are the CJ Dropshipping options.

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AliExpress, a Chinese-based ecommerce platform, allows dropshipping. It has millions of products and thousands drop shippers. The site is extremely competitive in all niches, so it requires extra effort to make your business successful. You will not be able to control suppliers or the delivery and fulfillment of orders. Delivery can take longer.


  • There are very few risks.
  • Starts with low cost.
  • Offers a large range of products.


  • Shipping can take months.
  • There are many complications with the return and refund processes.
  • Margin of low profit

Goten Dropshipping

GoTen is one the most popular dropshipping platforms. You can find many products and warehouses worldwide on the site. The platform is simple to use and customers will receive their orders quickly.


  • Order fulfillment within a few days
  • Numerous products, including home appliances, furniture, fitness equipment, etc.
  • Outstanding customer service.
  • There are many product categories.


  • It’s available in the USA as well as the UK.


Printful is the ideal platform for those who enjoy designing. You can upload your designs and drop ship your products. Let’s say you are looking to sell t-shirts and other items that feature design. Dropshipping is a way to reduce delivery times by using Printful.


  • There are more than 300 products.
  • Easy integration with third-party platforms such as Shopify
  • Contains customized products
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  • You will not be able to return any of your purchase.
  • Shipping time can be long
  • It’s only good for a small number of product types.


Syncee, like other dropshipping platforms can be an option to CJ Dropshipping. It allows users to connect directly with suppliers and exposes them to millions of products. Although the app is difficult to use and navigate immediately, it will become easier over time.


  • Direct communication with suppliers
  • It’s easy to locate suppliers because you can filter them based on where you are located.
  • It can be integrated with approximately ten ecommerce marketplaces.

US Direct

You can sign up quickly and have access to thousands of products from this eCommerce platform, which is more than CJ Dropshipping. You can instantly synchronize your supplier store inventory with your account. Although the site is able to help you scale your business, their pricing and monthly plans are prohibitive. It is only available to US citizens.


  • It doesn’t have mark-up prices
  • US Direct customer support is available 24 hours a day.
  • Offers numerous products


  • Subscriptions are so costly at $99 per Month for inventory subscription and $150 for full automation.
  • This is only available to drop shippers from the USA.
  • Long drop shipping timelines.
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CJ Dropshipping is the ultimate option for fashion lovers. Modalyst offers fast delivery and works well on other websites like eBay.


  • Delivery of the product is fast.
  • There are many products.
  • It synchronizes directly the product stock levels to the tour shop.


  • High transaction fees
  • It works well with fashion drop shippers only.
  • Some fees are required to obtain premium suppliers.


Doba offers a better alternative to all other brands. Drop shipping is a niche that the site specializes in. It connects potential suppliers with the right retailers. The site also allows for automated dropshipping by using machine use. Doba acts as an intermediary between products and retailers. Doba sells more than 2 million products, including books and apparel.


  • Doba has over 2,000,000 products.
  • Exporting products from Doba is simple to eBay and other eCommerce websites.
  • Doba offers a 30-day free trial.