Printful Dropshipping Understanding the Basics

Printful offers businesses looking to produce and sell custom products their own way a suite of tools to create and market these goods online marketplaces and ecommerce platforms.

They provide warehousing and fulfillment services for ecommerce businesses who prefer their own global shipping strategy, listening to sellers to ensure a successful experience and continuously expanding product range.


Printful is one of the premier dropshipping services, providing high-quality products, valuable printing and fulfillment services, and an array of integration options such as Shopify integration to help entrepreneurs start T-shirt businesses or sell custom T-shirts on ecommerce storefronts without owning inventory or production materials upfront.

As you prepare to launch custom designs on Printful’s platform, there are some key things you should keep in mind when getting started selling them. First and foremost is understanding product costs when working with POD providers; these encompass design fees, materials costs, shipping expenses and taxes associated with production of a product.

Based on your product and method of printing, certain designs may have higher design costs than others. For example, embroidery may cost more due to the time and materials necessary for each stitch. In addition, there may be additional fees such as digitization charges per new design you push onto your store as well as product label costs should you want to add your brand logo.

To keep costs under control and speed up the design process, take advantage of the Design Center tools to customize and streamline the design process. Access their background removal tool, 400+ exclusive clipart images, Keyword Scout for Etsy Keyword Scout and profit calculator for Etsy. Plus you’ll know exactly which markup will maximize margins!

Pricing wise, most t-shirt designs retail for $9.99 each; by factoring this figure into your product pricing you can offset design costs per shirt sold and also charge your customers directly for shipping costs; this strategy has proven popular with Printful sellers as it can reduce cart abandonment and increase conversion rates.


Printful is known for offering customizable hats; however, they also provide printing and embroidery services for an array of other products like t-shirts, bags and phone cases. Customers can take advantage of custom design creation as well as fonts, clip art templates and designs templates to help make unique, professional-looking designs. Plus they use ethical production methods with an easily available code of conduct!

Printful Dropshipping is an ideal solution for ecommerce entrepreneurs looking to sell customizable clothing and accessories without incurring inventory costs upfront. Their low minimum order quantity and invaluable printing, shipping and fulfillment services make them one of the top dropshipping suppliers for apparel, homewares and accessories.

To begin selling hats on your ecommerce website, use Printful’s Design Maker to either make a custom design or select from their existing designs. When optimizing for hats with custom designs, reduce file sizes by eliminating unnecessary elements and reduce file sizes by compressing. When ready, upload it and choose which hat styles you would like to sell from Printful.

Integrate your ecommerce store with Printful by opening an account and setting up an API integration. Each time an order comes through your website, customer details are automatically forwarded to Printful who then prints, packages and ships the item directly to them – saving both time and eliminating potential error caused by manually handling orders on your platform. Plus you can connect Printful accounts to over two dozen platforms and marketplaces to expand sales reach and revenue potential!


Backpacks are one of the more distinctive and versatile products to sell online stores built with platforms like Shopify or Wix. Not only is a backpack an everyday necessity for many, it can also showcase your brand on an everyday item people use daily! Thankfully, there are services out there offering print-on-demand dropshipping for backpacks to make selling them on your storefront easier.

Printful is an attractive option for ecommerce merchants because it doesn’t require them to deal with inventory purchases and fulfillment services themselves; rather, Printful acts as an intermediary, taking orders directly from websites, printing them at warehouses on demand and shipping directly to customers. Merchants seeking this service need only create online stores on any platform they prefer before connecting their accounts to Printful so they can start accepting orders.

Utilizing such services allows merchants to save time, allowing them to focus their energies elsewhere within their business. Unfortunately, however, profit margins will likely be smaller when using such a service compared to manufacturing own products themselves.

So if you’re thinking about starting your own POD ecommerce storefront, it is vital that you gain as much knowledge of the industry as possible in order to locate an ideal niche and create a lucrative online business with ease. Furthermore, investing in effective marketing tactics such as social media, SEO, email marketing and paid ads may increase traffic and sales on your storefront significantly.

Coffee Mugs

An attractive coffee mug can make the ideal companion for anyone who appreciates their daily cup of java, chai tea or macchiato. Not only can they use it during their commute to work and all throughout the day at the office but it can even store hot chocolate or soup!

Printful offers a selection of coffee mugs you can sell in your online shop, both ceramic and glass varieties are available, and engraving/embroidery services allow for even further personalization – perfect for customizing gifts! Printful listens to their sellers, adding new products regularly; visit their Product Catalog page to see what is currently available.

Printful’s services can easily integrate with any ecommerce platform by installing their app in your shop or through integration built directly into it. Once connected, you can list and sell their products in your online store with no inventory costs or upfront expenses incurred from managing shipping arrangements; instead they’ll take care of everything themselves to ship orders to customers with your branding intact.

One drawback of using Printful, however, is that profit margins will likely be smaller compared to manufacturing and shipping the products yourself. When setting prices for your listings it is essential that this be taken into consideration.

If you want to increase profits, Printful Pro may be worth considering as it provides access to advanced tools and features like background removal for design files, 400+ exclusive clipart images and free embroidery digitization services. Plus, live shipping rates that reflect actual weight and destination of each order.

Other Clothing

Dropshipping models provide the ideal way to sell custom t-shirts, canvases, hats, coffee mugs and pillows without having to deal with inventory and shipping directly – giving you more time and freedom for marketing and brand building efforts! Printful offers this solution seamlessly!

Printful stands out from other POD services by catering exclusively to ecommerce entrepreneurs and their commitment to offering them quality products and tools for use in their stores. Their focus on improving services makes their offering even more beneficial.

This includes offering various printing methods for the different items they sell, enabling sellers to customize their designs and providing them with a tool to preview how these designs will appear printed on products prior to ordering them. Their printing options include direct-to-garment (DTG) printing for certain apparel and hats; screen printing; embroidery; direct giclee printing of art works and engraving on jewelry or metal items.

Printful stands out from other POD services by its outstanding commitment to customer service, being accessible via email, phone, and live chat for customer queries and quickly helping solve any issues that may arise for their clients.

Printful is ideal if you sell international t-shirts, mugs or other products – they automatically detect your store currency and will include it on customers’ shopping carts and packing slips as part of the correct pricing for them. To simplify things further, global pricing can also be enabled in Ecwid control panel for even faster service!