How to Increase Profit Margin Dropshipping Sales?

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Dropshipping is no exception. Profitability is the initial goal of any business venture. However, profitability is not the ultimate goal. Your goal should be to compete for higher-than-average dropship profit margins. To succeed online, you must find a way of making consistent profits.

What is a profit margin?

Profit Margin refers to the percentage of total revenue left after expenses, costs, and taxes are deducted. It is the profit you make on every dollar of sales.

Why is Profit Margin important for Dropshipping

Dropship profit margins can be very important as they will show how much money your online business is making. They also indicate pricing errors that you should address.

The following are the results of assessing profit margins:

  • Compare your store’s performance to that of your competitors
  • Stability of your business
  • How well do you manage your finances?
  • Your pricing strategy’s effectiveness
  • Potential for your store to attract investors

What is the average profit margin range for dropshipping businesses?

On average, it is between 10-15%. It is possible to make a lower or higher dropshipping profit margin depending upon your niche and the average price of your products. Some products offer profit margins exceeding 200%. It is important to find profitable dropshipping products, as we will discuss below.

How to Calculate Dropshipping Profit Margin

It is easy to calculate profit margins using a simple formula:

Profit Margin = (Total Sales – Total Expenses) / Total Sales

This formula applies to all products you sell in your shop, not just those that are sold together. It basically means you subtract the sum expenses from the total revenues, and then divide the result by the sum expenses.

Factors to Consider When Calculating Dropshipping Profit Margins

These elements are also important in the product journey. They include:

  • Advertising costs
  • Operating expenses
  • Shipping costs

Types of Products and their Profit Margin

Dropshipping products can be divided into two categories. There are two types of dropshipping products: the low-profit margin and high-profit products.

Low-Profit Margin Products

Although it may sound boring, engaging in low-profit margins is actually quite exciting. The key is the volume or number of sales. Selling high volumes of your products will make up the difference in low margins.

If you have a margin 10%, you can make great business sense selling 400 to 500 orders per month. This is similar to dropshipping online stores that only sell a small number of products each month.


Dropshipping products with low profit margins include items that are in high demand, such as hygiene products, household consumables, and baby food.

The Pros and Cons of Low-Profit Margin Products

Increased Traffic – With a well-planned advertising strategy, you can achieve sufficient exposure, traffic and sales for both regular and discounted prices. These products are often affordable.

More Sales A small discount can make customers rush for the deal, especially if they’re looking at bundles of products instead of per-piece purchases.

Increased turnover – An online store will never have a prolonged period of low sales because the products move constantly due to their regular consumption.

Cons of Low Profit Margin Products

Marketing costs – Running a marketing campaign to discount items on products with low margins can be stressful.

Meeting customer expectations – customers may become attached to the trend if you offer discounts on a regular basis. It will make it hard for your store make sales at a higher level.

Quality: The Question – If you offer low prices all the time, customers might start to doubt your product quality. It is crucial to find a balance.

Low Profit Margin Products Best Practices

Selling by packs –selling low-margin products by selling them in packs or small wholesale packages is one of the best ways to make a profit. This way, even if you discount, you will be able to discount per package rather than per item.

Sell them in bundles – This is another way to make sure you’re in business. Bundle your products together in a way that they work well. You can, for example, sell accessories for roller-skates by grouping the elbow, knee pads and gloves in a bundle.

High-Profit Margin Products

These products can generate high net profits. You can purchase the product for $10 and then sell it for $70. These products offer a great return on investment for a small amount.


Jewelry, electronic accessories, and beauty products are some of the products that can easily bring in high dropship margins. You can offer customers a variety of products, so you will always have something to sell.

High-Profit Margin Products

  • These items are easy to sell. For example, beauty products can be easily sold.
  • These items are easy to market and display, e.g. jewelry.
  • They may be in high demand all year.
  • Many of them offer sub-niches that you can enter, e.g. Electronic accessories: You can deal with accessories for mobile phones, cars, radios, computers, and other electronic items.

Cons of High Profit Margin Products

  • Dropshipping products that have high profit margins are always in fierce competition
  • Due to the intense competition, especially for big brands, more advertising is often required.

High Profit Margin Products Best Practices

  • When dropshipping high-profit margin products, the first thing to do is to determine each item’s profit margin.
  • Your retail pricing should be adjusted based on the individual profit margins.
  • Find out how much it will cost to acquire a customer.

How to Increase Your Dropshipping Profit Margin

There are many ways to maximize dropship profit margins. These are the best tips to double your dropship profits.

View Various Selling Platforms

You must capitalize on the weaknesses in the market. You can use the market’s weaknesses to your advantage. Check out the platforms like Amazon, eBay, Alibaba and others.

Customer reviews can also provide insight into customer needs that you could use to stand out from the crowd.

Find Unique but Lucrative Products

It is not your goal to copy what others are selling. This will not help you stand out as a unique seller. You will be able to stand out as a dropshipping merchant if you find something that is unique.

Get into a Niche

A niche is a great way to increase your dropshipping profit margin. You will be able to make a name for yourself and compete with other sellers.

Stay up to date with the Hot Products List

Ecommerce can be unpredictable and volatile. You need to keep up with the latest developments in your industry. This is why it’s important to narrow your niche. It also helps you to adjust your pricing strategies and other product dynamics.

You can make a killing if you spot a product that is a good fit for your niche.

Avoid Back Orders

This is a nightmare for dropshippers. Backorders occur when the sole supplier of your selected item runs out of stock and you don’t have anything to ship to your customer (who may be waiting). There are many explanations you can offer. It can also make you look bad. This is why it’s important to have multiple suppliers whenever possible.

Cross-sell and Up-sell

These two factors play a key role in increasing customer value. Cross-selling is the act of selling a different product or service to an existing customer. If a customer buys a camera, you can sell them a memory card to go with it, and then another lens.

Upselling, on the other side, is persuading customers to purchase an upgrade or premium version of the product they are interested in. Both of these methods work well because the customer already has an interest in the product and it is easier to persuade them to spend more.

Choose Wisely Your Suppliers

To increase your dropshipping profits, you must avoid backorders.

This is because you want to obtain the lowest price possible to ensure that your customers receive the best retail price.

This is also important to make sure your supplier has access more than one manufacturer of the product in order to avoid backorders.

How to Find Profitable Products for Dropshipping

Some products are more profitable than others and therefore more easily sellable. Here’s how to choose your products for a greater dropshipping profit margin.

Pick Passion Products

People are more inclined to pay attention products that relate to their interests. People are more likely to be attracted to products that relate to their passions.

Because they are related to deep interests or personal pleasure, passion products include pet products, photography products and computer games products.

WOW Factor Products

Sales success is dependent on differentiation. Products with unique features and special qualities are more likely to sell than other products. You just discovered a WOW factor product by thinking back to the last time that you were attracted to a product.

Products with Variable Styles

It is more popular to offer products in different sizes and designs, especially if they can be customized. Customers will feel unique and personal when they receive their product.

Consider a rug as an example. It will be much easier to sell a rug if customers are able to have it cut to their specifications or in colors that match their home.

Unique Products

Some products are so rare that customers will wait for it until they get it. Lighting is one example. A unique chandelier is an example of this type of product. To increase your pricing strategy, you can capitalize on the uniqueness of your product.

Get to Know Your Customers

It doesn’t matter what product you choose, if you don’t get to know your customers, it won’t be profitable. Based on your research, identify the product categories with greater potential to sell.


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