How to Dropship Without a Website or Online Store?

Do you need a website for dropshipping?

How do I start a dropship business without a website? A YouTube video that shows a dropshipping technique using a local platform we know was shared my interest. It is attached at the end. This is the best part about this method: you don’t even need a website in order to start a dropshipping company. Although the concept is very similar to what I shared , it is on a different platform.

DropShip Business: What’s it all about?

Dropship is a business where you fulfill and deliver products to end customers without physically owning inventory. You act as a middleman and make a profit by the difference in your selling price, your product and shipping cost. An order placed by a third party supplier will be fulfilled and shipped to your customer without your knowledge.

Is Dropshipping profitable?

Dropshipping has been my business since 2016, and I’ve had a lot of success. It is not easy, but the barrier to entry is low enough that anyone can join the money train and become your competitor. There are many opportunities available if you’re willing to work hard and get to know the concept, especially in ASEAN.

This latest report from Google, Temasek, and Bain & Company shows that the ASEAN region’s Internet economics has, for the first-time, exceeded $100 billion in 2019. Southeast Asia’s Internet market will triple to $300 billion by 2025. You may be missing a huge opportunity in this region if you’re still procrastinating or think the dropshipping market has become saturated.

Are you required to obtain a business license in order dropship

It all depends on the platform or channels you are using. It is best to set up your company if your channel or platform allows you to accept payments. You can save time by setting up a dropshipping shop .

You don’t need to register a company if you sell products on platforms such as Ebay, Qoo10 or Lazada.

Where can I find dropshipping suppliers

Dropshippers rely on China for their most important suppliers. It is possible to fly to China and visit their tradeshows. You will find potential suppliers who can dropship your products if you have sales.

Most of them will expect you to have a minimum monthly volume before they will consider working with your company. You can find some suppliers that I used for my dropshipping company if you’re just starting out.

Dropship for Free: Where can I find dropshipping opportunities

According to my knowledge, selling on shopee and lazada is free. You don’t have to pay anything to set up an online store. You can list as many items as you wish and it is completely free when you list them. Shopee does have a limit to the number of items you can list, if you’re a new seller.

They only charge a small commission when you sell an item that has zero initial cost. This is a great way to reach millions of hungry buyers, without having to spend any marketing dollars

You can also use the Shopify trial program if you want to create your own eCommerce store. You can make a few sales during the trial period and then use the profits to purchase the monthly subscription to grow your eCommerce business.

How do I dropship on Shopee

I don’t really love to sell junk online. But I love to sell them. I will sometimes shop online for convenience. However, Shopee is my favorite shopping site because it allows me to check out quickly from my mobile phone.

You will need to create a seller account in order to be able to sell on Shopee. This is completely free. Shopee has a step-by-step guide here that will help you get started. This video will show you how simple it is to list items on Aliexpress, and dropship them in Shopee.

Reverse Product Engineering

You would have seen the Aliexpress website and realized that there are many items. How do you decide which item is worth listing in your Shopee shop? This is a very simple and effective method that I will share with you.

Dropshipping is an easy concept. There will be many competitors who do the same thing. Studying your competitors is the best way to find out what’s selling well. Let’s take, for example, a massage roller that my wife bought from shopee.

It will display all the items that match my search. Scrolling down I can identify the product that my wife bought recently.

Clicking on the item will bring up details about it. It is also important to view how many have been sold. Simply copy and paste the title into Aliexpress. This is how I did it. This simple research will allow you to locate sellers selling this product on Aliexpress. This will allow you to make a smart prediction about how much profit you can make on the margin and how much you should be selling to stay competitive in Shopee. This is also possible for the marketplace.

DropShipping is Dead

Dropshipping is not dead. Dropshipping is possible even without a website, as I shared. This is the best model for anyone who has never started a dropshipping business. It’s easy to manage with a laptop and an internet connection.

You will need to invest very little in the dropshipping model. It is possible to start it with no capital upfront, as there is no inventory involved. The suppliers also ship the products directly for you.

Dropshipping has experienced a huge boom because of its flexibility and ease. E-commerce has seen a rise in popularity among both new and established entrepreneurs. This business model can bring them great profits.

Dropshipping can seem overwhelming for someone who is new to the business. There is so much information out there that could confuse you about where to start. This business model requires your time and effort in order to succeed. It is low-risk and requires little investment.

Different tools can be found online to help you get started, thanks to the success of dropshipping. You don’t even need a website in order to start your dropshipping company.

Let’s now look at how to get rid of your website.

How to Start Dropshipping Without a Website

  • Register for a free online account

Many e-commerce platforms offer free signups for creating an account and setting up your online store. These e-commerce platforms provide not only the basics for setting up your business but also offer guidance on how to succeed.

Shopify, AliExpress and eBay are some of the most popular platforms to help you open your store. Register for free and set up an account for a trial period. After that, you can upgrade to the basic plan at a low cost.

  • Find products to sell

Dropshipping is a business that requires you to sell the right products and to the right market. You can search online for products in your desired category to get an idea of what is popular. To see what is trending in each category, you can create a free account on sites like Pinterest, Polyvore or Wanelo. Websites such as sell the Trend can make it easier to find the right products to market.

  • Find reliable dropshipping suppliers

It is crucial to find the right suppliers for your dropshipping business. Look for dropshipping suppliers with good ratings and experience. Ask for samples to verify the quality of the products, as well as the shipping time.

  • Use social media platforms

When used properly, social media platforms can be a great asset. Redditt and Tumblr are great platforms to advertise and promote your products and gain more customers.

You don’t have to spend money on Ads. Instead, you can use Facebook groups to promote your products. To promote your product, you can reach out to Instagram influencers. You can also create an Instagram business page for your products to reach more people.

Increase your Dropshipping Business

You don’t need a website to run your dropshipping business. Here are some things you can do to increase your profits and reduce your costs.

  • Pricing strategy

Your pricing strategy is key to distinguishing yourself from your competitors. Buyers are more likely to pay higher prices for platforms that they trust. You must develop the best pricing strategy to establish credibility with your customers.

You can find similar products on Amazon at a lower price through AliExpress. This can help you gain an edge for a price markup. A good pricing strategy will help you make a profit.

  • Find the most popular products

Dropshipping is a business that requires you to spend your time and effort on finding the most popular products. The idea behind dropshipping is to make money by selling products that customers want to purchase. You can be patient and search for the most popular product on Amazon Search or Google Trends. Once you know which products are in fashion, AliExpress can help you source them and then you can sell them to your target market. You can quickly add trending products to your store by using the sell The Trendpush-to-store feature.

  • Product Photos

It is important to show the product pictures you sell. Customers won’t buy products with poor quality or unclear images. Attractive photos of your products are essential to convince customers to buy them.

  • Customer Support

Dropshipping requires efficient customer service. This can be done on a website, but it is not possible without one. However, you must respond to all customer questions. This will not only build trust with customers, but also establish your credibility.

Customers will feel more comfortable purchasing from sellers who are approachable, active, and available to answer all questions. You could be different from your competitors by being approachable, active, and ready to answer any questions.

  • Stay on top of the latest trends and analytics

Dropshipping is a business that thrives on new trends. You should also keep an eye on the analytics and adjust your strategy accordingly. There is intense competition in this industry. You need to focus your efforts on providing profitable products and customer buying trends.


There you go! Dropshipping is possible without having a website. A successful business requires planning, thorough research, patience, and a lot of patience. Even if you don’t have a website, all these things can help you get ahead of your competitors.

You will be able not only to launch your dropshipping business if you follow the steps in this article but also to stay ahead of your competitors and keep up with all the latest trends. The best way to learn dropshipping is by taking the first step and jumping in. This article will help you get started and manage your dropshipping business.