How to Blind Dropship on Aliexpress and Shopify?

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What is blind drop shipping?

Blind drop shipping is when the customer receives an order and believes it was shipped from the retailer. The wholesaler sends the order without any evidence that it came from them. The order instead has the brand and information of the retailer who sold it. This may seem ideal, but it could be difficult to set up depending on your supply chain processes.

The Benefits

Wholesalers fulfill orders for their customers, while retailers own the relationship with them.

The delivery process is a major factor in the shopping experience. Customers expect fast shipping and a consistent experience with the brand they have purchased from. You have earned their trust, and it is up to you to maintain it. The brand must be consistent with the order in order to provide consistency. Your shopper may be confused if the brand doesn’t align with the order.

Shopify: Blind Drop Ship

Blind drop shipping is a great way to ship for another trading partner (ie. Use your customer’s name, logo and return address to ship orders to your end consumer using Shopify standard and the optional app Order Printer.

First, you need to get your partner’s company name. This can be either the legal name or the operating name of the company that you plan to ship for. Next, you will need to obtain the logo (in JPG/PNG format). If you already have these information, you can download the Order Printer App if it has not been installed in your store. Click “Add template” in the Order Printer app. You can use the pre-existing packing slip as a guide and then edit the template to add your logo and name.

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The template should have areas that are able to display the logo and company name on the packing slip. You can replace the image source with a URL to your customer’s logo and the company name or text you prefer. The trading partner’s name should be used as the name of the packing slip. Watch out for orders from drop shipping trading partners when you ship orders. Orders will start with “Drop Ship:” depending on how you do it now. Choose the template that is associated with the partner. When you print packing slips for your partner, it will be in their name.

This tip is a quick one that will allow you to blind ship for your customers. It won’t require any process changes, IT headaches, or extra expense. is a link to the Shopify help document on the topic.

This question is one you must have asked yourself: “If the supplier included an invoice indicating the exact amount I paid for the product dropshipped, wouldn’t the customer be mad?” Blind dropshipping is a way to ensure that they do. Blind dropshipping allows dropshipping store owners to ensure that no marketing materials or references from their original suppliers are made available to the end buyers.

Dropshippers need to be aware of this important point early in their dropshipping journey. A disgruntled customer will feel ripped off if they receive the original invoice with their package. This could lead to a dispute on Paypal or a negative rating on sites such as TrustPilot and ResellerRatings.

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First, the customer may think that they could have bought it at a lower price from the original store. This is the worst thing that can happen to a business owner. Customers are more likely to feel happy when they purchase a quality product at a low price. This is human nature.

As long as they don’t know the difference in price between what they paid for it and what it actually cost, they won’t mind. As a store owner, it is important to ensure that customers don’t see the original cost and that there are no references to any place or supplier from which they may have purchased it.

Blind dropshipping AliExpress: How to avoid customers seeing the real price

AliExpress dropshipping vendors will automatically include the invoice in their packaging. This will make your customers mad. You can simply ask the supplier not to include the original invoice and any marketing materials in the box. Blind dropshipping is as straightforward as it gets. SellersDash gives you the option to change the default order note for the supplier.

The Dropshipping Chrome Extension will automatically apply your order to AliExpress whenever you place an order. You can also add this note to the AliExpress order summary page if you place the order manually. A simple order note can be used such as “Please do not include the original invoice” or any marketing materials in the package.

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“Print” Blind Dropshipping

Printing Blind Shipping For Printing

Many customers require blind shipping services, particularly resellers, print brokers, and entrepreurists. Blind shipping works in the same way as white label or drop shipping. We will send prints to your customers with packages that look like they are from you or your company.

We are trusted by many artists and entrepreneurs to send prints in this discreet manner. If blind shipping is chosen, Printkeg will not add any invoices or marketing materials to the package. Blind shipping costs only $2 per order and is a cost-effective way to send products directly to customers.

Our resellers program is also available for blind shipping. All products and services are 10% off for resellers. Resellers receive additional benefits, such as faster turnarounds (when possible to print ahead), discounted drop shipping and customer service attention.

What if I forget to include the order note to my dropshipping supplier?

You can message the seller directly from the messaging centre if you forget to include the order note after placing the order. You should do this immediately after you notice that the order note has been lost (ideally, within one hour).

What is double blind dropshipping and how does it work?

Blind dropshipping is based on the assumption that your suppliers will not include their marketing materials. They might include their marketing materials, but who knows? Maybe they will just include the original because they have direct access and may be able to sell more stuff to customers in the future. What is the best way to solve this problem? Double Blind Dropshipping is the solution. Double blind dropshipping allows you to ensure that neither the customer nor the dropshipping provider learn about each other’s contact information. However, you will need to search for providers who intercept the package in its middle, remove any marketing materials, and then ship it to the customer at a set fee.

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Blind Dropshipping suppliers

Dropshipping blindly from Doulbe will cost you more than direct dropshipping and may also take longer shipping times. This service is rare and expensive. It is a smart idea to choose a few dropshipping suppliers you trust and dropship directly from them. AliExpress has a lot of dropshipping stores and dropshipping suppliers. Your chances of getting wrong with them is low.