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Last Updated on April 18, 2021

A Complete Guide to Dropship bags: What’s Hot This Season?

Bags were also a popular category of goods. The high design they combine with critical functionality. Precious trendy accessories are available, which also serve a practical function. As such, handbags and purses are often considered, both in terms of carrying ability and, more significantly, in terms of design.

Women’s purses and clutches historically represented the largest segment of the bag market, embracing a wide range of shapes and designs. A woman never owns just one purse. Instead, they could have a few types of bags in different sizes and colors, for various occasions and for matching accessorizing. This is still the case today, but the demand has expanded exponentially with the recent explosion in the men’s bags industry.

Today bags come in a range of types to serve a variety of purposes. As a result, those famous goods have never been a better time to start dropshipping. Both general and specialty stores are lending themselves well.

You may attach function-specific bags to stores selling related merchandise, e.g. gym and fitness bags to a specialty store selling sports and wellness goods, or travel bags and backpacks in a leisure/travel themed shop. You can also devote entire stores to just handbags, or all kinds of bags. It is a vast category of goods, so the possibilities are infinite.

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Generally speaking, because the demand for bags is so high, a well-planned, adequately marketed dropshipping store can do very well making bags a unique product niche for beginner drop shippers and seasoned pros. Here’s a shortlist of the kinds of bags planned for this season to sell well.

Shoulder Bags

That is the largest category of containers, by far. It not only includes large shoulder strap purses: it also includes the emerging men’s bag market, with messenger bags, satchels, carryalls, and briefcases in flexible design. The single demand for purses and shoulder bags is worth just over $100 billion. This means that you can devote entire stores to just this one group.

Dropshipping newcomers will make sure to offer both men and women a wide variety of bags, in different styles. Since bag designs tend to follow trends in fashion, inexperienced sellers can diversify to avoid selling too many of the items that might turn out to be wrong.

On the other hand, seasoned dropshippers, if they suit the market and sell what is hot before the fashion fizzles, can do very well with trending styles. That’s a more risky tactic, but it can pay off pretty well.


It is another main category that has exploded over the last few years. Students are no longer the exclusive domain; backpacks are now available for, and popular with adults of all genders because of their high carrying capacity and wearability.

Not all the backpacks can be considered fashion accessories, so when marketing your store, it’s necessary to promote their other qualities. Mention their longevity and build quality. Speak about extra conveniences, such as large pockets and secret spaces. Speak about capability and comfort. If your backpacks are not going to make a fashion statement, then offer their functionality.

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Backpacks continue to be reliable sellers across all models because people remain interested in them regularly. This reduces overall risk for sellers and generates reliable returns.

Travel Bags

This category includes duffel bags, smaller ranges of soft case luggage, and other types of bags intended for use as carry-ons and similar. Travel bags are reliable sellers, with little reliance on fashion trends, much like backpacks.

That doesn’t mean high-style options do not exist. Since travel bags are less casual than backpacks, customers are looking for well-made bags which are appropriate for professional use. You will consider leather and other high-end fabrics much more often in travel bags.

Be sure to reach all categories of customers, from casual travellers looking for practical duffel bags to business travellers looking for luxurious, polished totes.

Phone Bags

These are small niche products that aren’t going to appeal to everyone but can do very well if properly promoted. Talk of shoulder straps in phone cases. These are small bags of limited capacity, intended for a cell phone and perhaps some cash and one or two credit cards. Google Trends shows that interest in these bags has steadily increased in the last five years.

Since telephone bags are so closely tied to the hardware they are supposed to carry; the best play is likely to add a range of these bags to a shop that sells accessories for cell phones. The prospect of a stylish bag that keeps your phone close without needing a bulky bag may entice people looking for a phone case or a screen protector.

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Note that men’s clothing, as unfair as it is, usually has more and larger pockets, meaning men probably won’t be interested in phone bags, so the market is primarily female.

Belt Bags

Newly rebranded as belt bags, fanny packs skyrocketed in popularity in late 2017. With their hip, new belt bags proudly displayed, celebrities could be seen out in public, and everyone immediately forgot how corny fanny packs were. But trends are trends, and smart drop shippers would do well while they can to benefit from them.

Belt bags are, to be fair, much more fashionable than their cheesy, zippered nylon forebears. Manufacturers capitalize on the trend among younger consumers who would like to fly and be out and about without belts or the potential for bag theft.

Be sure to sell bags in a variety of materials and designs, both large and small. And be concerned about the pattern stops.

Leather Bags

Leather bags traverse almost every genre of bags, saving beach bags. But for individual buyers, leather is the material of choice for any bag they purchase, so the item merits a category of its own. Leather is an extremely durable, classic bag material that can be dressy, elegant, humble, professional, or casual and trendy.

Leather bags can be sold alone, as part of a more extensive leather goods shop, or alongside other materials bags. Just be sure you know what it’s like to sell. The leathers are rated from very low to high quality. You don’t want to sell high-quality leather goods from a supplier using a low-grade product, and instead, drop ship goods. Most consumers will know the difference, and will not be happy with you.

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Waist Bags

Yeah, just wait. The fanny packs HERE! They are still alive and well, restyled as hip sacks and waist pockets. But, do not make any mistake. These are the same unattractive but highly functional fanny packs that graced fashionable soccer moms’ waists throughout the late eighties.

You may thank the trendy, more costly twin, the belt bags, for their renewed interest in what is now known as the waist pocket. They are famous for the same reasons as the belt bag, and the reason why people forgive their utter lack of style and sophistication is the low cost. These are functional to their heart-the fashion accessory world’s plastic shopping bag.

A good strategy is to be able to offer together waist bags and belts. That way, both the fashion conscious and fashion-challenged consumers can be appealing.

Sports / Fitness / Gym Bags

Over the last ten years, the global fitness/gym bag market has expanded rapidly, and this trend shows no sign of slowing. This expansion was motivated mainly by a greater emphasis on health and fitness in many parts of the world, as well as by the increasing middle class in many developing nations. Gym bag sales are increasing as free time and discretionary income rise for greater portions of the population.

It is a segment that sells well on its own, often as an accompaniment to speciality stores that typically sell sports and fitness items. If you are selling your fitness packs, be sure to stock a varied range. If instead, you sell them as a complement to fitness products, try matching bags to the kinds of products that you sell, e.g. selling tennis bags with tennis equipment and runner-friendly bags with running shoes.

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Evening / Clutch Bags

These tiny strapless purses are ideal for evenings out, when you don’t have to bring anything you usually carry in your purse but still want a lightweight, elegant bag for the essentials. These are more often than not more beautiful, more expensive bags, intended to accompany dresser outfits.

These are a cornerstone category. Most women have a small clutch bag, at least. They’re trendy but usually don’t succumb to trends, so their returns on sales continue to be consistent. You might be hard-pressed to sell your evening and clutch bags, but they deserve a place in any comprehensive bag collection in a general store.

Waterproof Bags

Water-resistant bags are popular with outdoor enthusiasts. They are great to keep valuable items dry when hiking, camping or doing any kind of outdoor or indoor water sports. They are made in a variety of sizes and styles to match any need.

Such bags are a perfect addition to shops that concentrate on outdoor and leisure equipment, sporting goods stores, and shops for boating and fishing. But do become innovative. Photographers who often shoot outside could be using waterproof bags to keep their expensive equipment secure. The addition of a range of waterproof bags to a photoshop could generate incremental revenue.

Camera / Drone Bags

Photographers and drone videographers tend to bring with them lots of expensive, sensitive equipment. They need bags specifically designed to hold and safeguard their equipment. Camera bags can range from the simple, designed to hold a small digital camera, to backpack size setups with several dividers inside, made to accommodate camera bodies, lenses, and all kinds of other, assorted paraphernalia.

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You’ll want to stock bags that cater to simple hobbyists as well as experienced photographers and aerial videographers to reach the broadest possible audience.

And make sure its defensive capabilities are marketed. Photographers aren’t interested in what the bag looks like. They just want to know their gear is safe and easy to access.

Cosmetics Bags

It is another group of strictly utilitarian bags that usually don’t follow trends while stylish. Almost every woman, though, owns one, or will own one, or will have to replace the one they already own. They’re not particularly thrilling, but they’re selling well.

Around now, it should be relatively apparent that cosmetic bags are the ideal selling accompaniment for cosmetics! Any shops selling beauty goods or personal care stores will do well to store a range.

Beach Bags

We’re just at summer’s cusp, so now’s the time for people to start shopping for new bathing suits, towels, and beach blankets and bags to take in. Beach bags are essential additions to any store selling swimwear, and other items related to the beach or pool. Look for vibrant, fun, festive patterns and make sure that they are carrying a lot of things.

Hobo Bags

There has never been a more apt description of the style of a bag. Authentic hobo bags consist of a round-bottomed, mostly shapeless sack attached to a shoulder strap. Imagine the classic image of a hobo with a stick topped with a handkerchief, knotted corners to form a sack and you get a good idea of the bag’s shape.

With women looking for simple, casual, everyday bags with substantial carrying capacity, hobo bags have become very popular with. Manufacturers have produced more advanced models of the hobo bag over time, and now there is a hobo bag for every taste. This bag style is accessible at any price point, so make sure you stock a wide variety.

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