High-Quality Apparel Stores Offers Clothing Dropshipping

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Fashion is the largest B2C segment in the eCommerce sector. In 2020, its global size was estimated to be around 725.5 billion USD.

It’s an extremely lucrative niche for dropshipping, especially if your fashionmonger is involved.

Dropshipping can be made more successful by your keen eye and knowledge about current fashion trends.

You only need a list to start fashion dropshipping. This is where we come in.

This article will cover the top 15 dropshipping shops in the fashion industry, as well as some FAQs to clarify any doubts.

Let’s get right into it!


BrandsGateway, a luxury brand store selling fashion brands, is based in Estonia. However, their warehouses are available worldwide.

You can find items from over 70+ of the most renowned fashion designers. They also have items from Michael Kors and Karl Lagerfeld.

You’ll find a wide range of clothing and fashion apparel here.

The best thing about this store? You don’t need to worry about product descriptions or photography.

These images are high-resolution and include compelling product descriptions. This will help you to get sales right away when you open your store.

It’s also easy to integrate BrandsGateway with your WooCommerce and Shopify websites.

You can install advanced plugins to help with order syncing, inventory updates, and real-time order sync.

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  • Rapid delivery:BrandsGateway guarantees that all packages will be delivered within five days regardless of where they are ordered.
  • It’s easy to integrate:The Shopify and WooCommerce plugins can be installed quickly and help automate dropshipping.
  • Images and Product Descriptions:It doesn’t cost anything extra to take product photos or write product descriptions. BrandsGateway can help you.


  • Memberships are expensive:The monthly cost of their membership package is 295 Euros per month. Their annual plan costs around 1,188 Euros per year.

My Online Fashion Store

This store is located in the United States and offers a wide range of fashion products.

You will find trendy jewellery, clothing, and even shades here.

My Online Fashion Store’s sole purpose is to provide dropshippers with the products they need.

It’s not surprising, then, that it’s easy to integrate your Shopify, Amazon or WooCommerce websites with this supplier.

Sign up for their dropshipping program, and you are ready to go.

They also accept custom orders if you are looking to express your creativity.


  • Multiplatform Support:My Online Fashion Store makes it easy to create your online shop on Amazon, Shopify, or WooCommerce.
  • Professional Customer Service:My Online Fashion Store offers a refund policy if customers are not satisfied with the product.
  • Design your own custom designs:My Online Fashion Store lets you express your creativity by designing your own designs.
  • Quick Shipping:My Online Fashion Store promises to fulfill all orders within 5-7 business days.
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  • Only Warehouse in the U.S:Los Angeles is the location of My Online Fashion Store’s warehouse. That means they only can work with US dropshippers.

BTS Wholesaler

BTS Wholesaler is the industry leader in fashion dropshipping, with over 600 brands.

They are primarily located in Europe and the United States. You can find all kinds of beauty and fashion products at their store.

Dropshippers can also enjoy exclusive discounts if they don’t like the range.

BTS Wholesaler is unique because they allow dropshipping to private labels.

You can have your company logo and name printed on packaging, instead of using another’s name.

Their product catalog is also available in five languages to help with any language barriers.


  • Dropshipping Private Label:To promote your brand, you can have your name and logo printed on the packaging.
  • Language options:The product catalog can be translated into five languages, including German, French and Italian. English is the fifth language.


  • Limited Integrations:BTS Wholesaler is not compatible with your BigCommerce or WooCommerce store, unlike other options.


Fondmart is another US-based apparel supplier. Their over 200,000 products and their over 10 year experience are what make them stand out.

They handle over 5,000 orders daily from dropshippers and wholesalers combined.

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This is a sign that they are doing something right in order to win the trust of many business owners.

You’ll always have a wide selection of trendy clothing to dropship.

You only need to pay the price of your product and the shipping fees. A membership is not required.

You can also create your brand identity by using customized packaging.


  • You don’t need to be a member:Fondmart doesn’t require a membership to dropship. Only the shipping and product costs will be charged.
  • Packaging customized:Print your logo and company name on packaging to create your brand identity
  • U.S. Warehouses:Fondmart offers quick delivery to the U.S. from its warehouses.


  • Limited Product Selection:Only clothing is available in the store. You won’t find other fashion items, such as handbags.


Silverts is not like other fashion niche suppliers that you would find on this list.

Because it is geared toward seniors, the elderly and the disabled, their clothing is very easy to wear.

Dropshipping with Silverts is a great way to target a niche market. These products are not available from many fashion suppliers.

Don’t be concerned about the quality of the products. This store has been in existence for more than 70 years.

They are renowned for being the top supplier of adaptive clothing in North America. This is a testament to their reliability.

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Aside from that, Silverts also offers a discount if you buy in bulk.

This dropshipping supplier is a great way to get into an untapped market if you are willing to take some risk.


  • Dropshippers Get Discounts:Silverts offers discounts for bulk buyers as well as dropshippers. Sign up for their dropshipping program.
  • Images of high quality products:Silverts can help you with product photography. You will receive high-resolution images of your products to use in your store.


  • Coverage in a Limited Area:Silverts is currently only available to dropshippers within North America.
  • Limited Audience:Social media isn’t something that people over 60 use often. Reaching your target audience can be difficult, especially since Silverts designs clothing for seniors, the elderly, and disabled.


Griffati is your ultimate stop for building a European dropshipping business. You can target any country you wish with their warehouses around the globe.

You might be concerned about the cost of designer clothing.

Griffati offers discounts up to 75% on a lot of their products. These sales are worth keeping an eye on.

We’re confident that if your company has potential, they will sell you clothes at a lower price.

To start your own business, you can sign up for the dropshipping program via their website.

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You can make a greater profit per sale because they sell premium quality products.


  • Rapid Delivery:Local shipping takes 48 hours, but worldwide delivery can take up to 2 business days.
  • Huge Profit Margins:You can be assured of high quality products and a receptive customer base. You can maintain a profit margin up to 100% depending on your marketing strategy.


  • Difficult Approval Procedure:Griffati has a strict approval process. They do not work with everyone. Your business must be able to offer dropshipping services.


Clothes2Order lets you experiment with your fashion knowledge and create custom clothing.

The store does not have a minimum order amount and they offer responsive customer service to answer your questions.

To help you automate your business, Clothes2Order also has an API that can help you with order placements and other tasks.

Clothes2Order’s headquarters is in the U.K. They promise delivery within 24 hours or 48 hours.

Their website has additional information to help you understand your options, including guides on product sizes and prices.


  • API for Dropshipping:Clothes2Order offers a free API to dropship your products. This can be a great way to automate your business.
  • Guides to Product:They have helpful guides on their website for those who are unsure about their pricing or sizing.
  • Quick Delivery to the U.K:They deliver lightning fast in the U.K. and can sometimes fulfill orders in less than 24 hours.
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  • Shipping fees are high:Dropshipping is possible to European countries, but this will require you to pay an extra $15 shipping fee.

Brands Distribution

Brands Distribution is able to help you dominate the fashion clothing market. They offer over 120 fashionable clothing and accessories, from top Italian and international brands.

To help you automate your dropshipping business, they have also launched a service named BDroppy.

It’s completely free to use, and allows you to easily integrate your dropshipping shop to Brands Distribution.

BDroppy also offers advanced features such as multilingual management and order synchronization.

Brands Distribution is a company with over 15 years industry experience. You can’t go wrong with Brands Distribution if you are willing to pay 99 Euros/month.


  • It’s easy to integrate:Brands Distribution is easily integrated with dropshipping stores using their BDroppy service.
  • Product Catalogue:You have over 120 options for fashion accessories and clothing.


  • A cost-effective membership:Brands Distribution charges 99 euros per month for a membership. Their BDroppy service, however, is completely free.


This shop specializes in beauty and fashion products, including jewelry, shoes, and cosmetics.

You can also find other products, such as stationery and accessories for schools/offices.

Dropshippers have good news: FashionTIY does not require a minimum order quantity.

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To get started, you can visit their website to sign up for their dropshipping program.

FashionTIY also offers dropshippers low prices. This supplier can help you make a better profit margin.


  • Decent Profit Margin:FashionTIY’s products are sold at a lower cost than dropshippers so you can make a greater profit margin.
  • Packaging customized:FashionTIY can help you to print your company logo and name on the packaging. Simply drop a comment while placing your order.
  • There are no membership plans:FashionTIY doesn’t require you to pay an additional membership fee or purchase licenses.


  • Lack of Tools and Plug-ins: FashionTIY does not have plugins or tools to allow you to link your store to their product catalog. It is necessary to do everything manually. This can take a lot of time.


Are you having trouble finding trendy products that appeal to your target audience? Print them yourself!

Printful is a print-on-demand store. However, they can help you fulfill your fashion needs.

You can find everything from clothing to water bottles in their store.

You can print your products ahead of time and keep them in your warehouse to speed up delivery.

You are in control of your design and can be more creative about what you sell.

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  • Products:Printful offers print on demand service for a wide range of products. You have a lot of flexibility when it comes to your store.
  • Graphics of High Quality:Printful custom prints have high quality graphics that will not fade.
  • Simple Integration:Printful can be easily integrated to your Shopify and WooCommerce stores.


  • Printful does not offer refunds. Printful will not refund any products if they are damaged or lost.


Printify, a print-on-demand store similar to the one above, is also available. It’s not surprising that Printify is on this list, considering all the flexibility they offer.

These integrations are also available for eCommerce websites.

Their responsive customer service is what makes them stand out. Their website can resolve all your problems quickly.

You’ll get 20% off if you upgrade your premium plan.


  • Greater Profit Margin:Printify’s premium plan will allow you to receive a 20% discount. This can help increase your profit margin.
  • Store Integrations:Printify can integrate with your eCommerce website without any difficulty.


  • Inconsistency:Printify’s print quality can sometimes be inconsistent. However, their exceptional customer service can make up for this.

Tuscany Leather

Another popular brand in the world fashion Italian leather products is Tuscany Leather.

They will manage all aspects of your order, from packaging to logistics, just like other dropshipping companies.

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You can also get exclusive discounts if you sign up for their dropshipping programme.

Don’t miss the chance to increase your profit margins.


  • Enjoy Exclusive Discounts:Tuscany Leather offers dropshipping partners exclusive discounts
  • Leather Products of Premium Quality:Tuscany Leather is undoubtedly one of the most popular dropshipping shops for high-quality, fashionable leather products.


  • Higher Competition:Tuscany Leather is a dropshipper supplier, but they are not the only one. Everybody can visit their website to purchase products. This increases competition.

Allure Lingerie

Although it may seem odd, this one is actually quite fashionable, and can be worn in front of partners.

They also sell lingerie, if you haven’t already guessed.

Allure Lingerie has been around for more than 25 years. One thing is certain, they know what their doing.

If you are looking to target this market, you will now have a list of suppliers to choose from.


  • Fast Shipping to the U.S:Allure Lingerie, a U.S.-based supplier, will keep American customers satisfied with fast order fulfillments.
  • No minimum order:Allure Lingerie does not have a minimum order quantity.
  • Bulk Discounts:Allure Lingerie may offer discounts if you buy bulk products. They primarily work as wholesalers.


  • Restrictions on Returns:Some products, such as bras and bikinis, cannot be returned to Allure Lingerie by law.
  • Charge per Order:Dropshipping partners for Allure Lingerie must pay $5 per order
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Trendy products such as perfumes, makeup, and skincare products will continue to be in fashion.

FragranceNet is a great resource for dropshipping.

FragranceNet offers international shipping, but may have to adhere to certain terms and conditions.

They offer products at wholesale prices, and do not require a minimum order.

Sign up for their dropshipping program, which you can find on the website.


  • International Shipment:FragranceNet can ship internationally, but you will most likely be charged a substantial fee.
  • High-Profit Margins:FragranceNet products can be purchased wholesale or at near wholesale prices, and you will have higher profit margins.


  • There are no integrations:There is currently no way to connect your FragranceNet store. Everything will have to be done manually.
  • Pay only:FragranceNet can only accept credit cards.


Trendsi is a dropshipping clothing store that caters to women.

This store offers a wide range of designer clothing and can potentially make huge profits.

If you need a unique brand for your store, they can also provide branded invoices or custom packaging.

Trendsi offers free returns but sometimes shipping can take up to 10 business days.


  • Designer Brands:Trendsi carries high-quality clothing from top brands in order to attract more customers.
  • Bigger Profit Margins:You’re likely to make higher profit margins due to the high quality products Trendsi provides.
  • No Charge Returns:Trendsi provides free returns to help customers who are unhappy.
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  • Shipping Time:Shipping can sometimes take up to 10 business days.