Housewares and Homewares Dropshipping Latest Trends

Google Trend shows that housewares are still very popular. It is at 75 percent in the last 12 months. It is possible that this interest will continue to grow in the coming months. Even though housewares are one of the most popular products in the world, customers are still looking for them online. Housewares are a potential drop shipping product worldwide and should be considered if it’s profitable.

Drop shipping is an option for housewares

We know that housewares will be the next dropshipping product in the future. In this part I will show you how to sell coffee mugs or bedding as dropshipping items.

For those who enjoy coffee every day, coffee mugs are a common household item. National Coffee Association research shows that 54% of Americans aged 18 and older drink coffee every single day.

This means that most customers are in high demand for coffee. The demand for coffee mugs has also increased. Coffee mugs are the next generation of houseware.

The common design of coffee is not going to attract more customers. A unique design or color is necessary if you wish to sell your product well. This is one of the top-selling products on Chinabrands. This coffee mug can be used to change the color and pattern of your coffee by changing the temperature. If you pour hot water into the black coffee mugs, it will display the galaxy pattern.

As you can see, another coffee mug is also popular on Chinabrands. This collapsible silicone coffee mug is lightweight and leak-proof. This coffee mug is easy to take with you on trips and outdoors. Chinabrands has sold many of them.

We can see that coffee mugs could be a dropshipping product in the future, so the unique design might prove to be a selling point worldwide.

Google Trend shows that interest in ‘bedding is on the rise. Because each family might have multiple bedding products, bedding products can be re-purchased.

Because bedding products are something that customers already know, you don’t need to advertise as much if you want to sell them in drop shipping. Below is a picture of the bed cover for anti-mosquitoes. The anti-mosquito covers are a popular product for baby bedding on Chinabrands. They protect babies against mosquitoes and other flying insects.

It can also be folded, so parents can transport it outside or store it in their closets.

How do I find housewares to sell in the drop shipping industry?

Dropshipping platforms are a great way to get your dropshipping business started, regardless of whether you’re a beginner or seasoned. This section will be a brief introduction to Chinabrands and a list of two key factors that can help you evaluate if a drop shipping platform is reliable.

High-quality product

Customers’ purchasing behavior is influenced by the quality of their products. You should ensure that your products are of high quality, especially for houseware. Chinabrands, for example, has its own quality inspector team that inspects the quality of every product sold on the site. Chinabrands has a very low repair rate, which means that the product quality is excellent and customers don’t have to return products to Chinabrands to be repaired.

Support technical

We all know that dropshipping is a big market for housewares, including coffee mugs and bedding. Strong technical support is important to resolve most data processing issues.

Chinabrands, for example, has developed its API system. This allows members to bulk upload and download product descriptions, words, and images. The API system also allows third-party orders to be received and fulfilled automatically after the order is placed.

It is believed that product quality and technical support are the most important factors in deciding if a drop shipping platform is worth cooperating with. Chinabrands is a reliable dropshipping platform that can help you sell housewares on the international drop shipping market.


The description of housewares in the previous illustrates that they can still be dropshipping products in future development. Even though it is a category customers know well. The market is already well-developed so the common design won’t attract more customers.

You need to make sure you’re working with reliable dropshipping platforms that can deliver high-quality bedding products. Logistics service is another important factor in selecting a drop-shipping platform that will deliver your merchandise safely and quickly to your customers.

Selling housewares can still be profitable in the future dropshipping marketplace. However, you must prepare well before jumping into the market as the housewares drop shipping industry is highly developed. It is important to choose a reliable platform for drop shipping before you begin your drop shipping business, such as Chinabrands.