How a Non-US Citizens can Get Stripe Account for Dropshipping?

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Last Updated on July 06, 2020

The influential challenge that is being faced by the users of the Shopify drop shipping business is the accessibility of the payment gateways. Well, you can get relieved of this obstacle very simply. Here in this blog, we are going to address the Stripe account that you can use in addition to a Shopify Store sitting anywhere across the globe.

You must be considering, what will you learn about Stripe that too in one article only? So, we will take you to the tour of not only getting the account but also activating it. All these information will make your business high in the field of drop shipping.

A quick look at the summary of the post

  • Obtaining a US telephone number through Skype
  • Obtaining an EIN from IRS through phone call
  • Finest measures to get hold of a legitimate and virtual US bank account number
  • The mailing address of the US (there are many websites known to proffer related services like Shoptomydoor quite appreciated from the range of 10$ and is a favourite of Amazon sellers.

Want to get a Stripe account; here is the guide for you.

In order to get a Stripe account, our very first step is to reach out to the main website of Stripe. After that, proceed with sign-up and then create a new account. It is for those who are not having their account on Stripe.

1.     Getting a US telephone number 

You might have heard of Payoneer global payment services. If you ask me, I am one of the constant users of this app to get the payments from most of the freelancing sites such as Upwork.

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The initial step to getting a Stripe account is to have a virtual US bank account. Plus, the payment services that we are talking about are mostly used for receiving and sending money from anywhere in the world and to anyone.

If you want to get a US bank account and then without thinking much, get on the Payoneer services page and proceed for the registration. Once you are done with the initial work, it will send you the Master card through the mail or even at a doorstep.

Talking about the card, it can be used for making the payments for any number of goods, withdrawing, and shopping online. Also, if you have registered for the Payoneer app, then start with the transaction and don’t waste your time waiting to receive the master card.

The master card issued by Payoneer will take around 30-45 days to meet you at your doorstep. If you want to get the card sooner, then upgrade to DHL premium services, and it will reach you in 3-5 days only.

So, by now, you are a holder of a USA bank account and have registration with Payoneer. It means you are ready to go with accepting the payments from the Stripe account directly from anywhere.

2. EIN from IRS through phone call

The first step has been covered as now you are having a US virtual bank account from Payoneer, so let us jump on the next step right away.

Those who are reading this must not be having SSN. It is a number that is granted only to US citizens. Getting an SSN is neither a joke, nor it will pop with magic at all. It has been seen that many users of Shopify close their accounts only because of the unavailability of this number.

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Now, you must be assuming, is it possible to get an SSN? In that case, you can try for its alternative known as EIN. You can also use its other names like Federal Identification number or so. This number is a common one among the business entities, especially for the drop shippers across.

To get the EIN, you will have to spend some time making a few calls to the IRS. Also, you have to make calls to the IRC, i.e., Internal Revenue Services, along with the below-mentioned instructions.

  • Prior making any calls, get the form and fill it.
  • Make a call to the IRS with this number ((800)829-4933). The primary purpose of doing this call is to access the EIN. Here you will be asked to transfer the downloaded form via fax, or you can also let them know about the details that are already filled in the downloaded form.

It is not necessary that everyone will have a fax machine. In this scenario, you can do the same process with the help of your phone. Make sure to have the following –

  • Hold the filled form or keep it handy. It will allow you to make the communication easy with the operator.
  • It will consume only 10 minutes to have your EIN either through email or via post mail to your given address.

3. Time to set the Stripe account

It is the ideal time for you to log in to your storage account and convert the mode to Live from Love/Test to activate the stripe account.

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However, the step is not over as here you to verify the account with the mobile number. For this, you will be provided with the verification number to your phone in text mode.

It is a mandatory step, as it will completely activate your account for the upcoming withdrawals.

Now, pick up the Strip account and start by mentioning the details of your Shopify store. While you are entering the information, ensure checking them all.

Sharing the sneak peek of the form information

Country – US/United States

Business type – Sole proprietorship or individual

EIN– The number you have received from IRS

Address – Mention the mail forwarding US / POBOX format

Phone number – in this, w suggest you use the Skype number and not the US number services. As it will be easily detectable and will result in deactivating the account.

SSN – only enter oooo

US Bank account – For this, you have to again connect with Payoneer and log in. Go to the Global Payment services and obtain the bank details comprising on the bank name, routing account, account number one by one, and fill under the Shopify store in your Strip account.

With the help of the instructions that we have inserted here, it will get a seamless job of activating a Stripe account in relation to the drop shipping account along with its creation.

By this, you might think, the work connected with the Stripe account is over, but it is not like that.

We are not over yet; there are many crucial things to look after. 

To make your Stripe account, it is very important for you to get a transaction at least within the span of 7 days. This time will be calculated from the day of opening the account. With this, you will not face any kind of problem in the coming days.

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With the receiving of your payment in the Stripe account, make this change immediately. Go to the payout section and change the settings to manual.

When you are over with all the above tasks and still the payments are not reaching on time. Then, without taking any more tensions, connect with the customer care of Stripe through your US Skype number and carry on with the inquiry.

The Stripe customer support will put forward questions related to your locations. Don’t panic, and just let them know you are not there in the United States at this time, whereas the details shared are wholly valid.

Even if you are done with the customer care of Stripe, ensure the Skype number is working for at least 30 to 60 days.

It is enough for all those who are willing to start with the Stripe account. Don’t fall under the false ways and begin with the account creation to the soonest. Also, if you have any other ideas, then we request you to write-down under the comment section below.

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