How can a digital marketing company help you improve your eCommerce platform’s conversion rates?

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A digital marketing company is an external agency that companies can go to for help with their digital marketing campaigns. Digital marketing companies often have consultants that are an expert in the fields of social media marketing, PPC marketing and SEO among other efforts of branding.

A digital marketing agency’s job is to help your company to grow through marketing online with the goal of growing your brand and increasing your sales and revenue.

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Keep the content on your site targeted

Your written content is just as important as your visual content in keeping your eCommerce platform interesting for all of your visitors. Customers who click on emails or pay-per-click (PPC) Google advertisements don’t want to be deceived, so your eCommerce information and offerings must match what they’re looking for.

On your eCommerce pages, even the smallest written details matter. Your social media marketing and call-to-action buttons, for example, should be clear, engaging, and have personality. Consider modifying the phrasing of your call-to-action buttons and simplifying the content of your eCommerce site to complement your PPC adverts.

Your eCommerce platform should make each user feel as though they are receiving content written just for them. Your product descriptions should be interesting and fun to read while still staying true to your brand. If your company is known for having a casual, approachable vibe, that’s the tone you want to strike while describing your wares.

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More effective keyword research

You’ll find it harder to sell your goods if you don’t know precisely what your buyers are looking for online. When operating in a niche market, keywords significantly affect your eCommerce conversion rate. Start your eCommerce SEO and social media marketing keyword research with these:

  • You’d be surprised how many hidden gems may be found with a simple search using Google Trends or the Google search bar
  • Recognizing your level of competition
  • A/B testing with different layouts

The time you invest in learning about your customers and what they are looking for will pay off in the long run. Just be careful not to “load” your content with keywords (that is, use them excessively to the point that it is obvious you are simply repeating the phrases rather than offering any value in content) and only use them when and where necessary.

Live chat support for customers

Customers frequently become perplexed by the variety of products and services available and have several inquiries that want prompt responses. They seek out answers that are timely and correct. Your eCommerce platform should offer live chat support. 

One of the best strategies from the top digital marketing company to raise your conversion rate is to do this. Make sure your live chat agents or customer service reps are proactive. Make sure they don’t keep the clients waiting for too long; if they do, they can get bored, annoyed, or just lose interest in buying.

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Analyse how visitors use your website

You may learn how to increase your eCommerce conversion rate and identify areas for development by studying how consumers interact with your website with the best digital marketing company. For instance, you can identify underperforming sites by looking at which pages visitors most frequently leave your site from in Google Analytics’ Behavior section.

If a page is regularly left empty without conversion, you can change it to boost your eCommerce conversion rate. You can look up information regarding eCommerce web design, purchasing & checkout modes, and other topics under Conversions. You may see from these reports how users interact with your checkout and purchasing processes.
You can enhance your procedures by using these insights. For instance, if many customers cancel their orders during the paying and shipping phase, you could strive to improve the usability of your billing and shipping forms which will in turn help you to use web design to boost conversion rates.