How do I Permanently Cancel and Delete my Shopify Account?

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You can cancel your Shopify account to delete it permanently or pause it temporarily. Closing your store will permanently delete it.

Are your online sales in a slump? Or do you wish to switch to an entirely different eCommerce provider? We have you covered, no matter what reason you may have for closing your online store. This is the complete step-by-step guide to how to cancel or delete your Shopify account.

In just a few steps, cancel and delete your Shopify account

You will need to cancel Shopify plan:

  • Log in to Shopify’s admin panel to navigate to Settings
  • Select Plan and then choose Pause, cancel, or Cancel subscription
  • Reconsider whether you wish to sell your store, or if you want to pause your subscription
  • Shopify Store can be closed by closing the store and cancelling your subscription.
  • Select a reason to cancel from the provided list and click Continue
  • To confirm your action, enter your password and click Close store

Here are some things to keep in mind before you cancel or delete your Shopify account

Deactivating and cancelling your Shopify shop is different than putting it on hold. The first is permanent while the second is temporary if you need to stop working on your store, or to temporarily deactivate it.

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Settle Outstanding Charges

This one is fairly self-explanatory. You will need to pay any outstanding bills before you can close Shopify. Most likely, you’re wondering: What happens if my payment is not received? That’s it, right?


You will still be charged if you close down your online shop and fail to pay all amounts.

Your Store Data Can Be Saved

Your Shopify store can be closed at any time, but you will still need the store data. Exporting your store data is a good idea in order to keep a copy of any information that may be helpful down the line.

To back up, you can export CSV files:

  • Billing history
  • Customer data
  • Gift card and discount codes
  • Financial data
  • Order data
  • Product data

Cancel Subscriptions to Third-Party Applications

Your Shopify account closing doesn’t automatically remove any third-party apps you might have signed up for. This is not the way it works. To avoid any unexpected charges to your credit card, you will have to cancel each subscription long after you have deactivated Shopify admin. This is how to do it:

Log in to Shopify’s admin panel and click on Apps

Choose each app that you want to remove

Click Delete in the dialog box that opens.

Domain-Related Considerations

Your website’s custom domain can be transferred to another service provider if it was purchased through Shopify. If you purchased it through Shopify, however, you can remove the custom domain from your store using your Shopify admin before you cancel your account.

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Failure to complete this step could result in your domain being permanently forfeited. It will be marked as “unavailable” in the Shopify domain checker. This means that you won’t be able use it elsewhere.

To avoid any surprise charges, deactivate the auto-renewal of your custom domain via your registrar’s host site.

Consider selling your store instead

You don’t have to close your Shopify account if you aren’t interested in managing your online shop anymore. You could also list your shop on Shopify’s Exchange Marketplace to make money from the sale. This is a great option to consider before closing your shop. There are many people searching for online businesses that they can invest in.

How to cancel and delete Shopify accounts: Getting Started

Although it’s great to save your store information in CSV files, how do you upload it to the new store. Before you cancel or delete your Shopify account, it is a good idea to use a third party data transfer tool such as Cart2Cart.

It automates data migration from your existing store to an e-commerce platform. It’s easy to use and your existing store will continue to function. You can also process new checkout orders. Shopify accounts are not frozen.

How to delete Shopify account: The Detailed Guidelines

Now you can back up your data and migrate it to another platform. This is the step-by-step procedure for cancelling a Shopify subscription.

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Step 1: Access the Admin Dashboard

Sign in to Shopify’s admin panel with your login credentials. Next, navigate to Settings.

Step 2: Decide whether to cancel Shopify Subscriptions or take a break

Select Plan, then select Cancel subscription, Pause or cancel subscription. Remember, canceling your subscription means deleting your account. You can cancel or pause your subscription to remove yourself from your store and then reopen it later.

Step 3: Decide whether to delete your store in order to sell it

You have two options: sell your store on the Exchange Marketplace, or pause your subscription.

Step 4: Cancel your Subscription

You can still delete Shopify accounts by selecting the Cancel subscription option and closing store.

Step 5: Choose Your Cancellation Reason

Select a reason to terminate your Shopify subscription from the list and click Continue.

Step 6: Confirm deletion

Enter your admin password in the pop-up dialog to confirm your action. Click Close store. The confirmation message will be sent to your email, letting you know that your store has been closed.

How to cancel your Shopify Subscription

Canceling your subscription means deleting your Shopify account. It could also be a way to take a break from your Shopify store without paying the monthly fees. Shopify’s Pause store plan allows you to suspend billing for up to 90 days.

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Here are the steps to cancel your Shopify account plan.

Step 1: Access Your Administration Dashboard

Register to access the Shopify admin panel.

Step 2: Next, go to your plan setting tools

Navigate to Settings and click Plan. Next, select Pause or cancel subscription.

Step 3: Cancel your Subscription for 90 days

You have two options at this moment. You have the option to Pause and build or for Pause for 90 Days. To cancel your subscription, choose the latter option.

Step 4: Confirm your selection

Check out the plan details, then click Pause to confirm your action.

FAQ Block

What happens after the Shopify trial ends.

After your Shopify trial expires, you will be locked out from the Shopify admin. You will need to subscribe for a plan to log in.

How can I cancel my Shopify Account?

Log in to Shopify admin panel and select Settings > Plan > Cancel subscription > Cancel subscription. Close store.

How do I pause Shopify?

Log in to Shopify admin dashboard and select Settings > Plan > Pause/cancel subscription > Pause and Build or Pause for 90 Days > Pause store

How much does a Shopify domain run?

Shopify domains start at $11 per annum. The exact Shopify domain cost can go up if you select a top-level domain extension (TLD).

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How do I unpause Shopify?

Log in to Shopify admin to reopen your Shopify shop. Next, select Settings > Plan > Select a plan > Choose plan.

Can I reopen my Shopify store if I close it?

Yes, you can. Shopify allows you to cancel your account within 30 days and resume your monthly billing cycle. Log in to your admin panel to re-enter credit card details.


Here it is – how to cancel or delete your Shopify account. These tips will help you close your online shop.

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