How do I Add Wholesale Line Sheet to Shopify?

Are you looking to expand your business by offering wholesale options on Shopify? One essential tool you need for this is a wholesale line sheet. A line sheet is a document that showcases your products and provides important information to potential buyers.

It helps streamline the ordering process and can make a significant impact on your sales. In this blog post, we will guide you through adding a wholesale line sheet to Shopify, including formatting tips and what information to include. Let’s get started!

What is a line sheet on Shopify?

A line sheet is essentially a catalog of your products that provides information to buyers. It’s an essential tool for wholesale businesses as it streamlines the ordering process and helps potential buyers make informed decisions.

On Shopify, a line sheet can be created using apps or manually through CSV files. These line sheets typically include product images, descriptions, pricing, and other relevant details such as SKU numbers or material types.

Line sheets should be designed with the buyer in mind. They should showcase your products in an attractive way while also providing all necessary information to encourage purchases.

Having a well-designed line sheet on Shopify can help you stand out from competitors and increase sales by simplifying the wholesale buying process for potential customers.

Why do I need one?

Having a wholesale line sheet on Shopify is crucial for any business owner looking to sell their products in bulk. It serves as a comprehensive guide that presents all your product information and pricing details in one place, making it easy for potential buyers to make informed decisions.

By having a wholesale line sheet readily available, you save time by not having to send individual inquiries about each product and its pricing. This convenience helps streamline the buying process for both you and the buyer as they can quickly access all relevant information without needing to contact customer support.

A well-organized line sheet also gives your brand a professional appearance while showcasing your products’ quality standards. It’s essential to have an attractive document that highlights the features of your items, including unique selling points or discounts offered exclusively through wholesale purchases.

Moreover, presenting all necessary data in one place reduces the likelihood of errors during order placement or confusion over item availability. Your client will appreciate this efficiency and organization as it saves them time too.

In summary, creating a comprehensive line sheet is vital for any business engaging with buyers interested in purchasing goods at scale. With lower administration costs along with efficient communication between seller & buyer – it makes perfect sense!

How to add a wholesale line sheet to Shopify

Adding a wholesale line sheet to your Shopify store may seem daunting, but it’s actually quite easy. First, you need to create a new page on your Shopify website where you’ll add the line sheet. To do this, go to “Online Store” in the left-hand menu and select “Pages”. Then click “Add Page” and give it a title like “Wholesale Line Sheet”.

Next, you need to upload the actual line sheet file. You can either upload an existing PDF or create one using design software such as Canva. Once you have your file ready, simply drag and drop it onto the page editor.

Now that your line sheet is uploaded, you’ll want to make sure it’s easily accessible for wholesale customers visiting your site. One way to do this is by adding a link in your navigation menu that points directly to the wholesale page.

Don’t forget to add a brief explanation of what exactly is included in the line sheet so customers have an idea of what they’re downloading.

With these simple steps, adding a wholesale line sheet to Shopify can be done quickly and efficiently!

How to format your wholesale line sheet

When it comes to formatting your wholesale line sheet on Shopify, there are a few things to keep in mind. First and foremost, you want the layout of your line sheet to be clean and easy to read. This means using clear headings, subheadings, and bullet points where necessary.

It’s also important to consider the size of your images on the line sheet. You don’t want them too small that they can barely be seen or too large that they take up excessive space. A good rule of thumb is to use images with a width between 800-1200 pixels.

Another key aspect of formatting is making sure all information is presented consistently throughout the entire document. Use a consistent font style, color scheme, and spacing throughout for an organized look.

Ensure that your line sheet clearly displays pricing information for each product along with any minimum order quantities or discounts available for larger orders. By following these guidelines when formatting your wholesale line sheet on Shopify, you’ll have a professional-looking document that will help drive sales and attract new customers!

What information to include in your wholesale line sheet

When it comes to creating a wholesale line sheet for your Shopify store, the information you include is crucial. It’s essential to provide all relevant details about your products and brand in an organized and concise manner.

Firstly, ensure that each product has clear images alongside its name and description. This helps buyers visualize how the product looks like and make informed decisions when placing orders.

In addition, include pricing information such as cost per unit, minimum order quantities (MOQs), and any volume discounts or special offers available. This saves both parties time by preventing back-and-forth negotiations on pricing.

Moreover, don’t forget to add SKU numbers or identifying codes for each item so that buyers can reference them easily when ordering. Also include inventory levels if possible so clients know what items are in stock or out of stock.

Furthermore, make sure to highlight any unique features or benefits of your products that set them apart from competitors. This could be anything from eco-friendliness to customization options.

Consider adding a section with information about your company’s history, mission statement, shipping policies etc., as this adds credibility and transparency to potential clients who might want more background on who they’re doing business with.

How often to update your wholesale line sheet

Keeping your wholesale line sheet up-to-date is crucial for the success of your business. Updating it regularly ensures that your customers have the most current information about your products, pricing and availability.

Firstly, aim to update your wholesale line sheet at least once every season or whenever there are significant changes in your product offerings. This will keep retailers informed and provide them with new options to choose from.

Secondly, consider updating your line sheet when you receive feedback from buyers. Feedback can help identify areas where improvements can be made such as including more detailed descriptions of products or adjusting prices based on market trends.

Thirdly, evaluate how often you add new products to determine how frequently you need to update the line sheet. If you’re constantly introducing new items, then updating it monthly might be necessary.

Ensure that any updates are communicated clearly and promptly with buyers so they’re aware of any changes in product offerings or pricing. A clear understanding between both parties helps build trust and fosters good working relationships.

By keeping a regular update schedule for your wholesale line sheet, you’ll have satisfied customers who see that they are dealing with an organized and professional business owner.


Adding a wholesale line sheet to your Shopify store is an essential step in expanding your business and reaching out to potential retailers. By providing them with all the necessary information they need to make informed purchasing decisions, you increase the likelihood of building long-lasting relationships that can benefit both parties involved.

Remember that creating a wholesale line sheet is only half the battle; updating it regularly and ensuring it contains accurate information is equally important. With these tips on how to add and format your line sheet, as well as what information should be included, you’ll have everything you need to get started.

By offering wholesale pricing through your Shopify store and making it easy for retailers to navigate your product catalog, you’re opening up new opportunities for growth in sales and revenue. So go ahead and create that wholesale line sheet today – it may just be one of the best investments you make in the future success of your business!