How to Add or Install Klarna Payment APP to Shopify?

Klarna via Mollie can be used to accept payments for your Shopify websiteshop. Klarna has new payment apps: Klarna, Klarna, Pay Later, Klarna, Pay Now, and Klarna, Slice It.

What you should know in advance

  • To update payment methods, make sure you are Shopify Owner.
  • To use Shopify with Mollie, you must be the account owner.
  • We made some modifications to the Klarna payment app.

Activating payment options in Shopify

  1. Click the activation link and choose a Klarna payment option:

Click Create app.Log in to Shopify.Click Install app on the installation page.Click Connect through Mollie to log in to your Mollie account.Select your website profile. This will tell us the website where you want to install the payment method. Click Choose profile. Optional: Select To test the payment method, enable test mode

  • Before your webshop goes live, you can test mode and make dummy transactions.

Click on to Activate Mollie- [Payment Method Name].Deactivate the Mollie old payment gateways if you are using them.

  • Shopify allows you to distinguish between the old and new payment gateways by looking at the name. All new Payment Apps are named Mollie, [Payment method name]. These should be activated.

What’s new in the Klarna Payment Apps 2.0?

You will notice 2 changes if you used Klarna’s payment gateways on Shopify previously.


Your Mollie Dashboard will show the status of your order as Completed immediately after your customer places an order and makes payment with Klarna. This will create a shipment. You can view it on the order page under Shipping. This means that your order will automatically be captured: after the standard settlement delay , you will receive funds and your customer will get an invoice from Klarna.

Order Information

When you view Klarna orders in the Mollie Dashboard, you may see the line-items fees and discounts. If you see this, there is no need to do anything. These line-items will be added automatically to verify that the total order amount is correct. Fees show a positive amount, Discounts show a negative amount. This change was made because Shopify does not share the details of orders with third-party payment providers such as Mollie.

Klarna Onsite Messaging Shopify

Klarna’s Messaging app:

Making Payment

Shopify offers several options

Shopify, an ecommerce platform for all things online, revolutionized the world of online commerce when it was launched in 2004. It is a cloud-based and fully hosted service that allows merchants to launch, grow and manage their online business with ease. There are over 800,000.

Shopify and Klarna

Klarna is a perfect fit for millions of Shopify customers around the globe, as it provides a great shopping experience and secure payments.

Klarna and Shopify have made ecommerce easier for their customers and online businesses. This is the key to their success – Eastside Co.

Klarna and Eastside Co

Eastside Co is known for its ability to build Shopify and Shopify Plus shops of the highest quality, deliver impactful marketing strategies and develop apps and software that help online retailers achieve their goals.

Klarna and I have worked together for many years to assist mutual clients. It was obvious that we shared a common vision and an understanding of online success.

Klarna requested that ESC create a Shopify app to give them more visibility at Klarna-related stores.

The Eastside Co app development team began work on a Shopify app to support Klarna. Our goal was to provide Shopify merchants with a way to clearly indicate to customers that Klarna payment options are available and make it easy to purchase products using these services.

Clear messaging

The app was built by leveraging the power of onsite communication. Merchants can drag and drop Klarna ads onto their store to inform customers about the available payment options. Clicking on the ad will open a pop-up with more information. Klarna can be promoted on product pages, in the cart, as well as on the homepage and other static pages. On-Site messaging users have seen their conversions rise by as much as 47% and a 25% increase of their average order value.

Shopify store owners can use the app to make it easy to use. To make it easy to set up, merchant support offers how-to guides and FAQs as well as a dedicated support team.

Klarna and Eastside Co have combined to offer a variety of payment options for millions of online shoppers. This app is used by thousands of merchants around the globe.

It is easy to integrate on-site messaging. Highlighting buy now or pay later options can help increase sales. The app allows for customized messaging. This includes banners that promote your partnership with Klarna, as well as the availability of payment options. You can also use the app to create promotions on product pages or cart pages.

You want to add On-site message? First, follow these 3 easy steps to get started with Klarna Payments. Next, you can install the Onsite messaging app.

Sign up with Klarna

You will need to sign up on Klarna’s site and create a merchant account in order to get started.

STEP 2 | Get & save your Klarna API credentials

Go to Settings in Merchant Portal to generate new API credentials. Open the file and download it. You’ll need the API credentials for the next section.

STEP 3 | Install Klarna in your Shopify store

To find the URL for the Klarna setup wizard URL, go to the Klarna Docs website. This will guide you through Klarna’s alternative payment integration with Shopify. After integration with Klarna, the On-site messaging application can be used.

To ensure that everything works properly, you can place a trial order. Next, go to Klarna’s merchant portal to cancel your order (make sure that you don’t pay yourself).