How to do a Test Order Placement in Shopify?

Everyone wants to be paid.

The test order is one the most critical checks you can do to ensure you are in the green as soon as possible.

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You don’t want to waste money on paid ads that have no results because it wasn’t working at your checkout.

You can test various parts of Shopify’s checkout process by placing a Shopify Test Order.

  • Your payment provider has processed the order on Shopify.
  • The inventory quantity has been updated
  • We have sent the shipping details and email notifications
  • All taxes on the product are correct
  • If the order was unsuccessful, alerts were sent to let you know.

You should test every time you make any changes to the payment settings, or order checkout process.

Shopify’s Test Order: The Easy Way

  1. Shopify’s Bogus Gateway
  2. Shopify Payments allows you to test your order
  3. Realize a transaction

First, create test orders using Shopify’s Bogus Gateway. You can also use a third-party provider of payment (e.g. This is not Shopify Payments.

You can also create the test order using Shopify Payments’ test mode.

A third option is to use a third-party credit provider. To place the test order, use your genuine credit card. You can cancel the order immediately and get a refund. This must be done quickly to avoid transaction fees.

You’ll need to pay transaction fees if you use a real payment provider. However, it might be worth the small fee to make sure that your Shopify store is up and running before it goes live.

We will show you how to place a test purchase on your Shopify store using either Shopify Payments or Shopify Bogus Gateway.

1. How to Place Test Orders with Shopify Bogus Gateway

Click on Payments in the Shopify admin panel.

You will need to deactivate the existing payment gateway to test Bogus Gateway. Then, switch to Bogus Gateway.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

This can be done by visiting the section Third-party payment provider and clicking on the “Choose a different provider” button. To test Bogus Gateway, select it and your current payment provider will be deactivated. Select the reason you wish to cancel and confirm your deactivation.

You may also be able to choose to deactivate your payment provider. After you confirm the deactivation, the section Third-party payment providers will appear and you can choose a new provider.

Shopify allows you to place orders for products that have been listed. You will only be able to pay via the Bogus Gateway when you reach the checkout page.

Please enter the following details.

  • Name on card – Bogus Gateway
  • Credit card number Type 1 to confirm a transaction is successful, 2 for failing transactions and 3 for error messages with the provider.
  • Expiry Date: Enter a future date.
  • : Enter any three numbers

Click the “Complete Order” button. If you selected 1, you will see a successful transaction and be directed to the thank-you page. To verify that you have reached the thank you page, contact Shopify Support to inquire why.

After you have confirmed that your order is processing properly, you can go back to the Payment Providers Page to switch it to a real provider.

2. Shopify Payments: How to Place a Shopify Test order

Click on Payments in the Settings section of your Shopify admin panel.

Click Manage in the top-right corner of the Shopify Payments section.

Scroll down to Test mode, and then check the Enable Test Mode box. Save. You can save by not using a credit card.

Shopify stores are the best places to place orders.

Please enter the following details.

  • Name on card : Any two words
  • Use the credit card number to enter one of the numbers below, depending on your card type and the transaction type.
  • Expiry Date: Enter a future date. Use an invalid month or year from the past to generate an invalid expiry message.
  • CVV code – Type any three numbers. Use a two-digit number to generate an invalid security code message.

3. How to Place Shopify Test Orders with a Real Transaction

To ensure that everything goes smoothly, you can use your credit card to order and a payment gateway to pay. This is a great way to not disrupt the online ordering process.

To ensure that your third-party gateway is working, you will need to log in to your payment provider.

To check if an order has been placed, go to your “Orders” tab. You should also have updated the inventory shipping.

Cancel the order and request a refund. Click on the order number, then select “Refund.” An email notification should be sent to your email about the refund.

After you have refunded the order, you can check with your credit card provider to see if it has been processed successfully.

How to test credit card payment in Shopify?

Shopify Test Payments are not a new feature. It is a tool that helps you make sure your customers are able to pay for your products smoothly.

Shopify can sometimes be confusing for new users. Your business’s success will be affected if you are unable to accept payments.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

This article will explain how Shopify Test Payments works and how to get the most out of it.

Why is Test Shopify payment necessary?

Every online business owner must acknowledge that payment is important in order to be paid. Customers can choose to pay for their orders when they check out using any of the payment options that you have enabled in the Shopify admin. Shopify offers many payment options.

You might not be aware of the fact that you may need to consider several things when choosing which payment method you accept. Shopify Payments is a great option if you want to let your customers pay with credit cards.

Payers can pay online using a variety of payment methods, including PayPal, Apple Pay and Amazon Pay. You may also wish to accept cryptocurrency as a payment method.

Another thing to remember when choosing a payment provider is the country in which your company is located and where your customers reside. Shopify’s country-specific list of payment gateways can help you identify which payment gateway is currently available in your country, and what currency they support. All payment methods can be managed in the Payment providers section on Shopify.

Shopify Payments before you start your test

The Shopify payment platform’s most popular feature is the test mode. It allows Shopify users to test their ability to process orders, and to see how customers pay. While your test mode has been activated, you can’t use real credit cards to pay those orders.

Let’s first check your Shopify payment before we test it. This will confirm that you are eligible to use this gateway. If you don’t use Shopify payments, you can still generate orders using the Shopify bonus gateway.

You will also be able to pay using iDEAL or Sofort. However, these payment options are not available at checkout once the test mode is activated. You cannot enable the test mode in any store that is currently in production due to the above reasons.

You should not fulfill test orders as you will be charged shipping labels that you have purchased. Apps can be used to automatically fulfill orders. After this, deactivate it before you can generate test orders.

After you have completed your Shopify testing payments, you can easily disable your test mode so that customers feel free to make payment with their real credit cards.

If you don’t use Shopify Payments but would like to test the checkout process, you could place a test order via the Shopify bogus gateway.

How do I enable Shopify’s test mode

You must enable your Shopify test mode before you can create test orders.

These are the steps to activate Shopify payment test mode.

Step 1: Log in to your Shopify account

Don’t forget to log into your Shopify account using your email address and password before you do anything.

Step 2: Next, go to Payment providers

Next, select Settings-> Payment providers from the Shopify admin.

Step 3: Select Manage

You can continue by selecting Manage from the Shopify Payments section.

Step 4: Click on Enable Test Mode

Next, navigate to Enable test mode under the Test Mode section.

Step 5: Click Save

Don’t forget to click Save.

The next tests will allow users to create orders and test transactions by applying for a test card number. It is important to note that you have many test numbers available so that they can generate successful transactions.

Check out your transactions that are successful

You can use this information to verify a successful transaction.

  • Name on card – Type at least two words
  • Expiry Date: Enter any date in the future
  • Security code – Type three numbers randomly
  • Card number – Apply for the following numbers

Last Thoughts

Customers should feel confident in their shopping experience. It is a good idea to place a test order for various scenarios so that you can ensure that all possible issues are addressed before making a purchase.

These problems should be identified before customers do. Otherwise, you may lose some potential sales.