How to do Dropshipping Through WhatsApp API?


Dropshipping is easy to set up or transition from an existing business to dropshipping.

Products: Decide what product you want to sell and start a dropshipping business. You will want your brand, content and product collection to be centered around a specific concept.

Engaging website: A website is essential to attract users. You also need to find a supplier that will deliver quality products on schedule. The best website platform will depend on how you combine your business idea with your drop-ship plan.

Software: To keep your inventory organized and structured, you will need software to automate drop-shipping orders.


It can seem overwhelming to manage inventory for an e-commerce company, but it doesn’t have to be. Two basic methods can be used by e-commerce businesses to track their inventory.

Automated: Tying together all your e-commerce channels into one central hub to manage your inventory is better than trying to manage them individually.

Manually: If you are selling products on multiple ecommerce channels, you might need to manually go to each site to update the stock.

It is important to look at different platforms for advertising and marketing your business. This will allow you to find new ways to market your business, and reach more people. WhatsApp for Business, a popular platform, gives your business the opportunity to communicate effectively with customers.

You might be surprised to learn that WhatsApp can boost your sales if you create an eCommerce website.

WhatsApp is not a very popular platform in the US but it has over 1.6 billion users. It is still one of the most used mobile messaging platforms worldwide.

WhatsApp can be used to generate sales, as well as messaging. It is just a matter if you know how to use it.

WhatsApp for Business: Why should you use it in your marketing?

Did you know that the platform receives over 60 million messages each day? It is possible that your target customers are using it.

Additionally, 67% prefer to communicate with businesses via chat. A Pew Research Center study found that 42% of smartphone users between 18 and 29 use messaging apps.

WhatsApp is a great way to reach younger audiences.

Instant messages also have higher engagement rates. This is because 98% are opened and read. Ninety percent of these messages are opened and read within minutes of being received.

Here are seven tips to help you increase your WhatsApp sales.

Get a WhatsApp Business Number

We recommend that you get a separate number for business purposes. This number should only be used for product sharing and communications with potential customers.

This is because you will need to share this number with many of your customers. This helps you to keep your personal and professional lives separate.

WhatsApp Web

You can access your account via WhatsApp web from any computer, not just your smartphone.

You will need to connect your smartphone to your computer or laptop to do this. To access the WhatsApp website, you will need to scan a QR Code.

To reduce data usage and improve app stability, it would be a good idea to connect to a WiFi network.

WhatsApp Web Version offers a number of perks, including the ability to make sales or send messages via a computer.

This allows you to avoid common typos. This makes it easier for customers to reach various business channels while sending messages to customers.

It is not uncommon for desktop users to use their smartphones from time to time.

Share a link to your store

Once you have your official number, you can start selling to people that you know.

You can also share your ShopClues product links, create a shopping group, add contact information, and begin sharing your links.

Simply come up with a catchy phrase and add the link to your store below.

Promote your business on WhatsApp

WhatsApp Business is a great promotional platform with untapped potential. The “Broadcast” feature allows you to send information and promotional content to customers. You won’t be invasive of their privacy.

It is also possible to rest assured that your target audience only includes interested leads. They will only give your number if you are interested in what they have to say.

You can use the Status feature to share information directly through WhatsApp Business.

You create a feeling of scarcity by only making an update status available for 24 hours. This can encourage your WhatsApp followers and friends to get in touch with you right away.

This is a great way for you to increase conversions via the messaging platform.

Earn user loyalty

Did you know that WhatsApp group lists have earned more loyalty than any other social media groups?

Brand personas seem to have a great relationship with followers. This can be reinforced by tools such as group chats and broadcast lists.

Send interesting content

WhatsApp is a popular tool for sharing information, but it can be inaccurate.

Some people were unable to accept messages from unknown numbers or believed they were offered by the app.

This is why it’s important to carefully consider what you are sending customers via WhatsApp. This is especially true if they don’t know your brand well enough to purchase from you.

These are just a few ways to get people to read your content.

  • Send educational content related to your product or niche.
  • You can offer customer support via the app, which also includes voice messages.
  • Send videos and useful information to your target market.
  • Send messages that may include promotions to your page via the WhatsApp Link.

This will allow you to contribute to the overall knowledge of your audience and help you to captivate them.

Beware of brands that constantly send messages to customers. This can make your WhatsApp users feel less engaged and pushes them away.

Customers Support at a new level

WhatsApp is primarily designed for mobile devices but it can also be used on a desktop computer. To provide robust customer support, WhatsApp can be used with other desktop applications.

This allows customers to reach you directly and gives you instant answers.

It is very simple and straightforward. You simply need to visit the website of the web app, scan the QR code and follow the instructions to get in.

More to you

WhatsApp offers many opportunities to promote your products and business, as you probably know.

These tips will help you engage your WhatsApp users. You can increase your business’s market reach if you do it right.