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Oberlo Review Start your business with no money

You understand how frustrating it can be to manage your inventory if you’ve ever attempted dropshipping or working with a provider. You will get disgruntled clients when a product is out of inventory, or when one of your products is not supplied on time you may end up receiving angry calls.

Dropshipping is a rewarding and lucrative business strategy, but it can take some of your precious time to get that darn inventory into the store.

The Oberlo business, however, is trying to alter all that.

What is Oberlo doing for your store exactly?

Oberlo’s main point is to import hundreds or thousands of products within minutes into your shop. It sounds like a good offer, but the program includes much more. Let’s take a look at the characteristics that stand out:

AliExpress.com Integration

The main reason I love Oberlo is that it integrates with AliExpress.com, which is Alibaba’s retail side, enabling you to finish lower batch orders at sensible rates. Once the Chrome extension has been installed, you can go to the site and click on all the products that you want to import into your shop.

Automatic Order Fulfillment

To send the item to a client, you just need to press one button. All is performed by the provider through AliExpress after that. So you really don’t have to worry about shipping, storing, packaging, or anything like that.

Automatic Inventory and Pricing Updates

Another great advantage is that if one of your providers runs out of stock, it is automatically removed from your site. The same applies to updates on prices. So, if the price increases, your markup’s system variables will change it on your site.

Sales Tracking

One hint I’d offer to dropshippers is to always test the waters before contributing too much cash to a dropshipping effort. Sometimes you will find that you don’t market properly or that your products just don’t fit your key clients.

For instance, if you’re spending more than $100 on Facebook ads and you haven’t got a sale yet, it’s time to stop throwing away cash and rethinking your approach. Fortunately, Oberlo’s sales and price monitoring combines well with this mentality, as you can determine precisely how much cash you spend and bring in.

A Direct Integration with Shopify

Shopify and Oberlo both have free tests, so you have an incredible opportunity to test the waters. The Oberlo app requires only a moment to install, and the Shopify App Store has some strong reviews.

Sweet Pricing Rules

On AliExpress, all the products have their set expenses. Some individuals like setting prices manually, but this becomes a pain with loads of products. Therefore, for all your products, you can set something like a 50 percent markup. Or, Oberlo has a set of guidelines for changing price ranges based markups.

Importing only certain products

Oberlo has an ePacket filter tool that locates the products with the fastest shipping times. Since shipping times are often the distinction between a sale and no sale, it’s good to know that with quick shipping you can only choose to import the products.

With ePacket, you also get some other cool characteristics. It allows door-to-door tracking, for instance, along with postal customs clearance on whatever taxes or obligations the recipient pays. The primary reason for this is that most AliExpress products come from China.

Oberlo Pricing

Before we go into the real pricing, it’s worth noting that you’re getting a 30-day free Oberto trial. What’s interesting is that the free trial is effectively the Pro plan, so you get every function at your disposal. The business also lately decreased some of the pricing, so today they are much more competitive.

Starter Plan

You get assistance for 500 goods for $4.90 a month, 50 orders a month, syncs of regular goods, automatic order fulfillment, automation of pricing, free Chrome expansion and sales reporting.

Basic Plan

You get assistance for 10,000 goods per month for $29.90, 500 orders per month, all from the past plan, shipment tracking and order fulfillment monitoring.

Pro Plan

You get assistance for 30,000 goods for $79.90 per month, unlimited orders per month, all from the past plan and various customers.

It should also be noted that the Pro Plan will quickly have a few other characteristics: various channels of sales and verified vendors.

Starting with the free trial, it’s a little misleading as you will eventually lose some of those characteristics. But I’m going to say the Starter Package is still an amazing deal, seeing how you get up to 500 products for less than $5 a month.

Oberlo Support

I don’t understand if I’d consider this portion of Oberlo’s assistance, but when you sign up for your newsletter you can get a free eBook.

The aid center is also packed with papers you can search for, along with a button to submit your own ticket. A user forum is also given to talk to other people using the Oberlo scheme about dropshipping. Finally, Oberlo’s support group is accessible for 20 hours a day, five days a week. Oberlo does a pretty good job of assisting clients with a blog and social media presence.

Who is best suited to Oberlo?

Since so many individuals on the Shopify App Store are rating it well, I would be hard pressed to deny Shopify users a suggestion. Both Shopify and Oberlo are created for dropshippers, so it’s not surprising that they see such excellent feedback.

Overall, my favorite part about Oberlo is that you can set up a dropshipping shop with no cash down. Since Shopify offers a 14-day trial, and the trial of Oberlo is 30 days, testing to find out the correct products to sell is achieved without any upfront capital.

For current eCommerce companies, I like it trying to expand into dropshipping, along with people who want to start a store but don’t have the cash for the traditional path. Please feel free to drop a line in the comments section below if you have any questions about this Oberlo review.

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