How to Dropship Vinyl Records to Make Money Online?

Do you still have the vinyl records from your youth? Vinyl was the only option when I was young. My family did not own an 8-track tape recorder, even though they were popular in the U.S. mid-sixties.

To have music at home, I had to go to the record store to buy a vinyl record. Vinyl records had cool covers, often loaded with amazing art.

It was important to avoid scratching the vinyl when you were using it. You could scratch the vinyl and it would make it impossible for the music to skip certain parts.

Vinyl records are being replaced by CDs, cloud music like Spotify and other digital formats. Vinyl records are still very popular and still sell well.

You can actually find vinyl versions of some of the most popular albums and artists on Amazon and Best Buy.

Why are Vinyl Records Still Popular?

Vinyl records have been enjoying a resurgence in popularity, despite their declining popularity in 2000. According to this Forbes article, vinyl record sales have seen a steady resurgence since 2007.

What is it about vinyl records that people love? Experts believe it is the nostalgia factor. Vinyl records are known for their sub-par audio quality.

The crackling sound of a vinyl record on a turntable is incredibly appealing.

People love the way it brings back childhood memories. Some people love the artwork on vinyl record covers.

Vinyl records are back, regardless of their origin. This means that you may be able to dropship your vinyl records and make some extra cash.

Learn how to make a serious side-hustle by selling vinyl records.

There are many ways to sell vinyl records for cash

You have many options to dropship vinyl records in cash. In this section, I will discuss your options.

Then, I will go over everything you need to know in order to make the best money on the albums.

Music/Record Stores

Dropshipping your vinyl records to music or record stores is one of the fastest and most efficient ways to get them sold. Many record stores have a large selection of used vinyl records available for sale.

Both long-time collectors and new vinyl record fans will buy used records from record shops. Expect to receive a substantial discount on the price at which you can sell your used vinyl.

They’re in it to make a profit. To get the best prices, check out local record/music stores and bring your vinyl to them.


Another popular place to dropship vinyl records is on eBay. You can find many vinyl records on eBay.

Depending on the price of your records, eBay may bring you more money. Collectors will be your customers.

Some people may want them to be resold at a higher price. To price your vinyl albums at an attractive price, you can use eBay’s pricing guidelines.

When pricing your albums, don’t forget about shipping costs and dropshipping charges. These fees can have a negative impact on your bottom line profit.

You could always try listing your albums on other sites like eBay as well. The more collectors see the albums, the better.


Discogs is an online music marketplace and community started in 2000. It can be used to sell or buy music in many formats.

Discogs allows you to sell vinyl records, CDs or DVDs as well as cassette tapes. You must have a PayPal account to sell on Discogs.

After you create your account, you will be able to start dropshipping your vinyls on Discogs. Discogs will assess an 8 percent commission if you have entered into an order agreement with a buyer.

A minimum fee is 10 cents, and a maximum fee is $150. Discogs will suggest an automatic price to help you decide a selling price. You can change the suggested price however.

Also, you will need to determine your shipping cost. Discogs offers a huge online music marketplace. This appears to be the best place to buy or sell vinyl online.

Flea Markets

Flea Markets can be a great place to dropship vinyl records as well. Flea markets, also known as swap meets or flea markets, are a place to sell used items.

They’re also widely known for carrying nostalgic items such as vinyl records and other antiques. Flea markets are where you set up a booth or table and determine the price of your items.

Traditional flea markets are only open for a few days, and then they move around from one location to the next. Malls and other shopping centers will have permanent flea markets in their hallways and empty spaces.

An employee usually manages permanent flea markets. They take your items and collect the proceeds.

American Fleas is a site that can help you locate upcoming flea markets in your area. To find flea markets in your area, you can also search the internet for vinyl markets.

You can also bring anything you wish to dropship to your flea markets booth. You can attract more people to your booth if you have more vinyl options.

Used Bookstores

You can also dropshipping vinyl records in used bookstores. Half Price Books, for example, often purchases vinyl to resell.

You won’t make the same amount on vinyl if you dropship it to a shop that will resell it. Booksellers will pay you less for your album so that they can resell it at fair prices.

You can sell to music stores or bookstores, but you have to go in and get your money. There’s no need to list your items, wait for a sale or coordinate shipments. is another online marketplace for used music. It has been around almost as long than Discogs since 2001.

When you sell on, you can set the price and shipping fees. Although they offer suggested and automated pricing, you are not required to use them.

There are different fees for dropshipping on this website (listing is completely free). It is determined by the total sale.

For each transaction, you’ll be charged between 5 and 15% of the total sale price. For more information about fees, please visit the website.

This site’s fee structure seems less favorable to sellers than Discogs. It’s still used by many people to sell vinyl records.

These are six ways you can sell vinyl records for cash. Let’s now discuss how to maximize your profits when selling vinyl records.

How to sell vinyl records for cash

There are some important things to remember before you start dropshipping vinyl records. It can be difficult to sell vinyl records. These are some tips to make the most of vinyl records sales.

Vinyl Records: Get educated

Understanding your business is crucial to any business’s success. Get started researching vinyl records. Learn all about vinyl records.

Many online articles can help you dive into the world vinyl records.

Know what you’re selling

Before you start dropshipping vinyl as a side hustle, it is important to understand what you are selling and what you want. Online buyers and websites will need to know specific details about what you are selling. These are the things you need to know before selling.

Condition is important

Vinyl records are highly dependent on their condition. Vinyl records in good condition are best. If you price these new-in-the box items correctly, you will make the most money.

There are a number of condition codes that you can use to sell vinyl records in the vinyl industry. For example, has a list of condition codes and how to identify where an album belongs.

Rarity Matters

Another factor that influences the price of vinyl records is rarity. You can expect to receive a higher price for rare albums.

For instance, has a list of what they say are the most valuable vinyl records on the market. Their rarity is part of their value.

The Beatles album “The Beatles: Yesterday And Today” is at the top of their wish list. A sealed stereo copy of this album was sold for $125,000 in 2016.

According to the site, there are less than 10 stereo copies of the album. This is why it sold for such a high price in 2016. You’ve just found the perfect side hustle opportunity if you happen to have one of the 10 or fewer sealed copies that are known to exist, or find one at a garage sale.

If you have a more popular album, you will get less. Boston is one of my favorites.

Boston’s debut album, simply called “Boston”, was released on August 26, 1976. It’s still the country’s second-highest-grossing debut album. The album sales of Guns ‘N Roses “Appetite For Destruction” are said to have surpassed its sales.

On eBay, however, the Boston album is selling for $250-$399. While you will make a good profit if this album is sealed, it won’t pay off your mortgage.

It is important to consider rarity before purchasing an album.

Mono vs. Mono vs. Stereo

Are you familiar with the differences between stereo and mono albums? Mono albums contain all song components that come out of both speakers. Stereo albums may have certain song components coming from one speaker and others coming from the other. You might hear the lyrics coming out of the right speaker, but the piano sounds out of the left.

Some vinyl record buyers are aware of the difference between mono and stereo. Mono albums are considered more nostalgic than stereo albums by some buyers. Buyers want to know what type of album you are dropshipping, mono or stereo.

Original Pressings vs. reissues

Original pressings are albums which were originally released in the original batch. Vinyl albums older than 10 years have a smaller number of original pressings, which can make them more valuable.

Reissues are the re-releases an older vinyl album. These reissues are usually less expensive than the original pressings.

Sites such as can help you determine whether an album is an original pressing or a reissue.

Find out where to buy

It is important to buy vinyl records at a profit. You may find your best deals at garage and estate sales, flea markets or on Craigslist or similar sites.

People who are looking to dropship vinyl records don’t care about the financial details. They simply want the records gone and some cash.

Reach out to other people and ask them questions. Post a message on Facebook stating that you are looking for old vinyl albums. Ask for information if you have a collection that you are interested in selling.

Antique shops are another option. Most dropshippers in antique shops are aware of the value of the albums that they sell.

Find out what to pay

It is also important to know what you should pay for records that you want to purchase. To find out the price of albums on sale, use sites such as Discogs or

Although eBay is a great site to reference, some dropshippers may overprice their products. Make sure you do your research before you make a purchase.

Find out where to sell

It is also important to know where you can sell your items. Selling to record shops and resale websites like Discogs will net you less money. Although convenience is a plus, the profit margin will be minimal.

Selling on websites like eBay will also reach a wider audience. This audience includes the average collector or vinyl album enthusiast.

You might find someone who is nostalgic about dropshipping an album directly to an individual who wishes to keep it. A buyer who knows exactly what they want from their collection.

They will likely pay more than what you would get at a resale shop or site. Direct selling will require you to wait for a buyer, but it will likely make you more money.


Vinyl records can be a lucrative side hustle. You’ll need to put in some effort to get started with any side hustle or business.

It is important to be educated about pricing, condition, and all the other factors mentioned above. You’ll also need to search for vinyl records that are affordable.

It’s important to put in the effort and find the best venues for selling. You’ll also need patience while you wait for buyers. As you purchase to resell, there will be many tests and failures.

It is possible to find out that you paid more for an album than what you can sell it for. This is part of creating a side hustle that makes money.

This could be a side hustle for someone who has a passion in music and can spot good deals.