How To Get Reviews for a Dropshipping Product?

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Getting reviews for your dropshipping product can be a difficult task. You might think that asking existing customers to write a review is the best way to go, but you’d be wrong. In fact, getting reviews from people who have never bought from you before is by far the best way to improve your visibility and sales.

Understand the Basics of Dropshipping

Dropshipping is a great way to start an online business, and it can be done with just a few simple steps. First, you need to decide what product you want to sell. Once you have determined what you want to sell, the next step is finding a supplier. You can find suppliers through social media or discussions forums. Once you have found a supplier, the next step is to create your product. Next, you need to create a listing for your product on an online market place. Finally, you need to promote your product and attract customers.

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Choose a Platform to Launch Your Product on

Choosing the right platform to launch your dropshipping product can be confusing. There are so many to choose from, and it can be hard to know which one is right for you. Here are a few tips to help you choose the best platform:

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1. Consider Your Goals. Do you want to build an audience first and then sell products later on, or do you want to sell products from the get-go?

2. Consider Your Budget. How much money do you want to spend on the platform? Do you want a free or paid platform?

3. Consider Your Time Frame. Are you willing to devote time each day to managing your product, building an audience, and selling products?

4. Consider Your Business Needs. Do you need a store front or can you sell from your own website? Do you need shipping services or can you handle that yourself?

5. Consider Your Product Needs. Do you have a ready-to-sell product or do you need to create one? Can you use a pre-made template or do you need to create everything from scratch?

Create a Sales Funnel for Your Product

In order to get reviews for your dropshipping product, you need to create a sales funnel. This will help you convert more buyers into buyers who write reviews. Here are some tips for creating a sales funnel for your product:

1. First, create a landing page for your product. on this page, you’ll include all the information buyers need to buy your product (including the price and shipping information). make sure that the page is easy to navigate and looks great on both desktop and mobile devices.

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2. Once buyers have landed on your page, send them down the sales funnel by emailing them offers that they can’t refuse (like a free trial or coupon code). make sure to personalize each email so that it stands out from the rest.

3. Once buyers have responded to your emails, offer them a chance to buy your product outright (or take advantage of your free trial). be sure to provide clear instructions on how to purchase your product.

4. Once buyers have made their purchase, send them a thank-you email and let them know that their review is waiting for them. make sure to include a link to where they can leave a review for your product.

Add a shipping schedule and promo codes

Bloggers love to know how products are shipped and what promotional codes are used. A good shipping schedule is key to success in dropshipping, and a promo code may entice customers to buy your product. Include both in your blog post and you’ll be on your way to getting great reviews for your dropshipping product!

Promote Your Product

If you’re thinking of starting a dropshipping business, there’s no doubt that you’ll need reviews to help increase your sales. But how do you get them? Here are some tips on how to get reviews for your products:

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– Make sure your product is of high quality.

– Work hard to be friendly and helpful to your customers.

– Run contests and sweepstakes to draw in new followers and customers.

Get Reviews for Your Product

As a dropshipping entrepreneur, getting reviews for your products is crucial in order to increase sales and create a better user experience. Here are four tips for getting reviews for your product:

1. Use Review Sites

One of the easiest ways to get reviews for your product is to use review sites. These sites allow you to upload your product, specify a desired rating, and wait for customers to leave reviews. Sites like Amazon and Walmart have dedicated review sections, so it’s important to make sure you submit your product to the right place.

2. Ask Customers For Reviews

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Another way to get reviews for your product is to ask your customers for them. This can be done through email marketing or social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Make sure you offer incentives like free products or discounts in exchange for reviews.

3. Hold Product Launches And Giveaways

One option is to hold product launches and giveaways in order to generate reviews. This can be done by hosting a party or inviting people who have already purchased your product onto an online event. By doing this, you can generate positive word-of-mouth publicity that will help increase sales.

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How to Add Reviews to Your Product Page

Adding reviews to your product page is a great way to increase visibility and credibility for your dropshipping product. Reviews can help potential buyers identify and select the best products for their needs, and they can also help you improve your ranking on search engines.

To add reviews to your product page, follow these steps:

1. On your product page, click the “Reviews” tab.

2. Click the “Add a Review” button.

3. Enter the name of the reviewer, an email address if you want to send them a notification when the review is posted, and a rating (from 1 to 5 stars).

4. Select a category from the drop-down list.

5. Select a date from the drop-down list.

6. Click “Submit.”

7. The reviewer will be prompted to enter their name and email address. They will also be able to post a comment after submitting their review.

Using tools to help you get reviews

There are a few different tools that you can use to help get reviews for your dropshipping products.

One tool is an email marketing platform like MailChimp or AWeber. You can create custom emails and send them to your customers, asking them to review your product.

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Another tool is ReviewsCrowd. This platform allows you to create a crowdsourced review website for your product. You can invite customers to leave reviews of your product, and then collect all of the reviews into one place.

Finally, you can also use social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to ask customers to leave reviews of your product. Just make sure that you provide a link to the product page on your site when you post about it on social media, so people can easily find the review section.

Why You Need Reviews for Your Dropshipping Product

If you’re selling a dropshipping product, you need reviews to succeed. Reviews help customers make an informed decision about whether to buy your product, and they can also help you increase your sales. Here are four reasons why you need reviews for your dropshipping product:

1. Reviews can help you determine which products to produce. If customers are unsure about which products to buy from you, they may hesitate to invest in any. Reviews can help you decide which products to produce and market, and which ones to abandon.

2. Reviews can help you determine how successful your product is. In order to improve your success rate, it helps to know how many people have bought your product and what their conclusions were. Reviews serve as a valuable feedback loop for you to use in order to improve your dropshipping business.

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3. Reviews can boost your credibility as an entrepreneur. When potential customers see that other people have had success with your product, it gives them more faith in making the purchase. Additionally, positive reviews can give you a competitive edge when trying to attract new customers.

4. Reviews can help you attract new customers. By showing that others have found value in your product, it can encourage

Tips for Building a Strong Customer Base

Building a strong customer base is essential for any business, and dropshipping is no exception. Here are some tips to help you build a thriving customer base:

1. Offer a high-quality product. The most important thing you can do is offer a high-quality product that your customers will appreciate. Make sure the products you sell are of good quality and meet your customer’s needs.

2. Be responsive to customer feedback. Do whatever you can to be responsive to your customers’ feedback. Respond to their questions and comments quickly, and always aim to make sure they’re happy with your products and services.

3. Keep prices competitive. Don’t overprice your products; instead, keep your prices competitive in order to attract more customers.

4. Offer discounts and deals frequently. This will not only attract new customers but also keep those who already have an account happy. Be sure to offer big discounts during holidays and other special occasions, as these will likely be popular with your customers.

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5. Promote your product online and offline. Use online ads, social media platforms, and other marketing channels to promote your product to as many people as possible.


Getting reviews for your dropshipping products can be a difficult task, but it is one that is worth undertaking if you want to grow your business. There are a few things you can do to increase the chances of getting reviews for your product, and we’ve outlined them in this article. By following these tips, you will be on your way to creating a successful dropshipping business!