How To Link Two Shopify Stores?

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One of the great things about Shopify is that it’s incredibly easy to link two stores together. This makes it possible to share products, customers, and other data between the two stores in a matter of minutes.

However, linking two stores also comes with some responsibilities—namely, ensuring that your data is safe and secure. In this article, we will discuss the steps you need to take to make sure your data is always safe and accessible.

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What You Will Need

If you own a shopify store and you want to link it with another shopify store, there are a few things that you will need. The first thing that you will need is the link builder plugin for shopify. After you have installed the link builder plugin, go to your accounts page and click on the Add New Account button. In the form that pops up, enter in the details of the second shopify store that you want to link with your own and click on the Create Link button.

After you have created the link, all that you need to do is go to your account settings on your main shopify store and under Shop Settings, select General > Linked Sites. On this page, copy the link address that is displayed next to the Linked Site name and then go to your second shopify store and paste this into the Address field. Click on Save Changes at the bottom of the page.

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How to Link Your Shopify Store to Another Shopify Store

1. Log into your Shopify admin and go to “Store Settings”.

2. Click on the “Linked Stores” tab, and then click on the “” link next to the store you want to link to.

3. On the linked store’s settings page, click on the “Linked Accounts” tab and add the account credentials of your shopify store.

4. On your shopify store’s settings page, click on the “Links & Social” tab and add a link to your linked store’s homepage.

5. On your shopify store’s orders page, enter an order for a product that is available in both stores and make sure that the quantity matches between the two stores. If it doesn’t match, you will have to change the quantity in each order manually.

6. Click on “Save Changes”.

Tips for Linking Your Shopify Stores

If you own a shop on Shopify, you can easily link your store with another store by following these simple steps:

1. Log in to your Shopify admin area and open the Settings page for the store you want to link with.

2. Under the Store Settings section, click on the Linked Stores button.

3. On the linked stores page, paste in the URL of the store you want to link with and click on the Update Store button.

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4. You’ll now be able to see all products in both stores alongside each other in your product catalogs and checkout processes will automatically update between the two stores.


If you’re looking to link two Shopify stores, there are a few different ways that you can go about doing this. One option is to use merchant linking, which lets you connect the two stores using your merchant credentials. This means that all of the information for both stores will be transferred over automatically.

Alternatively, you can use a service like Transferwise to help with the process of linking the two stores. This service will take care of all of the technical details for linking the two stores and will also provide support in case anything goes wrong. whichever route you choose, be sure to get started as soon as possible so that everything is running smoothly by the time your customers start shopping on both sites!