How to Set up a Top Jewelry Store with Shopify?

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This blog will show you the top Shopify jewelry shops that have been able to make their business a success by making use of Shopify’s eCommerce platform.

The generation of new variants has also influenced online shopping habits, which could have long-lasting effects. Online jewelry sales increased 0.72 percent to $7.6 billion in 2021. Online jewelry stores are expected to grow by 1.36 percent, reaching $7.7 billion in 2022.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

Online jewelry sales are on the rise so it’s only a matter time before any jewelry store goes online. Online clients are still reluctant to buy jewelry online, so retailers must overcome any restrictions imposed by e-commerce to remain competitive in this market.

An eCommerce platform is the first step in creating an online jewelry store. Shopify is an excellent choice because it offers many great features and a variety of apps. Shopify offers a range of services that can help you learn coding.

This blog will tell you about the top 10 Shopify jewelry shops. These stores are a great example of how to turn your ideas into a successful online business. BSS Commerce hopes that you will find something useful to help build your jewelry store on Shopify.

Why should jewelry shops choose Shopify to create online stores?

Shopify, a hosted eCommerce platform, provides everything you need to build your online store. Shopify POS allows store owners to sell at physical locations with Shopify POS. Shopify POS has synchronized inventory, stock and easy management from one account across all devices.

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Shopify is a great platform to build your online jewelry store. Shopify is an easy-to-use website builder with a variety of apps. Shopify is easy to use and allows you to customize your shop with powerful ecommerce tools. Shopify can definitely help you grow your company and reduce costs. We’ll be discussing 4 reasons Shopify is the right choice for creating the best online jewelry shops.

Reduce costs

Shopify provides fast and scalable hosting as well as significant resources that can be used to benefit Shopify’s jewelry stores. Shopify allows you to create a simple website in 14 days. No credit card required. Shopify offers different plans to suit different types of jewelry stores. You can then select the plan that best suits your needs. Prices range from $29 per month to $299 for the most relevant features.

Shopify lets users add themes starting at $200, and integrate apps starting at $50+ per monthly. For beginners, there are also low-level plans available and no cost themes or apps. Shopify offers free web hosting, 24/7 monitoring and constant updates from the Shopify staff. This allows you to focus more on your business and saves time.

It’s easy to use

Your business’s success in the jewelry trade sector is dependent on your brand recognition. Shopify makes it easy to personalize your online store so that it reflects your brand. Shopify gives jewelry store owners easy-to use dashboards that do not require any coding knowledge. Shopify has revolutionized the way businesses, even those not at enterprise level, operate online. This eCommerce platform also offers high-quality reporting and simple customizations. Shopify POS integrations allow you to sync inventory and data between your online and offline stores.

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Combine powerful features

Shopify is a top choice for merchants because of its flexible payment options, quick shipping and robust operations dashboards. Shopify’s diverse and high-quality apps are able to take sellers’ shops to the next level. Shopify also approves third-party apps so jewelry stores can improve customer experience and extend functionality. Shopify will help you increase your sales and profits by allowing you to sell more jewelry. Shopify’s powerful features allow store owners to find high-quality solutions that will increase productivity.

Shopify apps allow all business operations, from marketing to finances and operations to run smoothly. Shopify allows users to integrate with Quickbooks and Mailchimp as well as Google, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. This allows jewelry store owners to analyze and estimate their operations, then find the best solutions to improve them. Shopify also allows you to connect disparate systems, tools, and data. Shopify allows jewelry stores to seamlessly sell through multiple sales channels because it connects with many platforms.

Shopify is the preferred eCommerce platform for local and international brands. Shopify is the best platform for merchants to showcase their products and engage customers. Shopify allows them to search for the tool they require on their platform. Shopify is a platform that allows big brands such as Nestle and Pepsi to run their online businesses.

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Handle scalability

You must consider the possibility of scaling your eCommerce platform when starting a jewelry shop. This can result in bloated shops and a large investment of money for upgrades or migrations. Shopify is able to meet the requirements of scaling. Many top jewelry retailers like Budweiser and Sephora choose Shopify for their online business ventures. The transaction fees were eliminated, which saved them a lot of money. Shopify allows you to build jewelry stores, which will reduce your worries and help you speed up business processes.

Shopify is the best eCommerce platform for building your online jewelry store. It offers an intuitive dashboard, easy reporting, low-cost plans and trusted integrations.

These are some useful tips for making your Shopify jewelry store a success

Shopify offers many tools and features. Below are some tips and tricks to maximize Shopify’s features and tools.

Select the Shopify theme that suits you best

It is crucial to select the right Shopify theme for jewelry stores. The best Shopify jewelry store websites include important features such as a clean layout and various fonts. They also have high-resolution images. Reviews and testimonials are helpful in converting expensive items. You should ensure that the Shopify theme that you select is within your budget to allow for marketing.

Urgency-inducing feature

Jewellery is not essential for survival as food. You must instill a sense urgency in your customers. A real-time purchasing feature is an essential functionality for your website. This means that customers who visit your website will be notified whenever other customers purchase their products. This will in turn stimulate them to purchase the products before stocks run out. Shopify has this feature available on its website.

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Notification of Restock

Customers will ask when certain products will be back in stock at their Shopify jewelry store. You should let them know that they care about the product. These customers will receive immediate notification once the product is back in stock. It is important that your virtual shelves are not empty. This will allow you to increase sales and not lose sales opportunities. Some Shopify themes already have this feature. Others don’t. This feature can be optimized by Shopify apps like Back in Stock or Now Back in Stock.

Section Customer reviews

Trust is key to retaining customers. Positive customer testimonials and feedback are the best ways to build trust with customers. Customers rely heavily on customer reviews before making a purchase. Often, product descriptions are not given enough attention. Customers trust other customers’ reviews more than company advertisements. When you create your online jewelry shop, you will need to include testimonials and reviews from customers for each product. Shopify’s Product Reviews app allows you to create reviews and earn badges on your website.

Top Shopify Jewelry Stores

Shopify’s best jewelry stores will inspire and stimulate you to create your Shopify jewelry store. BSS Commerce can help you learn from the most successful Shopify jewel stores. Let’s take an in-depth look at these Shopify jewelry shops and learn from their success stories. Their Shopify jewelry store allows them to keep in touch with their loyal customers via social media. They also have impressive products and offer world-class customer service.

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King Ice

King Ice is a hip-hop brand that runs the accessory and jewelry business. King Ice is a leading jewelry store that produces high-quality, premium wearable art. It also maintains a close relationship with its clients. King Ice strives to provide the best possible shopping experience for its customers. King Ice is a well-respected Shopify jewel store because of its innovative ideas, high-quality products, and marketing campaign that was conducted alongside the entertainment industry.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

Shopify sells hip-hop accessories such as silver and gold rings, pendants with chains, and pendants with dazzling chains. King Ice’s website is bold, hip-hop, and gold. King Ice’s website is a hit thanks to its catchy web design. This has helped generate more leads. Their logo is distinctive with a lion at the center. The featured collection photos look like something you would see in a modern hip-hop MV. Their target audience is drawn to luxury and abundance so they chose to challenge minimalism. King Ice gained popularity on Instagram with over 400k followers and an active link to their site.

Customers care a lot about shipping policies when shopping online. King Ice offers 5 domestic shipping options as well as 2 international shipping options. These terms are clearly stated. This is a great tip to help your jewelry shop.


Missoma is a top-visited Shopify jewel store, which is why it is high up on this list. Missoma focuses on creating the perfect jewelry to complement your everyday outfit. Missoma also sells unique pieces made with semi-precious gems and delicate designs that give off elegant vibes.

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Missoma Shopify jewelry store inspires new jewelry start-ups. Shopify’s Missoma website is stylish and makes it feel like they are browsing a magazine. The design of Missoma is simple and elegant. Missoma’s design is also very popular on social media.

The jewelry store offers customers many shipping options, regardless of where they live. If you are located in the UK, however, you will have more shipping options and even free shipping.


Qualo offers stylish, comfortable rings that are attractive for everyone. Quallo is a top Shopify jewel store that sells silicone rings. People who live active lives will love their unique products. Their website is a key factor in their success. Qualo’s website is simple and direct, with strong and bold images of their rings. They are able to attract their customers’ attention. Their logo features a minimal design and a sporty font. Their website is all about “Active!”

Qualo has 217k Instagram followers. They also regularly upload stories and photos to keep their followers updated with new products. Customers can also consent to free domestic shipping for orders above $40. The home page displays a free shipping campaign.

By Charlotte

Shopify’s best jewelry store, By Charlotte, impresses customers with its clean design and lack of distracting elements. The team worked hard to ensure that every detail was as perfect as possible. The website of By Charlotte is well-organized, which makes it easy to understand the content. By Charlotte’s website is easy to understand and grabs visitors’ attention with its bar at the top, which states shipping is free. It is a smart tactic to use live chat because 85 percent of chatters eventually become customers.

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The “Shop Instagram” section on Charlotte’s website can be used to increase sales and output. Click on the image to see the “Shop Now” button. The button will open a pop-up containing the name of the featured item if you hover over it. You can then click on the button to read the description. You have two options when you are interested in a product: you can either make a purchase or add it to your cart. Charlotte does not just focus on profits, but is also committed to serving their customers. They strive to provide the best possible buying experience.

Vivian Frank

Vivien Frank is a Shopify jewel store that sells hand-made jewelry. It is similar to a magazine’s design. Scrolling down the website will give you the feeling of looking through a magazine. This is a luxurious and elegant experience, with an exquisite design.

Vivien Frank has 9k followers on social media. They also create blogs that provide useful information to customers.

Tips for creating the best Shopify jewelry stores

You may have already realized the importance of mobile-friendliness and easy navigation for your jewelry website. We won’t be re-explaining them. Here are some additional tips to make the most of Shopify’s store.

Use welcome bars

You only have a few seconds to convince visitors to visit your jewelry website. You need to grab potential customers’ attention quickly. A smart idea is to have welcome bars. They are a real attention grabber and can do a great job.

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You can share sales, coupons codes, and other promotions with welcome bars. Shopify makes it easy to use them. You can choose from Quick Announcement Bar and Welcome Header Bar apps to get your visitors exactly where you want.

Display real-time purchases

People respond quickly and impulsively to urgent situations, it’s well-known. You want to create urgency on your jewelry website and encourage customers to buy. Shopify apps such as Yo, Notify, and Recent Sales Notification make it easy.

These tools are added to the bottom of your jewelry shop. This notification shows real-time purchase history of your customers. It encourages customers to follow other buyers and purchase.

Get Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Trust is key if you want your website to be ranked among the top Shopify jewelry shops. Positive customer reviews and testimonials are a great way to make your site stand out.

According to the Spiegel Research Center, 95% of online shoppers have read reviews before purchasing. Hostingtribunal review statistics show that customers trust product reviews more than descriptions from the manufacturers. Don’t forget to include testimonials on product pages and highlight customer reviews.

Never leave your virtual shelves empty

It happens from time to time that your products are out-of-stock. It’s not a reason to lose customers. It’s easy, but not impossible to find a way out. Give your customers the option to give their contact information if an item is out of stock. This will allow you to notify your customers as soon as the product becomes available again.

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Shopify themes may include this functionality built in. Is it not possible to have this functionality in the template you choose? This is not a problem. These Shopify apps, Now Back in Stock or Back in Stock, are available to you at all times.

Make use of 404 pages

Visitors will eventually find their way to your jewelry website’s 404 pages. There is a way around this. You can create a 404 page to guide customers to other areas of Shopify. You can insert a link or button that will take them to the most sought-after collection, particular category pages, or a search box.


Shopify is a top-quality eCommerce platform that offers a wide range of themes and all the business tools you need. Shopify is a great option for jewelry stores to create their online store. This will save them a lot of money and time. Shopify is a powerful tool that consolidates all the information you need to manage a business. Shopify works well with other tools that can help business owners succeed in their business.

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