How To Set up Shopify SPF Records To My Email?

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If you run a business that accepts email orders and needs to ensure that your customers are protected against spam, then you’ll need to add Shopify’s Server Public Facing (SPF) record to your email settings. Here’s how to do it!

What is Sender Policy Framework (SPF)

The Sender Policy Framework (SPF) is a Domain Name System (DNS) tool that helps identify mail servers that are authorized to send email on behalf of a domain. When someone sends email from their domain using a mail server that is not listed in the SPF records for the domain, the email will not be delivered.
The SPF record for a domain is a list of authorized mail servers. Each server in the list must have an IP address and a DNS record that points to the IP address. The record typically has the following format:

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For example, if you own domain name, your SPF record might look like this:

What is Shopify SPF Records?

Shopify stores all its customers’ email addresses in a secure server-side file called the “Shopify SPF Record.” This ensures that your email address is not shared with any other site or system without your consent.

When you send an email to someone who has a Shopify account, the recipient’s email address is automatically looked up in the SPF record and delivered if it is found. If the email address is not found in the SPF record, then the message is sent to the mail server specified in your Shopify account settings.

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To add an email address to your Shopify SPF record, go to Settings > Email > SPF Record and enter the address into the “From” field. You can also add multiple addresses by separating them with commas.

If you want to verify that your email address is included in your Shopify SPF record, you can use a tool like Spfcheck or Google’s Safe Browsing Service.

How to Add Shopify SPF Records to My Email?

Shopify provides an SPF record to help protect your email from being spoofed. This is a list of all the steps necessary to add Shopify’s SPF record to your email:

1. Log into your Shopify account and go to the Settings tab on the left side menu.

2. Under the Email Settings section, you’ll find a SPF Record field. Click on it to open the relevant settings page.

3. On this page, you’ll need to provide your Shopify domain name and click on the Add button to add your new SPF record.

4. You’ll then be presented with a confirmation message, which you should click on to save your changes.

That’s all there is to it! Your email will now use Shopify’s SPF record to prevent spamming attempts from malicious actors.


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