How to spy on competitor dropshipping stores?

It’s vital to have a good spy application in today’s highly competitive dropshipping market. This app keeps an eye on other Shopify stores.

Spying allows us to learn best practices from other profitable stores. This could include identifying the products and websites of others, as well as what apps they use in order to maximize sales.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

The same principle applies to spying. It informs you about the marketing strategies of your competitors and what is happening with their products.

Spying on the ads of competitors can help you gauge how interested they are in your product. You can also see if those ads translate into sales.

You can use the information you collect to decide whether you want to go ahead with a product or fail where your competitor did.

Spying can also help you do product research. You can, for example, find out who’s selling a product and where they get it from. Also, check if their Shopify store is powered.

This article will cover the best Shopify spy app and how they can improve your results.

Koala Inspector

The Koala Inspector extension, the best app to spy on Shopify stores. This app provides all the information dropshippers need. Koala covers everything, from the Shopify themes other sellers use to the top-selling products in their stores.

This app is loved by AutoDS for many reasons. Our Shopify wizard even recommends it for product research in the Shopify dropshipping A-Z course.

How to Use The Koala Inspector

It is important to determine whether Shopify stores are available. If you don’t, your search won’t be relevant and the app’s features will not work.

We found out that the magnet toy for kids is very popular but it’s not available in a Shopify shop.

To make the Koala inspector work, first ensure you are visiting a Shopify shop.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

Let’s illustrate the inspector using the Joyride Harness.

Structure Feature

You’ll first see the’structure‘ section of the store. It displays the Shopify URL, the Shopify theme used, and the Shopify apps that the seller optimized their store with.

This information is important because what works for them could work for you. An abandoned cart app, for example, might help you get those customers who haven’t checked out.

The structure tab lets you track the number of sales in a store and what modifications are being made.


Next is Products. It shows you what’s selling, when it’s being sold, and how much. You can see the most recent product to find out how active the store is.

Click on the or ‘New Products‘ tabs. These tabs inform you about new variations and the most popular products in the store. This information can be used to help us make a decision about whether or not to list a product in our shop.

Favorite Product

Koala Inspector lets you add any new releases or best sellers as favorites by clicking the heart icon left of an item.

Perhaps you feel that the winter tree or colorful striped harness would be a good fit for your store. You can add them to your favorites. You can also grab the product from the shop and add it later to your favorites.

Locate Retailers

This is where the magic of Koala Inspector enters play. You can find out how many retailers sell the same product by clicking on the’Find Resellers‘ tab. This allows you to compare your competitors and determine which supplier their products come from.

Click on any link to see similar or identical products as well as their pricing range on different sites. This tool is great for many reasons. This feature allows you to find the product’s title even if it is changed by other sellers.

Shop Traffic

The traffic a product attracts is another indicator of its worth. Koala Inspector shows you how many Shopify customers are visiting your store and also the trendline. You’ll be able to see if the product is still in demand, or not.

The Shop Trafficfeature provides valuable information. Although interest in harness products has declined over time, it still receives loads of traffic with more than 85,000 visitors in April 2021.

You can also find useful metrics regarding traffic sources under the same tab. You might find, for example, that the majority of buyers for this harness are American shoppers and found the store via Google or social media.

This example shows how to use Shopify’s spy app to learn best practice. This example shows you how to decide where to invest your marketing money by finding the best traffic source for a specific niche.

Ad Campaigns

You thought you knew it all. But Koala is constantly surprising you with new and more powerful features. The Ad campaigns tab shows how the store uses ads to drive traffic.

It allows you to see the number of ad campaigns that the seller has launched as well as the keywords that led people to the advertisement. This tool is great for anyone who wants to optimize an ad campaign for a particular product.

Other Helpful Features

My Shops allows you to keep track of all the stores that you are tracking. You can view every store, and see price changes or new product additions.

Subscription plan allows you to get more from the Koala inspection by increasing traffic or limiting retailer research. Last but not least, Koala’s Shopify coupons will help you save on tools for your Shopify store.

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shopify dropshipping store set up


The Ecomhunt App is a great tool to monitor Shopify stores. This company provides many services including product research tools, a Chrome extension, and other resources to dropshippers such as ebooks and courses.

Ecomhuntfinds winning products for product research using hot trends and under-the radar.

It allows you to track product performance over time and gauge overall customer interest. Dropshippers also have Ecomhunt Adam which allows them to determine which AliExpress products are most popular and provide detailed metrics.

Two simple features are provided by the Ecomhunt Chrome extension. The first link is to Shopify’s Facebook Ads. The second link is to the profile of the store, which provides detailed traffic analysis and social media analytics.

Ecomhunt is the brainchild Mordechai Arama. Watch AutoDS CEO Lior talk with Mordechai to learn more about his dropshipping journey, and the reasons he founded Ecomhunt. Mordechai also offers great tips about how Shopify can help you land your next bestseller.

Commerce Inspector

This Shopify App bundles its most useful spy features into one useful Chrome Extension .

You can view detailed traffic source analytics when you visit Shopify stores. You can also view the per-month store numbers, including visits, units sold and revenue earned.

The Commerce Inspector covers more than the store you are visiting. You can see which Shopify apps a store uses and which stores are using the same app.

The Commerce Inspector extension also has an Facebook Ad Search feature. This allows you to search any Facebook advertisement from any store or category.


PowerAdSpy is the best option for spying on Shopify dropshipping ads. This app can track ads on any platform, including YouTube and Google PPC ads.

You can filter search results by keywords or high-converting ads. The PowerAdSpy extension captures all this information in one click.

also allows you to search marketing email for any product niche, keyword or region. This will allow you to see exactly who your competitors are and which products are hot right now.


The MY AD FINDER chrome extension is the quick and simple way to find competitors’ ads. Shopify offers three simple features that allow you to spy on ads from other stores with a click.

Dropshippers have the option to change their Facebook feed to only show ads. Dropshippers starting out may see advertisements of many types. Once you have your Shopify store up and running, the majority of your ads will be about products or dropshipping.

The extension allows you to add viral ads to your favorites. The extension also allows you to search all ads of a single company.

Shopify Store Parser and Scraper

It is essential to spy on other stores and do so regularly. What do you do if you find products in a Shopify competitor store?

The Shopify spy extension allows you to add products directly to your store. Once you have logged in to Shopify, you can grab 1000s of products one at a time.

This extension extracts all the information needed, including the title, images and description, vendor, product type, variants and images, as well as other details such as images, descriptions, images, images, images, and more. It all gets extracted to an XLSX file in the Shopify format, so there is no extra work.

Wrapping things up

Learning from other shops or spying on them can save you hours and help you avoid the hassle of trying out new products. Shopify store owners can help you find out what works and what doesn’t.

In today’s booming dropshipping marketplace, there is an eCommerce tool that can do almost anything. Product research is no exception. These Shopify Spy apps are free and available for download!

You don’t need to wait for the competitor research to finish. You can start making profits immediately with our winning products and categories. These two articles and the video below will inspire you.