How to Start a Dropshipping Business with Amazon?

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Last Updated on September 15, 2020

Looking for an idea to start your own company? Or do you expect a genuine opportunity to live in full time business? Then you are in the right place.

We’re going to talk about the dropshipping industry today. And this guide teaches you how to start the dropshipping industry step by step. Dropshipping is one of the largest internet opportunities with high profitability.

Many web marketers are making thousands of dollars with dropshipping from the first month. It’s the best plan to start your business with low investment.

There are also high returns.

Let’s see in brief what dropshipping actually is.

So, what does dropshipping mean?

You need to find and make a deal in dropshipping with qualified wholesalers. You buy products at a wholesale price. You then need to open an online shop for these products and set the selling price for those products.

The process of shipping doesn’t have to bother you. You can start promotions for your store. If you have made any sales, you will then contact the wholesalers to ship the products to our customers for you.

You get profits every time someone buys products. This is a drop shipping company and you can buy any type of product for money without the company or products. This is the best opportunity for newbies, small businesses and home – made businesses.

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Core Benefits of Dropshipping:

The main advantage of dropshipping is that no inventories are required. This company involves far less work. It’s very easy to start up. You can build your online shop in one day, and if you also support them, you can get your orders from the first day.

There is no need for large investment in dropshipping. There are no warehouses to pay for and you don’t need any other employees. You only buy products when you receive orders.

The only investment you spend is to create and advertise your website.

Dropshipping business skills necessary to rock:

You need great marketing and management skills to succeed in a dropshipping business. You have to offer the best customer service to be successful in this business.

More customers will be attracted by companies with excellent customer service.

You should also maintain a positive customer relationship. Such skills will increase your sales and profits.

A person with the above-mentioned capabilities can do well in this shipping business.

How can I start Dropshipping with Amazon?

Amazon is the world’s largest online product sales platform. There are hundreds of millions of active monthly purchasers. It’s the best way to start the business. Selling products on a large platform like Amazon is a great idea. Amazon has a very high chance of a good return.

Amazon also has an advantage: it receives products from wholesalers for you and sends the products to your customers.

Retailers can buy Amazon products. You must register for Amazon’s seller account.

You can then start selling on Amazon if you get approval. Not all brands or products have been approved.

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Selling Products on Amazon website:

Build a business for e – commerce:

First, you need an e-commerce store to list your products. Shopify is your best platform to create online store. It also has a partnership with the largest e-commerce websites, Amazon and AliExpress. You can add Amazon to your Shopify as a sales channel.

Amazon guidelines and restrictions apply to you to sell your products on your platform. You can open a shop directly for some niches like books, electronics, games, computers, etc.

And you need Amazon approval to sell products related to other niches.

Creating Amazon Seller Account:

Enter your name, email and password in the registration form to go to the next pages. Include additional information like addresses and taxes.

When you are on your dashboard, you will be able to check the requirements of each category. Get the approval of the niche you’re going to aim for.

Link your Shopify website with Amazon account:

Start your 14-day trial on the Shopify website. If you like, you can pay later. Register with all your shop and store details. Once you submit your registration form, you will be on the dashboard. Later you need to link up your distribution channel such as Amazon, eBay, etc. You can link your Amazon account to the Shopify store when approved by Amazon.

If you are approved then, please click the left menu bar in your Sales Channel Shop and scroll down to the “+” symbol to add your store.

A popup list will appear and the list’s Amazon will be selected. Click Add Channel to select Amazon. To confirm, press the “Connect to Amazon” button. That’s it.

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You’ve created your own shop. You are now a business owner! Start your business by adding products and adding prices, product photos and setting up everything you want. It won’t take longer. Start promotions after everything has been done.

Start Enabling Shopify track Inventory

This option to shop saves you from negative opinions and observations. This allows customers to purchase products if stored. If the items are not in stock, customers can be told and no stock commands will be stopped.

It’s a Promotions time Let’s start the promotion work!

We are finishing here with the establishment of an e – commerce store. Now, start sales promotions.

Through the Amazon and Facebook program, you can increase your sales with low spending on these advertising platforms.

Additional Sales Strategy:

Don’t rely on sales from Amazon alone. Start to promote your business on other platforms as well. Use social media ads, groups and forums to promote your brand.

Provide some discounts and cash back to your customers because people enjoy buying products with offers.

You can create a voucher on your store with Shopify. Build one and promote it for coupons on websites.

Make sure you still make a profit or not after receiving discount coupons. You must consider a few things before pricing your products. Because you invest in the products, these prices and your profits should also be included.

Please think about the competition, try to offer your competitors the best products at low prices. Therefore, you can be at the top of the list with more sales.

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We’ve come to the end of this article.

Now you know what dropshipping is and how to set up your shop to start a dropshipping business.

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