How to Start Dropshipping Makeup Products Indonesia?

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Consumers all over the globe love cosmetics. They are loved by all ages, male and female, and they won’t let go of their cosmetics. This is a fact that can’t be denied.

Because of cultural and geographical differences, however, different consumers may have different preferences. This is something I believe no one would object to. We are referring to the Indonesian cosmetics market. What can a merchant do if he wants to dropship makeup indonesia. This article will help you to understand the basics.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

Dropshipping is easy for your business!

Dropship is when the seller sends the goods to the customer instead of the seller. Even if the seller only wants one item of goods, dropship platforms will help merchants ship.

This is a way to help merchants open stores. However, merchants’ stores don’t retain inventory. Instead, a merchant purchases a product from a third-party and then sends it to its customer.


Those dropship advantages needs to be highlignt here, hoping you guys can make ful use of it when do dropship makeup indonesia.

*This business can be started by anyone without spending a lot of capital.

Dropshipping can be a great option for some businesses because it allows them to operate an online store without investing thousands in inventory. Traditional retailers had to bundle large sums of capital in order to purchase product inventory.

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*Dropshipping is easy to start.

E-commerce is easier when a company doesn’t have to deal directly with actual products. Dropshipping allows businesses to avoid the hassle of managing warehouses and packing orders.

*The geographic area of the business is unlimited.

Direct sales can be done anywhere via the internet. Businesses can manage their businesses as long as they are able to communicate easily with customers and suppliers.

*There are many product options available to businesses.

Merchants don’t have to purchase products in advance for customers. This allows them to offer a wide range of products. The merchant can list an item if the supplier has it. If it is sold on the merchant’s website, it will not cost extra.

Cosmetic niche products

* Makeup brushes

Beauty is part of our human nature. Therefore, makeup is loved by many and the enthusiasm continues. When we apply makeup, we use our brushes. Makeup brushes are used to apply foundations and creams to the skin. Make-up brushes are essential for all our makeup tools. It is essential for flawless makeup. However, not all makeup brushes can achieve the same result. It is important to evaluate the quality and materials of makeup brushes.

* Mineral makeup

We are more demanding of quality of life because of the rise in living standards. The rapid growth of society has made it more difficult to prevent the environmental pollution. People are looking to protect the environment more and more. One of the most loved makeup types in our time is mineral makeup. These make-ups are made primarily from natural minerals, which are safer for the skin. These products are essential for consumers who love their skin today.

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* Lipstick

Nearly all women are attracted to lipstick. There aren’t many men who love lipstick. In Indonesia, people are more likely to highlight their skin’s color with cosmetics and not to go for whitening.

* Sunscreen

It is a popular cosmetic product because it can prevent melanin precipitation, and has anti-aging and skin-care functions. Sunscreen can be used in any season. Sunscreens are used to protect the skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays in summer. They also prevent pigmentation and premature aging. These makeup products are loved by many people.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

* Spray

Hot summer is the perfect time for girls to put on their best makeup and go out. Moisturizers, also known as make-up sprays, are often used to prevent dryness from removing make-up. This moisturizing spray is also very popular with people living in dry environments. Jasmine is a popular brand. Its main moisturizing and moisturizing ingredient is its moisturizing spray. It is gentle on sensitive skin and has a soothing effect.

Grab the chance to conquer the challenge

* Locations that are advantageous

There are many opportunities to make cosmetic products with natural products.

Indonesia is a great source of raw materials due to its biodiversity. Marine algae and marine collagen will likely develop on both local and global markets. These same land products are also available, like aloe vera and other plants.

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*The demand for niche cosmetic products in the makeup and cosmetics industry continues to grow in Indonesia..

The growth of this market was led by hair care products (37%), skin care products (32%), and cosmetics (10%). Many factors are responsible for the market’s growth:

The Indonesians know that happiness is important.

Women gradually adopt make-up as a part of their daily lives.

Indonesia’s female population is large and currently exceeds 130 millions.

More men in urban areas of Indonesia are buying skin care and cosmetics.

There is an increase in middle-income and affluent customers. Indonesia is home to a large and growing population.

Even though the economy is slowing down, Indonesian women still purchase beauty products.

The potential for Indonesia’s domestic cosmetics industry has led to the inclusion of beauty and makeup in the 2019 national industrial growth plan. Cosmetics are an integral part of Indonesia’s economic growth. This includes the development of industrialization and import substitution (most raw materials used in the cosmetics industry still need to imported). It also creates great opportunities for local workers.

*Dropshipping is the best option for global sellers.

All products are shipped by dropship agent, so sellers don’t need to stock commodity inventory. This allows businesses to quickly add products to their product lines, test new and most popular products, and then sell them without worrying about overstocking or losing sales.

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Find a simpler way to begin.

Dropshipping makeup in Indonesia is possible if you choose a platform that will help you develop your business. This will make it easy to run your business, as you don’t have to worry about money.

This premise assumes that you’re looking for dropship platforms that provide quality services. This is not something you need to worry about.


Chinabrands, a cross-border distribution platform for exports under the Global E-commerce Corporation, is available. It offers high-quality resources to cross-border ecommerce vendors that are based on product distribution. Chinabrands also links many high-quality distributors and suppliers with a global sales network.

Dropshipping makeup indonesia is possible if we mention that the company provides logistics and warehouse services to global merchants.

The platform guarantees delivery within 24 hours, so you don’t need to worry about logistics and customer service.

The logistics network of the platform covers more than 200 countries and includes 10,000+ routes. It also boasts a highly-trained and professional customer service team, which has been fluent in the languages of over 10 countries.

Dropshipping makeup indonesia can be safely dropped to Chinabrands. Learn more Visit to learn more. Click to discover unexpected surprises. We wish you much success and good luck!


Beauty and makeup in Indonesia is a strong and stable industry. Dropshipping is also gaining popularity because of its simplicity and effectiveness. Dropshipping makeup in Indonesia is possible if you are interested. You will lose passion and opportunities if you wait. A high-quality platform can also save you money and time.