How to Start Shopify Dropshipping with Chinabrands?

This article is for you if you’re just starting a Shopify dropshipping shop and don’t know what you should sell or if you’re a third-party platform seller who wants to move into Shopify. I will demonstrate a Shopify dropshipping application for free.

The competition in ecommerce marketplaces is intensifying over the past few years. The rules for the major online marketplace are constantly changing and traffic has slowly been monopolized mainly by large sellers. Ecommerce online has become more difficult than ever thanks to numerous hijackings, price wars and stock pressures.

But, there is always opportunity. Shopify sellers have already discovered his opportunities.

Shopify Canada traffic has rocketed in 2018 and many sellers consider it to be the second best place to make money with Shopify.

Next, how to open a Dropshipping Store with Shopify+Chinabrands

Chinabrands had not previously developed the Shopify “one-click publish” function. Chinabrands has now created a special R&D group to create a dropshipping app for Shopify. This will allow you to authorize accounts, publish products and sync orders with inventory in just a few clicks. This is a great news for dropshippers from China.

Let’s next tap into this dropshipping app.

First and foremost, choose the niche that you wish to sell on your Shopify dropshipping shop. You are on the right track to success if you have a great product. But will it be enough? No.

To keep stock, find models and write copywriting, you need to create start-up capitals. You can also publish listings at night. It isn’t easy. Many sellers claim that ecommerce has deprived them of their freedom and made it difficult to live a normal life. They either update images and descriptions or package products and request reviews. All families will pack products during peak season. Are you tired of so many tedious tasks?

You must worry about being hacked or punished after listing on the site.

Your profits are all invested in the goods after a year.

Advertising fees are too high. If you source directly from factory, most goods will require a higher MOQ

These are just some of the many complaints I’ve heard from friends.

They are almost unable to make profits. There is no one-stop solution that can solve all your supply chain problems, including product, delivery, and packaging.

Today, Chinabrands app can solve all the dropshipping problems. Here are the details

Step 1: Register

Register your account by clicking on

Step 2: Authorization

Log in to and click “setting” to authorize Shopify. Next, enter “”.

Step 3: Product Selection

Next, select products based on price, download, or stock

Step4: Product Publishing

You have the option to select and publish simultaneously, or batch export the product. Once you’ve set up the suggested retail prices, click “Publish” in your Shopify store.

Step5: Sync Order

You will be able to access Shopify orders by clicking “Order Sync”. Next, select the warehouse or logistics you want to complete the transaction.

Step 6: Delivery

Chinabrands will ship to you. Your Shopify store will receive the tracking number. The 7x12h after-sales support service and the return or warranty policy are also available to you.

Register today for free

If you register on Shopify dropshipping,they will offer you one-year VIP membership for publishing 300 products with no fee.

To find out more, you can return to the Membership rules section of after registering.