9 High Margin Lazada Dropshipping Products to Sell

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Each year brings new innovations in fashion and technology. Each day, we are greeted by hundreds of new products. Dropshipping with Lazada is a popular option for sellers. The market trend changes quickly so it’s important to stay on top of market trends.

A lot of sellers get confused on what is best dropshipping products on Lazada so you can not only increase sales but also grow and scale easily.

Dropship Lazada must be well planned and have ideas about the products that have high selling potential in the markets you choose.

Choosing a niche or a set of products is never an easy task but here at Chinabrands we would help you decide the most promising and possibly high potential products.

How to choose the right products to dropship Lazada

These tips will help you make sure that you select the best products for your online shop.

Doing Niche Research

Your business will be a lot more successful if you do your research on niche products. After thoroughly researching the niche, or product in Google trends, Pinterest, and other social media sites, you can choose it. Many online sellers want to know how to market their products. But the actual problem is not how to sell your product, the main issue is to decide what to sell on Lazada.

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To make big profits, you must be clear about the product that you want to sell. Keep searching for new products. Keep an eye out for products that have high sales potential.

Finding the right seller

Dropshipping from Lazada using China Brands, or any other store is possible. However, dropshipping has a limited control over the fulfillment process. To have a sustainable business, you must be serious about finding reliable dropshippers for your business.

You can request a sample to verify that the supplier you have chosen is actually sending the product you ordered. You should not only be confident in the supplier, but he should also offer good support if you have any issues with any parcel. You will show concern for your business by doing this.

The Right Price Point

It is also important to evaluate the price of the product you are considering. Do not choose a product that is too costly. Because you can reach a wide range of people, a low- or mid-range product is a viable choice. You should price your product competitively to ensure that you attract many customers.

You should also ensure that your profit margins do not become too small. Because you would be marketing your products through multiple channels, you should aim for a minimum 30% profit margin.

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These are the 10 most promising Lazada dropshipping niche ideas

Let’s not go into too much detail or do an in-depth analysis. Instead, let us dive into the 10 most promising niche ideas you can dropship Lazada.

Pet Products

Pet Niche, especially accessories and products related to dogs, is a popular brand that never goes out of style. You might be a dog lover or have experienced the love and care that you show your dog.

Accessories for dogs and cats, such as grooming tools, toys, beds and collars, could be in high demand. This could lead to increased demand.

This is not a seasonal thing. It is a continuous love and care for human beings that will last as long as they keep cats or dogs as pets. It’s the perfect niche for you to start your dropshipping business on Lazada.

Chinabrands has a list of some of the most sought-after dog products that you can sell in your Lazada shop.

Smartwatch Accessories

The global smart wearable market has been growing steadily at 8.6% annually. What does this mean for dropshippers?

This could be a lucrative selling niche for you on an online marketplace like Lazada. Dropshipping these accessories and wearables is possible if you don’t wish to stock or buy as much. In the next five years, the wearables industry is expected to double in sales.

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You can also work on Honor Band 3, Mi Band, and many other smart watches that are available at Chinabrands. Dropship accessories such as mi band straps and smart dock charges can also be offered.

Accessory for Tablets and Phones

Dropshipping is also possible in the category of Tablet Accessories and Phones. You will see that wireless charging pads, dock stations for mobile phones, Bluetooth earphones and smart headphones are the most in-demand products on Chinabrands or Lazada.

You will see cases for mobile phones that you can sell, as well as accessories. There are many great deals on Chinabrands for tablets, smartphones and laptops. You can also search for other keywords to see the trend.

This is also very popular, as you can see from the second image. To see which products are most in demand, you can search the website.

Beauty and Health

These days, not only are women more conscious about their beauty and health than ever before. This market is very fertile, especially if you are targeting women. Women are willing to spend a lot on beauty and makeup. It’s easy to take advantage of this and show them something worth their money.

There are many beauty products, including makeup kits, foundation brushes and concealers.

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Women’s hair continues to grow and so they must ensure that their bodies are free from hair. There are many options for epilators, waxing equipment, and kits.

In the coming months, there will be a strong upward trend for Makeup niche. This is the time to get involved and make some money.

Consumers Electronics

Lazada dropship shops also carry consumer electronics like Cameras, Photo and Accessories, Audio and Video Accessories and Electrical Tools for Home Use, Security and Protection Gadgets.

Everything is becoming smarter with the advancement of tech. Smart gadgets, smart electronics, and smart homes are all part of our everyday lives. If your customer is lazy, you can give him a piece if an amazing gadget that allows him to control his/her house with the touch of a button. He will love it so much that he will spend all of his money on it.

We believe that finding a trusted supplier of consumer electronics and accessories is the best thing.


A woman cannot resist jewelry sets, including rings, necklaces, bracelets, bracelets, earrings, pendants, and bracelets. Your customers will be delighted when you offer them beautiful, charming jewelry sets.

Jewelry and makeup are in high demand. These niches are both highly valued if you’re looking for dropshipping niche ideas. Here are some examples of exquisite jewelry made in Chinabrands.

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Toys are enjoyed by both children and adults alike. There are antistress toys and relaxants for adults, and classic or RC toys and games for children and teens. Even though RC toys can be boring, even adults enjoy playing with them.

To help children improve their motor skills and mind, you can sell educational toys such as puzzles, magic cubes, and models. You can also sell stuffed toys or electronic toys such as helicopters, RC cars and other. This could be a great niche to fill.

You can also make anti-stress toys and gifts for adults. These were huge hits last year. Let’s find out if we can make something extraordinary for our dropshipping business this year or next.


Dropshipping is a popular way to sell clothing for both men and women. Chinabrands has huge stock for women, men and kids clothing.

Party wear dresses, nightwear, tank tops or tank tops are all options. Costumes and swimwear are also available. They are all highly sought-after and coveted by women. Dropshipping is a popular way to sell sweatshirts and hoodies. Although the clothing niche is saturated, there are still opportunities to make a profit if your product has a market.

Below are some of the Chinabrands collection of men, children, and women’s clothing that you can dropship directly to Lazada, or any of the over 200 other destinations around the globe.

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Drones and accessories

Since 2017, unmanned drones have gained immense popularity. The drone industry is expected to be worth more that $127 billion by 2020.

This niche could be very lucrative for accessories for drones. If you have some spare money, you can also sell drones. Drone accessories and spare parts are also small so they can be easily shipped to any location safely and without additional costs. They could be your best option. Some of these include spare propellers, landing pad, remote control cases, and many other items.

Home Decor

Everybody wants a beautiful, fully furnished home. With a good margin, you can sell oil paintings, canvas paintings, wall stickers, and photo frames. These items are not the only things that home decor can include. People also need products such as garden supplies, pest control, house cleaning, home storage, and bathroom products.

People often spend a lot on home products and recurring tools. You can sell them useful items that they will use.