Is Possible to Start Dropshipping On Joom Website?

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Is Joom a good site for Dropshipping?

Joom is an established e-commerce platform in Russia. It was founded in June 2016. It exploded after its launch and quickly became the most popular e-commerce platform worldwide. It is designed to be a mobile shopping platform. Russia is the main target market.

The Joom platform was first opened to Chinese sellers in November 2005. It then entered a stage of rapid growth. It quickly became a popular platform for cross-border Chinese sellers. Even the official website was launched. “Joom is an online marketplace that sells products from China. You will find all you need (and more!) Very low prices

The Joom platform began to expand into the overseas market in 17 years. It entered the European market in July, mainly in France and the UK. In August, it was launched in Canada, Australia, Africa and Ireland. How rapid is Joom’s growth? The sales volume in November, 2017, has grown 53 times faster than in 16 years. The market has expanded from Russia to over 20 countries. The average order volume per day is 17 years. It has already surpassed 300,000.

Dropshipping Benefits and Features of the Joom Platform

Customers have many advantages with the Joom platform:

* Shipping is free

* Users will see only their most preferred products on the platform’s interface.

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* App push is powerful and attracts customers to return applications via pop-up notifications.

* More platform products.

* Customer service available 24 hours a day

* Enjoy great discounts and other offers

* Promotional advertising that automatically takes place. The seller needs only to set the price for the product and the platform will promote it.

* The platform offers a guarantee for the return of commodities. This guarantees that the buyer will not be able to receive the goods within the stipulated time or that they can be returned unaltered.

What should a Dropshipper do before opening a Joom store?

What information and conditions must sellers meet to join Joom? The official website of the seller contains clear information and conditions.

License for business

Corporate identity card

A photo of the ID card is taken by a corporate legal representative;

Number of bank account or payoneer account;

Experience in opening a store is essential to ensure that you can provide daily orders volume and total transactions for the top three products.

You can find links to the top 3 products on AliExpress, wish., eBay, and other platforms.

How do I add a dropship store to Joom?

You can open a store by following these steps: 

In the seller’s backend, open the store page. Click the “Save” button to set the store name and store avatar.

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Name of the store 

The Joom platform approves the new stores. If the store is named, the Joom platform must be mentioned. Otherwise, the platform review team can close the store. The names of Joom platform stores can be found here:

It is prohibited to use the same names or similar names for well-known cross-border electronic commerce platforms like AliExpress, Joom, AliExpress, AliExpress, AliExpress, etc.

Names that are identical or similar to trademarks and brands of others are prohibited. Only permission from the trademark owner is required. It is forbidden to use non-Latin characters such as Cyrillic or Chinese characters.

Review of Joom: 

Once you have completed all information and uploaded it, click on the submit button. The platform staff will review your submission. The review process usually takes one to two weeks.

Examination passed:

The platform staff will contact the seller after the platform has been reviewed.

Some tips 

Joom platform sellers have the ability to open multiple stores and divide products into different categories. A seller could open a shop that sells fashion products and then open another store that sells electronic products. 25 stores are the maximum number allowed. The Joom platform allows for more than 25 stores if the seller is performing well. One store can only have 1000 active products.

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On the Joom platform, you can get promotions and penalty points

Sellers can promote their platform on the Joom platform by themselves. There are three main parts to the Joom platform currently:

Best product 

The “Best Product” tab is always displayed when the Joom software is opened. This is the featured product page. Products that perform well are automatically highlighted. Joom software automatically selects the best product from each seller to display on the “Best Product Label”. The “Best Product” tab page sales can account for 50% of total sales.

 Get special offers 

A limited-time offer is a promotion that lasts for a short time. The time limit for price reduction is typically 1 hour. This can increase buyers’ urgency and encourage impulsive buying. This type of activity can boost sales by up to 20%

Promotions that are free to test 

Promoting new products and increasing sales of existing products can be done through the “Free Trial and Comment” promotion. The event’s content is as follows: Buyers will be able to request free access to products that are participating in the exchange of comments. The buyer must give a honest evaluation of the product after they have received it.

Attention, however, because of the conditions that apply, not all businesses are allowed to participate in this activity. The rules are: Penalty points (below seven points), price index (15% and less).

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What is the Joom penalty score? Penalties include: evaluation, confirmation receipt, refund rate, cancellation rate, tracking rate, and delivery rate.

It is prohibited to take part in the event if the penalty exceeds 7 points. It is very easy to take part in the event, according to previous operations. It is possible to place thousands of orders, while tens of thousands of orders are possible. Activity is key to a successful job at Joom.

Joom supported logistics for Dropshipping

Joom has been pushing Express online delivery recently. This will be included in the composite post-store index.

We also support these logistic channels. But, this only introduces Trust Shipping-integrity logistic channels. These are delivered via the integrity logistics channel. Joom won’t deduct points from some indexes. This is good news for everyone.

Future of Joom

Joom expanded its North American and European markets in 2018. Joom is extremely successful in Russia. The platform’s traffic will rise and the order volume will grow. Joom claims that 2018 will invest in TV media in large-scale Promotions. If it is, sellers who are already on the platform can increase their single amount. Sellers who have not checked in yet or the new seller will need to refuel.

Addition to Joom, it is worth mentioning that there is a good supplier – Chinabrands also can help you sell your products better. It is easy to set up an online store and choose products. They will take care of packaging, logistics, and transportation. You can expect your goods to arrive in 48 hours.

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Chinabrands offers professional descriptions and HD product photos to help customers market their products. The API interface has been optimized to make it easy for other platforms, such as Joom, eBay, Amazon, and others. Interface with Chinabrands successfully to provide real-time updates as well as critical business data.