Is Dropshipping Allowed on Wish.Com and How to do it?

Surprisingly the top mobile shopping app isn’t the Amazon or eBay app. It’s Wish, an ecommerce store that was created in 2010 by Danny Zhang, a Google engineer and Peter Szulczewski, a Yahoo engineer.

Just four years after its creation Wish was listed as the top-selling ecommerce site by Google in 2014. Wish now has more than 200 million users worldwide.

Dropshipping with Wish has been and will remain a gold mine to dropshippers for many years. With its AI-powered product recommendations and smart user data mine Algorithms, Wish offers sellers a wealth opportunity to sell to an established market.

Wish suggests products to users, unlike other marketplaces that require users to search for specific products before they purchase. Wish uses legally mined data and previous purchases to recommend products. People are often not sure what they want to buy. People make a decision on what items to buy only after visiting a store and looking at the different products. Wish smart product recommendations have taken care of this consumer uncertainty by allowing them to easily browse through a small number of products that are well-placed for them to make a decision.

Wish also recommends products based upon customers’ Wishlists. Dropshippers, particularly new dropshippers, find this advantageous as it means your products will be displayed quickly and easily. Wish product recommendations are much more straightforward than Amazon. They don’t require you to do any promotions to get your products displayed to millions of buyers dashboard. Wish makes money only when your item is sold. Wish’s responsibility for product promotion lies entirely with it.

A Review of The Wish Marketplace

Wish is the most popular shopping platform for both Android OS as well as Apple IOS. It is a great platform for dropshippers looking to sell products to a large market.

This section gives you an overview of the Wish market in terms of figures (figures don’t lie).

* Wish currently has more than 300 million users who access the platform via their smartphones and computers. This gives you a large audience to sell any product that you may have.

* The Wish Facebook fan page, which was used to recommend products for users, currently has a staggering 1,000,000+ subscribers. You have more customers.

* Wish has over 250,000 active shoppers per day from more than 70 countries.

* The daily shoppers place over 1.5 million orders per day and more than 200 million products are available on the platform.

Wish has only about one million merchant accounts that can be used to serve Wish’s over 300 million customers. This makes it easy to see the opportunities Wish offers dropshippers, both new and old, to sell and buy products to consumers and make good profits.

Why Wish Dropshipping is so important

The low seller/buyer ratio means that anyone can enter the Wish market with a quality product and great pricing and make a lot of money.

Dropshipping retailers face the greatest hurdle: finding a marketplace to sell their products. A popular website, a mobile application and payment for ecommerce plugins are all necessary to find a market for your products.

All of this is already available on Wish, so you should sign up as soon as you can. Wish has a huge marketplace with over 300 million users and more than 1 billion+ followers on Facebook for every product that you may want to dropship. It also offers an easy-to-use shopping mobile app, a web store, and a payment receiving platform. It is very profitable to sell on Wish’s marketplace.

Things to consider before Dropshipping/Selling on Wish

Before we show how to dropship Wish, let’s talk about a few things that you may want to think about before you trade on Wish.

Many dropshippers make mistakes when they fail to adhere to even the most basic terms and conditions. Wish doesn’t want them making the same mistakes. Before you sign up for a Wish dropshipper account, make sure to check and confirm certain things.

* Competitive Pricing 

Wish is a popular place to purchase low-priced items. Wish’s customers expect low-priced items. To sell more dropshippers, you will need to adjust your product prices to satisfy their expectations. Wish sells camera drones, which are often priced at around $1000+, for as low $30 as $30. Sometimes it is even less.

Since consumers have the low-price-expectations, it’s often a good idea to dropship only products that are portable and very cheap. You should also consider quality in order to decrease the number of returns and increase profit margins.

* Branded Products Authorized 

Wish requires that you get an authorization from the brand owners to dropship branded products. This policy is in place to protect product abuse and right infringement.

A brand authorization does NOT mean you have to use branded products. All you need is proof of authorization from the brand owners. This could come in the form a license, trademark, invoice, or other documentation.

Chinabrands is often a good place to start your dropshipping business on Wish especially if you want to sell branded products. Chinabrands offers proofs of authorization for over 100 brands, which you can easily make available to dropshippers.

* Only for New Products 

All items sold on Wish must have been brand new. Wish prohibits the sale of refurbished or used products. Don’t sell bulk items on liquitation sites. There are too many poor-quality products.

How do you start selling on Wish as a dropshipper?

Dropshipping products are allowed on Wish. The rest of the dropshipping business is simple to start.

* Finding a wholesale supplier 

Before you sell on Wish, the first thing to do is find a wholesale supplier.

Dropshippers don’t manufacture products. They only act as intermediaries between manufacturers and consumers, but it’s usually between wholesalers and consumers. These dropshippers purchase wholesalers at a very cheap price and then they sell to consumers at higher prices. The difference is the profit.

Chinabrands is a dropshipping wholesaler. You can find millions of extremely low-priced items on Chinabrands that you can sell to consumers at much higher prices and make good profits.

Chinabrands supports API integration with more than 20 platforms including Aliexpress (Wish), Shopify, Shopee and Shopee as well as Lazada (Lazada), Shopify, Shopify, Shopify, Shopify, Shopee and Shopee. A single Chinabrands account is able to integrate with multiple stores’ accounts. This allows you to maintain an automated order management process.

Are you looking to add multiple listings to your shop or get real-time order/inventory sync functions? does not offer this option.

Dropship suppliers can be found on,, and other China wholesale suppliers.

* Best selling product categories on Wish

Once you have found a wholesale supplier you will need to search for hot selling products that buyers are willing to pay.

Wish offers a variety of product categories, including tops, makeup & beauty, accessories, phone upgrades, home decor, wallets and bags, baby & kids, fashion, accessories, phone upgrades, home decor, Wallets And Handbags, Wallets And Bags.

There are many categories that you could choose from. It is important to test the market before making a decision on a specific category.

* Registering for a Wish seller account 

Once you’ve found a wholesale supplier, and have an idea of the items you want to dropship, it’s time for you to create your Wish seller account and add your items to your store.

To create your Wish seller account, you will need to log on to the Wish merchant account page and click on the sign up button.

When you sign up for Wish, Wish will ask for some basic information. When you sign up for Wish, you will be asked for your mobile number, your email address, your home address, and your payment information.

You should choose a name you are comfortable with for a long period of time when choosing a store name. Wish doesn’t allow you to change the seller name after registration is complete.

Let’s not only learn how to dropship/sell Wish, but also how to make more profit on Wish.

How to Sell More on Wish

Dropshipping is like any other business. The hardest part of dropshipping is getting started.

You can still make a difference as a Wish seller, whether you are a newbie or an established Wish seller who wants to increase sales.

You should first consider how you want your products to be selected by Wish algorithm for its promotional. Wish algorithm will routinely select products and include them within promotional materials created by the company. It is important to include as many details as possible about your products, including product size, colors, and additional images (high-quality images). You might also want to include the MSRP (Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price) of your product. You should set the MSRP lower than the price that you are selling. This will ensure buyers know that they are receiving a product at a significantly lower price.

Off-store promotions are another great way to increase Wish dropshipping sales. Sometimes your items won’t be promoted by Wish. You now have the opportunity to promote your products. Promoting your products through video is one of the most effective ways. Potential buyers understand videos easily and don’t need to make any effort. Buyers can also hear the items you are selling.

You might be smart to promote your product using videos, as buyers are much more educated thanks to the internet. You’ll need to come up with convincing video marketing ideas to market your products for maximum conversion.

Wish has been around for nearly a decade and remains one of the most popular online ecommerce platforms. With the growing number of users worldwide, it seems that Wish could only continue to grow making it an excellent resource for dropshippers looking to make money with their business.

FAQ on Wish Dropshipping

What is the selling price of Wish App? 

The Wish platform has been discontinued as of October 2018. Wish will require new sellers to pay $2000 to begin selling on the platform. This will reduce the number of sellers on Wish (which is great) and increase the seriousness among existing sellers.

What is dropshipping on Wish? 

Dropshipping is a great way to make money. You need to find suppliers who will ship your products directly to your customers. This streamlines the process and allows you to save time and money.

We are aware that China has many manufacturers and is the world’s largest wholesale market. It is possible to find a dropshipping wholesaler in China. Chinabrands is a dropshipping platform that ships to over 200 countries.