How to use Downloader to Save Pictures and Video from Instagram: Easy Guide

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Instagram hits TOP-5 the most popular social networks with an impressive 2 billion users worldwide. Being the product of mutual cooperation of brainy programmers and bright marketers, social media are created in a way to drive a new audience into and retain a current one  as long as possible. On that ground, it is far easier to upload the content than download it, as the platform wants you to stay online and rest connected. With ig downloader from Inflact you are getting the ball in your court.

What is an Instagram Downloader?

ig downloader

The Inflact Instagram Downloader is a universal web tool that saves photos, videos, IGTV, and stories directly to your device in one click. It provides the utmost user-friendly UI to make a download process smooth and easy. You can get the job done with no registration or charges as well as enjoy the original quality of the content that has been uploaded to the platform.

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How does Instagram Downloader Work?

It is an umbrella question that covers such types as — “How do Instagram video downloaders work?” or “Why should I use this particular Instagram Downloader?”, and even more.

It is safe

The tool requires no logging in to your Instagram account. As you don’t enter any credentials, be sure the access to your profile is proper safe. There is no need even to be registered on the social network itself or install unverified extra software on your device. Internet access  is enough, since the service can be opened from any browser and works well with Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, you name it.

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It is fast

Most of the processes in Instagram Downloader are fully automated. It will take you less than a minute to complete the entire cycle. No need to puzzle over where it downloads to chrome or bother yourself with moving photo/video from Instagram downloader to gallery.

It is easy to use

The tool is very high tech, but you don’t have to be super tech-savvy to use it. It allows you to save an image with one click and has an intuitive interface that allows users to navigate through the online app without any restrictions. Waste no time to get used to the service. Simply open it and put it to work that needs to be done.

It is free

Some people say all the best things in life are free. This is also true for the best Instagram downloader. Despite sparing its users from any chargers, the tool sets no limit on the number of downloads. So you can apply it for media files as many times as you actually need it.

It is a one tool-for–all

The tool does not make any difference between static and dynamic content. So, you can easily download videos from Instagram. Photos and videos are saved in jpg. and MP4 format respectively and then are transferred to the Gallery on the phone, or in the download folder for the desktop version.

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It adds no watermarks

The tool respects your right to receive offline content that does not interfere with your online user experience. So it downloads publications under request without any pesky watermarks. You get an original photo or video in exactly the same quality as what you see on Instagram.

It is compatible with any device

The only must to enjoy the tool to the full is Internet access. It works well with Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari and is applicable for desktop and mobile versions. Under these conditions, you can use it from any device, like a mobile phone, smartphone, tablet, notebook, laptop, or PC.  

How to Download Images from Instagram?

1. Go to Instagram, click on the three-dot icon of the image or video you want to upload, and choose Copy Link.

how to copy link in insta

2. Go to Inflact Instagram Downloader and paste the copied link into the text field.

how to use ig downloader step 1

3. Click the Download button.

how to use ig downloader step 2

4. The desired image or video is automatically saved to the camera roll.

Do not Skip this Part

Downloading Instagram videos for personal use is not illegal, but it becomes a gray area when content is reused for publishing with no credits to the author. The service does not allow downloading content from private accounts, and is not held accountable for the further use of content obtained from public sources.  Any copyright infringement is the user’s responsibility and is charged against within the applicable law.

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