Important Things to Know About Shopify Unite

Shopify is an eCommerce platform that helps brands create best-in class customer experiences. It also has a dedicated development team to help them achieve their goals. Shopify Unite, an annual global conference for developers and partners, brings together Shopify experts and enthusiasts to share new product enhancements and updates. The Shopify Unite 2021 saw the largest set of infrastructure investments and innovations in Shopify’s history. Shopify has opened up new possibilities for SMEs after seeing the benefits of the pandemic-driven eCommerce shift. Shopify gives brands unlimited customizations, and allows them to provide the best customer experience possible.

Shopify Unite was created to improve the merchant experience. It has more developer capabilities, which eliminates technical limitations. Developers will now have greater control over the type of eCommerce platform that they create – the possibilities are endless!

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shopify dropshipping store set up

Shopify CEO Tobi Lutke stated that the internet is the largest city in the world. “We saw independent businesses thrive by being creative and unique in this city, especially over the last year.” Creative expression is key to the future of internet commerce .”

Unite 2021 announced many important announcements, including the addition of more tools and features to businesses later in the year.

These are the highlights of Shopify Unite 2021, and the Shopify Plus Product Updatings

Online store 2.0

Online Store 2.0 was one of the most significant updates to Shopify Unite 2021. This is a new amalgamation of existing features and improvements that allows users to personalize and optimize their online stores. Online Store 2.0 gives business owners more flexibility and allows them to control the look and branding of their online store. This allows them to provide a unique experience for their customers.

More personalization

Online Store 2.0 allows users to customize their site without having to edit code. You can use sections, blocks, drag-and drop, and other features. Businesses can personalize every page of their website by changing the order or removing content. Shopify GitHub integration, and the Theme Check enable brands to expand their reach. Developers can build, test, and deploy themes in just a few clicks. For more information, click .

Extreme Flexibility

Shopify users now have more control over how data and content are stored on the website. Shopify now allows brands to easily display and modify product details and product images according to their preference.

Simpler integration

Shopify Unite has created app blocks that allow developers to customize their store according to their requirements. It is now easier for business owners to add extensions and apps to their store or theme without having to write a single line of code. An app block Liquid file allows developers to add and manage integrations from within the theme editor.

Although this feature will not be available until later in the year, Shopify merchants can expect it to revolutionize their business. Shopify merchants can click to integrate Shopify Plus with other business apps.

Conversions that work better

The essence of an online shopping experience is checkout. Conversions are made here and organizations reap the benefits of the returns. Unite 2021 introduced some amazing enhancements to Shopify Plus checkout.liquid code in order to ensure Shopify checkout is the best and can handle large volumes of sales.

Shopify now offers a collection of APIs, checkout extensions and UI components that can be downloaded directly from their library. This allows for the creation of checkout apps with ease. These apps are easy to install, faster and more stable than previous versions. Merchants will also enjoy all the platform benefits. These extensions can be used in conjunction with Shop Pay or other accelerated payment methods to increase conversions, and provide faster checkouts. Users will be able to access:

  • Extension APIs
  • New Extension Points
  • Component Library
  • New APIs

Additional Shipping and Payment Options

Users will be able to take advantage of Shopify Scripts to get local pickups. This feature is available on Shopify Plus and allows brands to tailor shipping options during checkout.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

Shopify’s new Payments Platform is another addition. It will replace the legacy integration, and allow developers to create unique payment gateways such as Shopify apps. Shopify’s new Payments Platform integrates with the most recent Shopify checkout process. This platform will open up new opportunities and possibilities for merchants. It allows easy integration and opens up a wider ecosystem that not only provides niche features and functionalities, but also adds maximum value to businesses by allowing them to sell more at different places and at greater margins.

Increased Order Value

Merchants now have the ability to offer more flexibility to customers by offering Buy Now Pay Later. Customers can shop with larger cart sizes and increase their conversion rate by up to half. Shop Pay Installments allow a customer to buy products and then pay them off in four interest-free installments at no additional cost. This allows shoppers to be more creative and helps both the merchants and themselves.

Higher Scalability

Shopify Scripts’ new feature, which allows merchants to build custom logic backend specific to their needs, was another interesting feature. Shopify Scripts now allows users to scale their business operations and manage traffic from even the largest merchants and flash sellers around the globe. These scripts are designed to make it easier to develop products, increase product reliability, and speed up the process so that brands can deliver unique experiences to customers. The scripts can be downloaded and installed via an app, so they can be used on multiple stores without the need for any coding.

Create a custom storefront using the Storefront API

Shopify’s new Storefront APIs allow customers to create custom themes and UI, and benefit from more commerce capabilities such as curbside pickup, international pricing, intuitive subscription plans, and global shipping.

Shopify has also launched Hydrogen a toolkit for developers and a React framework. This allows them to create unique commerce websites that fit the brand’s requirements in just a few mouse clicks. This allows for faster storefront building and more attention to the UI that makes the brand stand out. Shopify customers also have Oxygen which allows them to host Hydrogen storefronts right into Shopify. It is fast, global, and optimized for all types of commerce.

Local Pickup Experience

Shopify Unite 2021 introduced merchants to the new local pickup experience. This allows merchants to pick up their orders from designated pickup-only locations. This prevents costly and time-consuming mistakes. Customers can pick up their orders at a pre-designated pickup location and don’t need to ship them out.

Handshake for Wholesale

Shopify Unite offered merchants and business owners the opportunity to sell wholesale using . This wholesale marketplace was created by Shopify to reach a wider audience. All products are from Shopify brands, so we know how high quality they are. Handshake is different from other marketplaces in that it does not charge additional fees or commissions for customers to order. Handshake also offers greater flexibility for existing wholesalers to move orders.

You can deliver delightful customer experiences with an integrated B2B eCommerce platform designed for Wholesale Distributors.

Shopify Unite was one the most innovative events wholesale merchants could have ever seen. The event featured announcements about investments in performance and tools for developers, which resulted in improved commerce options and help brands reach global markets. Shopify wanted to create unique, relevant, and powerful experiences for all customers. Shopify Unit now makes it possible.

Shopify, an eCommerce giant, promises to help businesses and brands at every stage of their development. They will support them in growing their technical maturity, business complexity, and resources. Shopify will also help them create the best-in class shopper experiences that guarantee them the desired returns and make their brand well-known worldwide.

You can explore the technical highlights more in detail here: Shopify Unite 2021 Announcements

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