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This is a great opportunity to make a Shopify store stand out. 79% of customers admit that loyalty programs are a huge incentive to buy from brands. A loyalty program can be set up in an ecommerce store to increase order quantities by 319 percent.

Unfortunately, Shopify’s default platform does not prioritize customer loyalty features. This means that you won’t get a comprehensive set of tools to manage and create dynamic customer loyalty programs.

You can however always go to the Shopify App Store. Growave is one of our favorite apps.

Get Growave App:

One thing you’re sure to notice when you do a search for Shopify App Shop is its impressive user rating. Growave has managed to get an average score from over 1,000 user reviews of – get this- 4.9

You may be asking, “How?” Growave: What is so special about it?

This article will answer all your questions. This article walks you through Growave and then explains how to use the app for establishing a dynamic loyalty program in Shopify.

So let’s start at the top.

What is Growave?

Growave’s robust app allows you to set up loyalty programs in Shopify stores. It wouldn’t be possible for it to have received so many positive reviews.

You’re correct about that. Growave is a well-respected app that allows customers to create and manage loyalty programs. It doesn’t stop there. Growave is more than a loyalty program tool.

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What does this mean?

Growave is a tool that helps Shopify-based businesses increase customer loyalty, engagement, and conversions. Growave combines customer loyalty, rewards programs, and social sharing, user generated content (UGC), campaigns, wishlists, and Instagram gallery shopping to accomplish this.

How do these features interact?

The reviews tool, for example, is designed to help you create social proof and trust through product reviews. You can import product reviews and show them to convince potential buyers to buy the product.

The wishlist tool is another great way to keep prospects engaged in your sales funnel, even if they’re not ready to buy.

Growave is a tool that helps you sell more through Instagram shopping and user-generated material. There are tools to create and embed shoppable galleries. They are impressively convincing.

Once a customer has been converted successfully, loyalty programs are available. You can connect with customers via automated emails and social media channels to encourage repeat purchases. This allows you to increase the lifetime value of your customers by keeping them around for the long-term.

This is what you should do. Growave’s premium features are expensive, but the app is free enough to get you started. Yes, that’s right. It offers a 14-day trial of premium packages for free. Additionally, you can get a free plan that is good for approximately 100 orders per month.

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We will be reviewing this and other Growave pricing options in the near future. Let’s first look at the main features that you will find in the Growave app.

Growave Shopify App’s Most Important Features


Growave seems to be simple from the outside. Growave’s installation is simple and free of cost. It doesn’t require any technical knowledge to set it up.

The customization steps are the same for both the first and second. Growave makes it easy to create loyalty and customer engagement programs. It takes only a few clicks to complete the process.

Once everything is up and running, Growave will not charge extra for its monthly subscription. Conversions are free of hidden fees and commissions.

Login to Social Media

Growave allows customers to log in using their social media accounts, creating a seamless shopping experience. They should be able to log in easily with their Amazon , Tumblr or Yahoo, Google, Twitter, and Google, accounts.

You can also create the customer profiles that will be used to track the activities and other information of your customers.

Social sharing

Another social feature closely related to the social login functionality revolves around your customers’ social networks.

This particular one will help increase your store’s visibility by encouraging customers to share the information via social media. Growave simply adorns product pages with social sharing icons, which connect to the platforms that you select.

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What’s the reward for customers who share their experiences?

Growave rewards both referrers as well as referrals with a variety of rewards. You have the freedom to choose.

Instafeed Shopping

We aren’t done yet with social features. Growave includes social sharing and social login tools. Growave also has an embedded Instafeed element, which allows customers to shop directly from their Instagram posts.

Simply integrate the app with Instagram via its API to create multiple shoppable gallery. You can then publish photos and create stunning visuals to make shopping easier.

Review of Product

Growave also gives you the tools to harness the power of product reviews. It helps you gather high-quality product reviews through multiple channels (push notifications and email), then you can publish them with photos to increase your store’s credibility, and ultimately drive sales.

But it doesn’t end there. Growave allows you to share and post product reviews on social media. Growave’s Google Shopping integration lets you export customer reviews and display them on Google Shopping’s feed.

Growave also displays reviews on search engine results pages (SERPs), which is a nice touch. These reviews are pushed to Google’s search result pages as part of your SEO strategy.


Growave uses prospects even if they aren’t ready to buy as part of its sales optimization strategy. Growave’s main feature is the wishlist. It allows prospects to instantly save their preferred items without having to log in.

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Plus, customers can choose from different versions, share their wishlists on social media and set up wishlists to suit different occasions.

On the other hand, you should be able to easily retarget prospects by using their wishlists. You could also use this opportunity to build your brand’s social credibility by showing how many wishlist additions each product has received.

Loyalty programs and customer rewards

Growave excels in customer loyalty programs. Growave offers more than just discount coupons and customer loyalty points. It helps you build a stronger relationship with your customers.

You can use it to automate customer engagement over the long-term. It also rewards customers for repeat purchases, referrals and product reviews. There are many customer actions that you can build loyalty programs around. You also have the option to choose from multiple reward systems.

For example, you can set up tiered customer loyalty programmes with different rewards at each level. To increase loyalty, you may also want to offer personalized rewards such as birthday gifts. Growave can accommodate all of these variations.

Email Automation

Growave is not an automated email marketing system per se but it acts exactly like one.

It can target customers and prospects by sending personalized emails based upon what they have viewed, discussed, bought, added to their wishlists, or viewed. This is how you can drive conversions by leveraging shoppers’ interests.

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Growave also offers tools to help you design attractive emails for maximum engagement. Growave’s email builder allows non-coders to create email templates and customize the layout elements to match their brand.

Reports and Analytics

Growave offers a decent analytics tool to keep track of customer activity and engagement strategies.

For example, you can assess the performance of your campaign based on sales metrics and email stats like open rate or click rate.


Growave was originally designed for Shopify. However, it is not limited to one platform. Instead, it can be seamlessly integrated with a variety of third-party apps to improve your campaign capabilities.

You can embed Growave with Omnisend or Klaviyo if you want to add an email marketing solution to Growave. You can then choose from PushOwl or FirePush when it comes time to send push notifications.

Other Growave integrations that are notable include Gem Pages and Ambify, Gorgias Searchanise Searchanise, Boost, Searchanise Tobi,and shippingEasy,

Growave Shopify App Pricing Plans

  • This plan is absolutely free and includes only the essential features of social login, product reviews and wishlist.

The package is available to all stores, but we recommend it especially for Shopify stores that receive about 100 orders per month. There are no restrictions on order quantities.

  • Starter Plan:The Growave starter plan is $29.99 and includes automated emails, social media sharing, Instagram shopping and loyalty with points program. It also comes with basic wishlist and product review features.
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Although there are no restrictions on products, the Starter package is best suited for Shopify users who place 500 or more orders per month.

  • Growth:The Growave Growth Plan takes it to the next level at $69.99 per month. You can expect Shopify POS support and Google Shopping integration.
  • Enterprise: The Enterprise plan is Growave’s most expensive package. It also includes features optimized for large Shopify Stores for $299 per month.

These include phone support, integration engineer and Klaviyo integration. Shopify Flow integration. API access. Automated emails, social shopping, Instagram shopping. Loyalty and rewards with points. VIP, points at checkout. Custom actions. Social login. Reminder emails for wishlists. Product reviews with custom questions. Regular questions and answers.

The Growave Shopify App: Pros and Cons

Growave App Pros

  • Growave provides exceptional customer service. Growave’s customer service team is available 24 hours a day via email, phone, and live chat.
  • Growave’s tools are designed for simplicity and ease-of-use. The installation is simple and allows you to create loyalty programs and sales campaigns with no technical knowledge.
  • Growave offers a permanent free plan that includes social login, wishlist and product review tools.
  • Growave makes it easy to migrate from other apps. Growave facilitates the migration of other apps. The entire process is managed professionally by a dedicated success manager.
  • Growave is an all in one sales optimization app. It supplements loyalty and rewards programs by allowing customers to create wishlists, review products, share their opinions, Instafeed shopping and social login.
  • These loyalty and reward programs are extremely flexible. To reward customers for high-value actions, you can personalize your Growave system. The app also offers a variety of rewards. A loyalty program could be set up with multiple reward levels.
  • Growave tracks its campaigns using the relevant metrics.
  • Growave can engage prospects and customers via multiple automated channels. Growave can connect with customers via email and push notifications.
  • Growave allows you to customize all emails, widgets and display elements.
  • Growave product reviews can be shared via Social Media and are automatically displayed in Google’s search results.
  • Growave can target shoppers with customized messages based upon a variety of relevant parameters.
  • Growave lets shoppers create wishlists from anywhere without having to log into their accounts.
  • Growave allows you to embed shoppable Instagram galleries onto any website.
  • Register with your social media accounts to get the benefits for shoppers
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Growave App Cons

  • The limited capabilities of the free plan are very limited. The free plan doesn’t provide any tools to set up loyalty programs.
  • Growave can be expensive for budget users. For $299 per month, the most advanced package supports custom reward actions and checkout points.
  • Growave only supports a few pre-built third party integrations.
  • Growave is only available for Shopify-based shops.

How to Create a Loyalty program on your Shopify Store using Growave

Step 1: Install the Growave Shopify app

Everything happens within the growave app. The first step is to integrate the app with your Shopify shop.

Log into Shopify’s admin panel to access the Shopify App Store. Next, search for Growaveapp. Click on the Add app button. The app will be automatically installed by the system.

After you are done, Growave will automatically include all of its features. The dashboard includes not only loyalty and reward program tools but also automated emails, social login, social sharing, Instagram galleries and wishlists.

Step 2: Create a Growave User Account

Growave is available to all users who register for an account.

There are four pricing options available when it comes down to this. You can either choose the Freepackage, or you could opt for one of the premium options: Starter for $29.99 per month, Growthfor $69.99 per month, or Enterprise for $299.99

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However, the Free plan may seem appealing, but it is not the best package to set up loyalty programs. You might prefer to choose Starter, Growth or Enterprise. Any paid plan can be tried free for 14 days with the Starter and Growth plans and for 30 days with the Enterprise plan.

Growave will reduce your account to the free package if you decide not to continue with the premium plan that you have chosen after the trial period.

Step 3: Select Your Preferred Loyalty Program

You should skip the rest of the tools once you land on the growave dashboard and go straight to the Loyaltyand Rewardarea.

You’ll find the three main types of loyalty programs you can choose from: Points and Referral Program, and VIP Tiers

Points,is all about rewarding repeat customers loyalty points based upon their purchase patterns. The Referral Program is ideal for expanding your brand’s reach via your customers. You reward them for referring others.

Despite that, I would choose VIP Tiersas my favorite loyalty program on Growave. This dynamic system rewards customers with multiple levels. You can set up different reward and points ratios.

For example, you can create three membership tiers with their own set of qualifications and rewards.

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Step 4: Modify Your Loyalty Program Options

Click on the link to set up your loyalty program.

VIP Tiersfor example, you can click the VIP Tiersoption page to go to the settings page. Here you can add a VIP Tiersprogram and create its tiers. You can also determine the reward and point formulae.

Click on the Add Newbutton. The Growave system will launch an initial setup window. It will include fields for program name and description as well as tier, points and reward criteria.

If you choose to use the Referral Program thenits settings will allow you to customize the rewards for both the sender and the receiver. You can also track all the events of your customers in the referral program to monitor engagement.

The Points program allows you to define the rewardable actions and the associated reward points.

Step 5: Create the Rewards Page

The Appearance Settings tab is located right below the Notification Center and loyalty program options on the Loyalty and Reward page. Here you can adjust the design of your rewards pages.

To launch Growave’s editing platform, click Appearance Setting. You’ll be able to modify the page’s layout as well as the color scheme and logo.

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Step 6: Modify the Program’s Email Notifications and FAQs.

After you are done with the Appearance settings, you can move to the Notification Center. It can be clicked on to take you to the FAQ and email sections. These sections offer many editing tools.

Then you can design the emails that the system will send at different stages of your customer journey.

More to You

Your reward and loyalty system should now be in place. It’s now your turn.

This means that you can deploy programs whenever suits your needs. You might also want to monitor their performance metrics when you do so. Only by changing the parameters and monitoring their performance trends can you establish the best settings possible for your loyalty program.

With that, I wish all of you the best with your campaigns. Please leave feedback about your experience using Growave Shopify.

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