Importing Products from China to the UK Detailed Note

What is the purpose of our existence? To determine the best way to import products from China into the United Kingdom.

There are some rules you should follow when you import products from China. You should know that not everyone who ventures into this business venture is successful. The details are what really matter.

These are the seven most important steps and tips for importing goods from China into the UK.

7 Steps You Must Follow when Importing from China to the UK

Step 1 – Identify Your Import Rights

You become an importer when you buy products from any country. You will need to determine whether you have the import rights before you can purchase commercial products into the UK.

Step 2 – Do a thorough research

Good research is a key part of any business. If you want to achieve great results, you must do it. To improve your marketing strategy, you should get to know your niche. It is important to understand your niche in order to determine the best price for your products.

Step 3 – Identify the Products You Want to Import

Finding the right products is key to an efficient import and export process. This decision should be made after you have completed your research. You will need information about the market that you are interested in.

You can import low-risk products like clothing from China. These items are guaranteed to be successful on most UK markets.

After you become comfortable with these kinds of businesses, you may be able to upgrade to other items such as electronics.

Step 4 – Find reliable suppliers

Once you have all the information you need to purchase a product, you’ll need a supplier. Your main partners will be the Chinese exporters. These relationships must be built on trust. Online forums and portals are the best places to look for reliable suppliers.

Step 5 – Search for the Taxes & Duty

There are many ways to calculate import duty, but the majority of them are calculated as a percentage from the commodity’s total value. It varies from product to product and is dependent on product value and quota control.

Step 6 – Find a Reliable Custom Broker/Freight Forwarder

There are enough things you already worry about. You don’t need to add shipping documentation and documentation. A reliable customs broker will keep you updated from the moment that you place your order. This will enable you to focus on your business.

7: Ship Products on Time

Last-minute shipping can lead to higher shipping costs. However, shipping too soon can result in you having to pay inventory costs. Be aware that delays can occur during the shipping process. Plan ahead and be prepared.

8 Tips for Importing from China to The UK

The United Kingdom has a lot more strict requirements and conditions than other countries. It is important to understand the import regulations, labeling requirements, and product limits if you plan to import from China to the United Kingdom.

While it is important to find a reputable, established freight forwarder, importing companies who are able to use basic common sense will be able to get a professional and reliable freight forwarder. You will be able to filter the freight forwarders you are interested in and compare them.

You can also estimate the cost of products by knowing the costs involved in importing goods from China to the UK.

Professionally importing goods from China into the UK can reduce costs and increase the number of products and services you offer your customers, giving you a competitive edge. Before you begin importing goods from China to the UK, there are some things you need to know. These are the most important qualifications for importing.

1. Verify that you have an Economic Operator Registration Identification number

This identification number is used by the United Kingdom to keep records of both imported and exported products. All businesses in the European Union must have an EORI number when importing from China. If you use the CHIEF System, you will need to have an EORI number in order to create a commercial invoice. You also have to submit an electronic declaration of export. If you use a courier or freight forwarder, this number will also be required. It is easy to apply online for an EORI number. You will receive it within 3 days.

2. Make sure you check if you need a licence and that your products aren’t banned from being imported to the United Kingdom.

Before you import any products from China, ensure that you have a valid license. Visit the department for international commerce to learn if you require a license, and how to obtain one.

Some products may also be subject to import restrictions. You should check whether any product import restrictions apply to the products you wish to import.

3. Use the right code for the items you are importing

Go to the United Kingdom Government Tariff to find the correct code to import the products from China to the UK. You can also search for duty and VAT rates. You will need to classify your imported products using commodity codes.

* To determine if you are required to pay any VAT or duty.

* To verify if there are any duties reliefs

* To complete paperwork and declarations.

4. Register with the Customs Handling of Import & Export System to Declare Your Products

This system is used by freight forwarders, importers, and exporters to electronically enter customs data and information. It also automatically checks for errors and calculates payable duties and taxes. This system can also identify which consignments require documentation or examine products, allowing for faster entry for low-risk items.

You should have insurance if you have hired a freight forwarder service provider to manage all your importation problems. If you manage importation yourself, you should register with this system to declare the imported products.

5. You must pay the VAT amount

You will need to pay VAT if you import from China to the UK. This scenario is where customs amount represents the cost of all imported goods, including any import duty charges, development charges you pay to your distributor, and shipping costs from China to UK.

You must pay any outstanding VAT fees. You must pay VAT even if you are registered. However, you can get it back by filing your standard VAT return.

The percentage of the product you import into the United Kingdom is usually what determines your duty. It is determined by tariff codes and is typically between 0 and 12 %. Your tariff code can be found on the tariff classification website. The VAT rate is usually fixed at 20 %.

The VAT on Taxable Imports = 20 % of (the price to buy your products + UK Duty + Shipping costs and Insurance).

6. Please include all details on the labels and invoices

All labels and invoices that you use should contain clear details about the sender as well as the receiver. Other details include the product’s quantity, value, and description. It is important to ensure that invoices are properly typed.

7. Get a Custom Registration number & Power Of Attorney

You must have a customs registration number and power of attorney to import goods from China to the UK. Both exporters and importers must register with customs authorities. This allows either the exporter or importer to obtain the customs registration number. The invoice must include the details necessary for clearing customs.

A freight forwarder will help you make importing goods from China into the UK easy and painless. You should always seek out a trusted freight forwarder who can help you understand the customs limits for imported goods.

8. Here’s what you need to do after confirming the products you want to import

Once you have identified the goods import duties, it is time to find out the common import fees from China to the UK. This information is crucial because it will allow you to estimate and understand the costs that you will incur. Many companies use courier forwarders for imports from China to the UK. A professional courier agent can provide advice on VAT and import duties.

Next, find a Chinese manufacturer. It is easy to find one via the Chinese Markets and Fairs. If you don’t want to travel all the way to China for small orders, you can search online for suppliers.

If you are familiar with importing goods from China to the UK and have the desire to learn more about certain product categories, it is recommended that you visit China to search for reliable suppliers.

The Best Products to Import From China to the UK

China has been a major partner in the United Kingdom’s market for decades. Because the UK is such a large country, there is a greater demand for certain products. Good news: China can supply most of the UK’s needs.

Importing from China to the UK is a lucrative business and there are many more opportunities. The relationship between China, the United Kingdom and China dates back many centuries. Here are the top products you can import from China:


The UK imports basic clothing items. They will continue to be in high demand. China has high-quality apparel and clothing that can be imported into the UK from all regions. People choose Chinese clothing because of their high quality and affordable prices.


Electronics and accessories are another type of product that is highly sought-after in the UK. All types of electronic products are produced in China, which is a reliable and excellent producer. Either you can import inexpensive or high-end electronics. They will all sell well on the United Kingdom’s market. Because they are easy to buy and generate good profits, many UK importers have turned to electronic commerce.

The Best Agents to Import From China to the UK

You do not need to visit China in order to import custom-designed goods from China into the UK. You can usually find the best agent near your business.

It is common for people to assume that an agency based in China can provide better information about China than agencies based outside. Although this may seem true to a certain extent, import goods from China requires more than finding the right agent.

Many agencies don’t know much about UK safety standards, VAT and customs procedures. They also don’t know how to label products, which could have adverse consequences for importers.

A UK-based agent, however, will likely be able to comprehend these conditions and requirements. Aside from the United Kingdom, agencies with a headquarters in the United Kingdom also have representations or subsidiaries in China.

Tiger Global

It is a sourcing agency, which was established in 2008. It is a sourcing agency that focuses on clothing, fabrics, and molded plastic products, among other consumer goods.

Tiger Global has its headquarters in China and the UK. It is also associated with many well-known brands like Bubblepix, Virgin Pure, Costa Coffee, Bubblepix, Bubblepix, and Myprotein.

China Sourcing & Supply

This is a United Kingdom-based agency for sourcing. It was founded in 2003. It imports goods from China and sources them for all businesses in the United Kingdom.

China sourcing and supply provides a complete list of end-to-end services to its customers. These include:

* Factory commitment guaranteed

* Confirm item details, such as packaging, certification requirements & product specifications.

* Comparing the samples. This includes matching samples from the manufacturer with those provided by the client.

* Factory inspections, pre-shipping product and quotations.

* Verify the factory’s production capacity and factory ISO standards.

The company is involved with the sourcing and supply items from different categories, such as skincare and cosmetics, hotel supplies and machinery parts, power tools and production machines, stationery, kitchen and bath tiles, tableware, cookware, motorbike accessories, bamboo products, gifts, seasonal parties and pregnancy health care.

Source selling

The company was founded in 2003. This company is located in the United Kingdom and specializes in exporting and import of various products. They have offices in China and the United Kingdom.

They provide a variety of services, including product sourcing, manufacturing quality control, supplier verification and shipping.

Carmel Clothing

It was established in 1998 and is a United Kingdom-based sourcing company. The company’s headquarters is located in London, while another office is in China. They offer a wide range of clothing products, including outerwear, SmartWare and Carmel softs as well as Carmel kids and jersey.

They provide quality control and pricing services for their clients.

Easy Imex

Easy Imex was established in 2004. It is a sourcing and supply company. Although it is an agency of the United Kingdom, it is based in China. They are experts in product development and sourcing.

They can source furniture, pet products and garden products as well as apparel, gym and outdoor products.

They provide services like procurement sourcing, ecommerce sourcing and product development.

The Best Suppliers You Can Deal With When Importing From China to UK

Chinabrands is the largest online wholesaler and drop shipper in the world. It supplies clothing, but also deals with other categories of products.

It boasts the most extensive distribution network, with access to more than 200+ countries on all continents. Additionally, it has a large catalog of over 500,000+ SKUs.

Why Chinabrands has been named the #1 wholesale supplier in the world?

* Zero Minimum Order- Wholesalers, traders and distributors can open a store with no inventory.

* Delivery within 24 hours – Customers’ orders are delivered within 24 hours of incorporation with the most reliable shipping company and the efficiency their automated drop shipping tool.

* CB Points – What other supplier offers rewards for every purchase? Every member can earn CB points that can be redeemed at the next purchase.

* Quality products – They have a dedicated team of quality control specialists who carefully inspect each product before it is shipped.

More to you

It is crucial that you understand the process of import, including costs, delivery times, and how they are handled. Although it may seem like a daunting task for many traders, importing from China into the UK will be easy if they follow these guidelines.