How to Install and Use Procreate Brushes in Illustrator?

Brushes are an indispensable component of digital drawing applications like Procreate. From realistic oil paints on canvas to the texture of graphite pencil on paper, Creative Market offers an assortment of Procreate brushes designed to suit every artistic style.

Brushes can add an extra dimension to your drawings by giving you the power to add textures, halftone effects and other special effects. Here’s how you can install and utilize them.

Download the Package

Procreate is a versatile digital art program that enables users to produce high-quality, authentic artwork with the feel of traditional pen and paper. Designed for speed and efficiency, Procreate lets artists focus on making art rather than the technical aspects of their workflow – perfect for designers and illustrators working remotely or designers looking for on-the-go tools such as watercolor brushes or classic pencil pens, along with blending or lineart tools for digital drawings.

Though you can use brushes from other apps, Procreate-specific brushes should always be downloaded for optimal use. This will ensure they work seamlessly within the program and don’t cause compatibility issues. In addition, before purchasing any brush pack it’s wise to read its terms of service to determine whether they meet your needs and justify their price tag.

Procreate brushes make art look more professional, providing it with that polished feel. There are various ways of finding and downloading Procreate brushes; free, paid and premium brushes can all be found online via Etsy and Redbubble or popular design blogs such as Creative Bloq. Many experienced graphic designers and illustrators may create these packs themselves.

Brush packs are often designed by professional graphic designers and illustrators to meet the individual needs of their clients. Usually priced reasonably and compatible with other apps like Photoshop, Sketch and Illustrator; many are also optimized for iOS to run smoothly on an iPad.

Envato Elements provides an impressive and customizable collection of Procreate brushes at an unbeatably low subscription fee, in multiple styles that work seamlessly with Procreate, plus digital art tools such as textures, gradients and filters – ideal for casual as well as professional users alike! Plus it’s user friendly!

As soon as your new brushes are ready for use, import them into Procreate by dragging their file directly onto your app. It will either install them automatically or ask where you would like them installed – once complete they will appear in your Brush Library with their respective set names; to create your own customized Brush Set simply tap on the blue “+” icon located near the top.

Unzip the Downloaded File

Procreate Brushes are an ideal way to add an extra creative flourish to any work project. Available in an assortment of styles and suitable for virtually every endeavor, Procreate brushes allow you to bring more realism into paintings and drawings as well as enhance them further. Procreate provides an effortless workflow which keeps you engaged throughout your day and ensures a productive workflow experience that won’t tire you out!

Before using new brushes in Procreate, they must first be unzipped. The unzipping process is very easy and can be completed either on your computer or iPad. Once you have your zip file open on either device, navigate directly to any .brush or .brushset files located within. Simply tap them to import into Procreate; your iPad will import them automatically into a folder called “Imported” within your Brush Library for easier searching. You may rename this folder if desired for easier accessibility of brushes.

This brush set for Procreate offers 14 dripping drips at various angles to produce stunning effects. Ideal for all forms of art from flat to hyperrealism and everything in between, these 14 brushes also include textures to give your work some added grunge and dimension.

Mid-Century Liner Brushes for Procreate are another fantastic set of tools. This set offers 22 brushes that are great for drawing and lettering; each offering its own distinct look to add to illustrations. They should be part of every illustrator’s toolbox!

As soon as you purchase a Procreate Brush set, your account page will provide a download link. From there you can either direct download them onto your iPad directly, or transfer them using AirDrop from desktop computer. Once they’re on there they’ll be accessible in your Brush Library by name of brush set purchased.

Procreate offers an intuitive system for installing various brushes into the app, and users can make their own custom and existing brushes to fit their style. When importing new brushes into Procreate it is important to be mindful of file format and size issues when doing so – this may help ensure you do not exceed storage space on iPad and avoid accidentally overwriting files during Procreate work sessions.

Install it on your Device

Purchase of Procreate Brush sets will be in the form of a ZIP file; once opened on an iPad, the files will expand and become ready to use. Just tap any icon with your stylus to access them; once added to Procreate’s library they can now be found under Library > Brushes for immediate access and use whenever desired.

Procreate Brushes can also be installed on other devices, including your computer. This makes an excellent option if you need to do some work while out and about and don’t wish to bring your tablet. Installing Procreate on another device is very straightforward; simply follow these steps and ensure that you are using the latest version of Procreate.

Procreate is great for creating and selling artwork, but Illustrator may be better for other reasons as well. Perhaps most notably, Vector graphics allow infinite scaling without losing quality which makes Illustrator ideal if your goal is printing art on large formats such as T-shirts and shower curtains.

If you wish to use a Procreate brush in Adobe Photoshop, converting it to PNG format may be possible. Simply locate and rename it with a .zip extension before unzipping its contents onto your desktop and extracting to a folder – where a series of PNG images that represent Procreate brushes will reside – from which they can then be opened directly in Photoshop as individual brushes in this set are revealed.

Procreate brush sets can be shared among multiple users, though the process can be cumbersome. One way is to use Files app on iPad to import brushes or sets into Procreate using import button from Files app – these will appear under Imported Brushes folder at bottom of library where they will remain until dragged to another folder and shared accordingly.

Start Using it

Procreate is an incredible creative app designed for drawing on-the-go. Perfect for designers, illustrators and animators of all stripes alike – there are free and affordable brushes available that suit every artistic style imaginable! Many motion designers are jumping aboard this bandwagon in order to maximize the benefits of using their Apple Pencil and iPad with Procreate.

If you want to use Procreate brushes in other digital programs such as Photoshop or Illustrator, they must first be converted from vector files into brush files. Although this requires some effort and work, it is achievable. First find your Procreate file (this may be either a.brush file or set file). Rename this as a zip archive file which will create a folder containing PNG images comprising your brush. After conversion has taken place you can access them via any program supporting Photoshop/Illustrator brushes.

Once you have your brush files organized, it’s essential that they remain organized. If you use different sets of brushes for different projects, separate folders will make them easy to locate when creating projects. It is also wise to regularly backup your brushes; doing this will protect them in case your iPad or Mac crashes and needs reinstallation of Procreate app.

Not only can storing your brushes in a folder on your computer be convenient, it allows you to easily share them with other people – but just be sure to read any terms and conditions associated with your purchases before doing so; otherwise someone might buy your Procreate brushes without being able to use them in their design projects!