Integrating Webkul Aliexpress Dropshipping with BigCommerce

About Webkul

Webkul was established in 2010 and has been serving the eCommerce market for over 11 years. We have been involved in the development of extensions for various open-source eCommerce platforms. We are also one of few 100% self-bootstrapped companies.

Diversified Tech Stack

Webkul uses a variety of technologies to fulfill our customers’ needs. React Native and Symfony are just a few of the technologies we use.

80,000+ Happy Clients

Webkul has gained trust and popularity by providing the best solutions to customers’ needs. Nearly 80,000 customers are represented around the world.

650+ Top Talent Team

Webkul is blessed with a great team that delivers the best solutions. Webkul has a great team of over 650 members who are dedicated to delivering the best results.

Open Source Contributions

Webkul also contributed to the open-source Laravel eCommerce project. It’s an open-source eCommerce platform that allows anyone to create and scale their business.

Webkul works with top companies to help you grow your business. Webkul has the largest network to help you scale your online business.

Partnership is key to success in the highly competitive online business world. This is a great way to expand your network across the globe.


Webkul created Bagisto, an eCommerce ecosystem that allows you to grow and scale your business.

It is a free, open-source eCommerce platform that allows you to create and manage your own store.

It is built on top of Laravel stack and comes with quick product information management and time to market.

The framework is also very flexible and simple to use, even for those with no technical skills.

Booking Commerce

Webkul has a significant impact on the Booking Commerce industry. It allows the owner to make different types of bookings depending on the profession they are in.

The trend to create online marketplaces is growing with the development of the eCommerce industry. The booking industry is a key component of selling online services.

Online merchants are more likely to use an online reservation system for businesses that require scheduled bookings or bookings (e.g., days/night bookings)

Webkul is gaining a lot popularity and trust from customers. Webkul has over 80,000 customers around the world. Webkul offers a wide range of custom-designed features to ensure a seamless customer experience and diverse functionality.

Webkul has always provided the ability and commitment to the quality of the work.

We are continually recognized by industry leaders for our ability to demonstrate quality and innovation.

AliExpress Dropshipping

AliExpress is an e-commerce marketplace that is very popular. AliExpress products can be sold by store owners without them having to stock the items. To fulfill customers’ orders, the merchant buys AliExpress product to be ordered by the customer. To integrate your BigCommerce store with AliExpress, the “BigCommerce AliExpress Dropshipping” option is available.

Admins can import products with descriptions, options, and other details to their BigCommerce store by using the “BigCommerce AliExpress dropshipping“. He can then sell those products directly in his BigCommerce store without having to manage the products. After placing an order in BigCommerce, the admin can easily place the order on AliExpress by clicking one button. Administrators also have the ability to modify the price of products via the “Price Rule”. After importing the product, the admin can also update the product prices via “Price Rule”. Once he/she has received the import product order, he/she can place the same order through AliExpress. Then, he/she orders the product from AliExpress and has it shipped direct to the customer.

BigCommerce AliExpress Dropshipping

General Features:

  • You can import products from AliExpress product pages to your BigCommerce store.
  • Chrome Extension Store has a custom-built AliExpress Importer Chrome browser extension.
  • It is easy to set up and manage from the admin end.

Import Features:

  • Products are imported with product details such as Product Name, Price and Metadata.
  • Functionality to define a default category for products imported from AliExpress.

Product Options:

  • You can import products with different options, as well as the images.

Product Information Update:

  • AliExpress allows admins to modify product data such as Name, Price, Metadata, and more.

Price Rules:

  • The “Price Rule” allows the administrator to increase or decrease the price of products.
  • The “Price Rule” value should be set at %

Order Automation Features

  • If an order for import products has been placed on BigCommerce, the administrator can place orders via AliExpress with a single click.
  • Administrator clicks on Place Order to add all products to the cart. admin can also get the shipping address with one click.

Latest Features

  • Admin can choose the product details to be imported as per his requirements.
  • Administrator has the ability to choose the images and options for import of the product.
  • AliExpress product import functionality with available inventory
  • Ability to import AliExpress product variants from within the stock
  • You can set the SKU prefix for AliExpress imported products of your choice.

Installation Of Chrome Extension

To import the products, you will first need to install BigCommerce AliExpress Importer extension in your Google Chrome browser. To download the chrome extension, click here

The extension will be added automatically to Chrome browser after you click the “Add To Chrome” button. When you go to AliExpress’s product page, you will see a blue icon that says “Update Authentication Data”. This helps you to validate your data so that you can import products to your BigCommerce Store.

Installation and Configuration


First, log in to your BigCommerce store’s Backend panel. Go to “Apps”, and then click on “AliExpress Product importer”. Click on the application and then click “Install”.


To confirm your installation, click on the “Confirm” button.


Next, configure the application settings as shown below.


Navigate to the settings section in your app. The “Authentication Settings” will show the “Endpoint”, and the “Token”. These values will be used to verify the AliExpress data. Administrator can also generate the token to authenticate. AliExpress allows admin to “increase” or “decrement”, the product’s price by using the “Price Rule”. Click on “Save” to set the default category for AliExpress products.


The Dashboard allows admin to view all details of his store. The Dashboard allows admin to view and manage subscriptions and transactions. The application also allows you to view the settings made. It also displays the most recent AliExpress import products and orders on the Dashboard.

Importing Products from AliExpress->


Visit AliExpress’s website. You will also see the blue icon that says “Update Authentication data”. This allows you to verify data before you import AliExpress products.

To validate the data, you will need to enter the “Endpoint URL”, and “Token” in your BigCommerce app settings.

After you have successfully validated, admin can import products directly from AliExpress to your BigCommerce store.

Administrator can also click on the “import” icon to find the following information:

Administrators can choose the details of products to be imported onto BigCommerce by selecting the Basic tab. Administrator can import details such as “Metadata”, Product Images, Specifications and “Description” The price can be also imported with the product as either an “Original price”, or an “Discounted Price”.

Administrators can access product details such as name, price, description, meta title & description, and keywords in the Details tab. Administrator can also edit details of imported products by clicking here.

Administrators can choose the variants of products that will be imported on BigCommerce by clicking the Additional tab. Importantly, you must choose at least one product variant to import.


Admins can view imported products when products are imported. Administrators can view, edit and delete imported products here.

Front End

Below is an example of the AliExpress front-end view for imported products. The BigCommerce store allows customers to view details and place orders for the imported product.

This page shows you the product that AliExpress has imported to your BigCommerce store. Imported product with details such as Product Name, Price and Metadata, main image, additional images, options, and product descriptions.


Administrators can access the backend to view details of orders placed by customers for AliExpress products. Administrators can edit, delete, or place an AliExpress order.

After clicking on Order, admin will be redirected directly to AliExpress. All products will be added to cart before being redirected back to checkout. Administrator can access the BigCommerce Order details on the checkout page. As shown in the below snapshots

Administrator can add shipping address details to the above-given snapshots

After reviewing the order, admin can make payment using the chosen payment method and order AliExpress.

Subscription to

Subscription Administrators can see the details of their current plan under “Subscription”. Administrators can upgrade their current plan by clicking “Upgrade plan”.

Administrator can click on “Upgrade plan” to view the different plans and choose the one that suits him best.

Transaction:Admin has the ability to view all transactions for the store.

My Company:

Company Profile Here are the details about this company.

Company Settings Here you can synchronize your settings with BigCommerce store.