Is Dropshipping Realistic? Users Discussion

Dropshipping works best when you have niche vendors that are not connected to the internet and you’re able to communicate well.

Agri-business is a good place to start (e.g. A berry farm, a florist, or a baker are all examples of good examples.

Recently, I visited an importer of european appliances in Australia. They had a huge warehouse that they were stacking to the top with returns. This was merchandise that had been demo or new and most of it in its original boxes. The retailer receives a display model, and the model goes back to them when it is obsolete.

This merchandise could be purchased for as low as 0.12-0.18c per dollar (i.e. You could buy this merchandise for around 0.12-0.18c in the $ (i.e. $120 to $180). They would drop-ship it to you and provide a warranty.

Good communication is key. Many of these opportunities won’t be advertised. In the case of an european appliance importer you would have to actually inventory, catalog, advertise, photograph and call the importer every day to ensure they ship items on time. If you are granted a warranty, you will have to return the item to the importer at your expense and communicate with the customer.

Although it is possible to make money and it is a legitimate business it is not easy.

It is possible to start a drop shipping company. Dropshipping is a great way for eCommerce sellers to get started. Dropshipping is a great way for eCommerce sellers to make money, although not all products are guaranteed to be profitable. It is crucial to determine which products are feasible to sell, at what price, and where they can be sold. It takes a lot to research the market, but platforms such as Algopix make it easy. Algopix gathers data from Amazon, Walmart and eBay to help you make the best business decisions.

Finding a product that is desirable starts with understanding the demand, competition, profit and expense levels, amazon buy box and lowest prices availability, seller rating, review totals and product and market availability.

Algopix’s Product Discovery tool can be used. This tool works when you have a general idea or subcategory in mind, but not a product. This allows you to enter a simple item such as a keyboard or watch instead of an ASIN or UPC. To fine-tune the inventory list, use search results. Once you have selected a product, or several products, analyze the demand and competition.

Quick 5-second searches will validate and remove bad products.

After you have compiled a list of products that you wish to sell, it is time to search for a supplier. Dropshipping is a good option. You want to work with reliable suppliers who produce high-quality products that will meet your shipping deadlines.

This platform allows you to make sales easier and is competitive right from the beginning. Superior market research will help you increase your profits.

Although it is easy to open a shop and sell products, it can be difficult to make it a success without doing a lot of hard work. Most people aren’t able to do this well. While there are some people who do well, they tend to have more experience and are better at understanding the game. They are able to identify profitable niches and the competition in their particular niche. They can then create a marketing strategy that targets their audience and tailors their products and brands to them.

Dropshipping is easy. It’s a different story trying to make big profits from dropshipping.

You could sell any product and hope to make sales. Dropshipping is not a great way to make a living.

It is important to plan how you will run your store.

You have two options.

You can choose between a general store and a niche store.

These two topics are so complex that you might want to watch some YouTube videos.

Once you have made that decision, it is time to find and select good products from reliable suppliers.

Marketing is the last and most important aspect of dropshipping.

You have many options for marketing. You can market yourself through social media networks using google ads, facebook ads and ig ads. Each platform has its strengths and weaknesses. Google search users know what they are looking for so you can make use of that information to advertise your product to them.

All of this leads to people coming to your website.

Once they are on your site, you will need to set up funnels and call to actions. These will be used to direct your customers to the pages they want.

You need to manipulate people to purchase your product.

Dropshipping is difficult. You will be selling the same products as hundreds of other retailers. You will need to put in a lot of work before you can start making money. Most people who consider this quit before they even make it profitable. Don’t underestimate the amount of time and money it will take to get a professional website, products, legal fees, marketing, etc. in place. The more niches you can find, the better. Dropshipping can be a great way for you to get to know a market and then make big in private labeling. Dropshipping doesn’t have to be done from anywhere in the world. You will never manage the inventory.

If I do my research, is it possible to make $50k+ per year by starting a dropshipping company?
How was your experience since you began? Did it take you long to make any money? What was the time it took to see real rewards?

If you find a supplier who dropsships products from a manufacturer that enforces MAP, you don’t have to do any competitive pricing analysis. You can simply put all of the product at MAP. Anton mentioned that MAP protects the market against price wars and provides a healthy margin over “cost”.

It is often impossible to check all prices for product lines not covered by MAP. Instead, you can choose to match the prices of the top 1 to 2 ranking stores.

PS: Never undercut ALL of your competitors. This is how price wars begin and all retail outlets on the market end up losing.

I have seen many similar comments, and it isn’t the case with all suppliers. I am currently working with nine companies, some more than others. Five of them have an end column or close to it. I did not have to purchase anything upfront or sign an agreement that I would sell a certain number of units within a given time period. If used correctly, there are some tricks that can increase your success rate and profits.

As I said, drop ship is not the only way to make a living online. There are many companies and individuals who drop ship and make a good living from it without an ecommerce site.

However, I am just starting to set up an ecommerce shop because it makes sense not to have everything in one basket but to use the internet to my advantage. This is just one way to get customers.

Let’s go back to the title of this thread: “Realistic expectations for dropshipping business” I know that I can find a supplier in 1-2 days and make a profit. It has nothing to do the internet.

It’s not necessary to rant. I’m sorry if it sounds that way. This is not what I intended. I am a lot like “ImportExport”. His years of experience have taught him that he can do the same thing without dropping ship. I have the knowledge that I can drop-ship and get the best pricing or very close to it without the need for an internet connection or any start-up capital.

Additionally, I am an expert in SEO, PPC and content syndication. If it is relevant to your business, I would recommend more than one.

Over the past 12 year, I have seen businesses fail because I failed to diversify my traffic sources and was not flexible enough for expansion. It’s not wise to have all your eggs in the same nest. This applies regardless of whether you are in the industry, your suppliers, or your traffic methods. One month you can make a lot of money, and the next month everything is dead.

Just saying. 🙂

Google may decide to eventually charge all buyer keywords. This is no joke. They are able to determine which keywords convert the best. They have a lot of analytics data!

Over the past five years, they have been giving priority to their paid ads by adding another listing at the top of the PPC ads. This causes the free ads to be moved further down the page. They don’t care what those people think.

Some merchants have also been advertising on high-ranking websites in Google, but Google isn’t making any money from it. It would be mad if someone ran their business on your property and also collected rent from you.

I would be very surprised to see paid listings on Google, at least the first few pages, than giving away most or all of the buyer keywords over the long-term. With their Panda and Penguin updates, they are just beginning to really grasp the importance of listing relevance. In his webinar, Dave mentioned that 8-10 listings are required for the majority of buyer keywords. What can the “powers that are” at Google continue to ignore this?

Although I don’t mean to be negative, there is a strong chance that they will get tired of giving away prime real estate. This could lead to a major shift in how things are done online, and small ecommerce shops won’t survive.

Beware! There have been many other things they’ve done in the past that have destroyed small businesses. It is possible. It’s a good idea to diversify now.

What I do offline is not relevant to ecommerce shops. This thread’s title is “Realistic expectations for dropshipping business”. Drop ship does not in any way shape or form imply that it is only applicable to ecommerce stores.

I use the phone a lot. Some of my customers I’ve been doing business with for almost 20 years are some that I know. This is a result of six other companies, two that my wife and/or i owned, plus the one I currently own. I would get mad, quit, or get fired, and then go back to work or move somewhere else. These guys would continue buying from me. Why? Because they trusted me and that I was willing to respect their time and meet their needs.