Is Fashion Nova Offering Dropshipping Service?

Fashion Nova Dropshipping is the leading lifestyle and apparel brand that can be quickly brought to market. We are known for delivering the most popular styles of the season to millions of people around the world, earning us the title of #1 Most-Searched Fashion Brand in Google in 2018.

We are a Los Angeles-based company that has 5 stores in Southern California. We sell collections for women and men. We are a pop-culture phenomenon with a staggering social media following of more than 25 million. This includes collaborators and celebrity fans.

Our names have been used in music and our styles have been worn out by some of your favorite celebrities. There is no famous pair of jeans that our jeans haven’t been worn by, from Kylie Jenner to Cardi B. Fashion Nova Dropshipping is featured in the hottest charts worldwide by Tyga and The Game, YG City Girls, Sawetie and Offset.


Our team is available 24/7 to bring you the hottest fashion trends around the globe. Every week, we bring you 1,000+ new arrivals! We are ahead of the curve in fashion forecasting. We listen to our customers, and we are constantly looking for innovative ways to deliver the most sought-after styles in a matter of minutes. Our top priority is to make sure that the FN community feels included and confident. With FashionNova, FashionNovaCURVE and FashionNovaMEN’s and the upcoming FashionNovaKIDS, we have revolutionized the fashion market. Anyone with an interest in fashion can find something we can help. We can accommodate anyone, regardless of their shape or personal style.

Fashion Nova’s mission is still the same today: to make affordable fashion available to all customers.


Fashion Nova was founded in 2006 and is privately owned and managed by Richard Saghian, CEO. Saghian, who has a keen eye for fashion, was able to spot a gap in the market for women’s clothing by bringing affordable clubwear and jeans to women to the forefront. Saghian stated, “We have revolutionized fashion by making customers part of the conversation from conception to delivery.” We keep up with the fashion curve and our competition by engaging daily with our community to ensure that we deliver what they require as quickly as possible.” Saghian pioneered the use of Instagram to connect and communicate with customers in a way never before seen. Fashion Nova’s first successes were the catalyst for its success. Fashion Nova Dropshipping opened its first store in Panorama City and has since expanded to five stores throughout Southern California.

Online store was launched by Saghian in 2013. It has been the brand’s most prominent presence and main source of shoppers around the world. Many body types are not covered by online retailers, which offer limited sizes and silhouettes. Fashion Nova Dropshipping has been a household name for over ten years, with more than 25 million followers on all social media platforms. Fashion Nova continues to offer high-quality styles at affordable prices and a dedicated social network following.

Our global network of influencers is extensive. We have forged strong relationships with many people who embody our brand and are all part of it. Fashion Nova Partners are unique individuals who engage with the market.

They’ll be getting millions of likes on Instagram, dancing to their own beat on TikTok and styling their Fashion Nova ‘fits to perfection via YouTube. They challenge fashion norms and push the boundaries. They inspire others to have confidence and embrace their individuality.