Jewelry Dropshipping in the USA with Vetted Suppliers

Dropshipping: What is it? (A model of buying wholesale jewelry for resale). Accessory and fashion jewelry can be great choices. This list of 6 top jewelry dropshippers can help you make some serious money.

Dropship Jewelry USA: The Latest Trends

Business Wire reports the growth of the global jewelry market at a substantial CAGR between 2010 and 2017. The market is expected to grow tremendously in the four years from 2018-2022. These figures show that the major reasons for the increase in social media usage, the growing middle class, and the decline of global jewellery prices are the primary ones. America, as a big jewelery producer market, is also without exception.

Statista America released a report showing that the US jewellery market will grow by 2% annually.

The changes in the jewelry industry are inevitable due to its rapid growth. We can see this on the online store. Jewelers cannot simply continue to do business as usual. They must be aware of important trends and respond quickly to them.

The Business Wire Report also shows the following trends in the jewelry market:

The fast fashion industry concept can be copied

Personalized jewellery

Barriers to entry are not present

This means that the future jewelry market will look more like fast fashion. It will have more personalization, low-price, more design and it will also be easier to get into this market for business.

Top 6 Fashion Jewelry Dropshippers

Top suppliers are essential for any business that wants to venture into silver jewelry dropships. Here are the top suppliers you can find.

Source for Inventory

Wholesale directory website Inventory Source is where you can find many reliable suppliers of jewelry that will supply you with many products. The us dropshipping suppliers you will be getting access to are over 150. It is possible to integrate suppliers into your store.


Toptenwholesale, a business-tobusiness directory, was established in 2011 and is located in USA. This platform will allow you to access different suppliers and products. This company has one problem: Most of its products require you to buy bulk.


WholesaleCentral, a USA wholesalers directory company, has been helping jewelry dropshippers like you to get access to many suppliers. This company is free to join. You will be having access to different jewelry suppliers from all over the world. It may be difficult to use if you’re a beginner. Accessing suppliers can be a difficult task.

International Brands

This directory company is based in the United States and was founded by Chris Malta. They offer a wide range of verified suppliers. This company has a major disadvantage: you’ll find suppliers that require large minimum orders, which is not the case with other companies. There is a $299 lifetime membership fee.


Doba is an American dropship site. It will connect you with 200 top-rated suppliers. Dropshipping jewelry usa is easy with this website.


Although the company is based in China, dropshipping can be made easier by their 36 global warehouses. Dropshipping is made easy by their technology, warehouse and delivery integration. Their other brand,, has achieved success in Europe. Chinabrands incorporate 5000+ manufacturers, providing 500,000 products daily and integrating new products daily.

Chinabrands is a big market for jewelry and accessories. There are many options for jewelry and accessories, including watches, silver jewelry, jewelry for women, and jewelry for men.

* Up to 200 countries can be reached by 36 warehouses

* Optimize product information for your store

* API data feed technology provides real-time sync. with sales channels

* After sale service timely

You can import fashion jewelry and accessories into your store

Dropship jewelry usa is a broad topic that requires you to think outside of the box. Everyone seems to believe that dropshippers can be found through the directory. Dropship orders can be made anywhere in the world. The data feed technology allows you to work faster and more efficiently.

Anyway, you can take the advantage of the dropshipping industry trendy, that is to choose a supply chain integration platform,

You don’t need to buy inventory. Simply add fashion jewelry to your online shop and your dropshipping business can begin.

Dropshipping is possible from Chinabrans to Amazon to eBay to Shopify to all other platforms. Chinabrands allows you to open more stores if you have a successful store. You are completely free to become a registion member.