Jungle Scout Dropshipping Review Amazon Seller Software

Are you ready to dropship and sell products on Amazon FBA, Aliexpress? Maybe you have been selling for a while. This blog post is about Jungle Scout.

This article will show you how to build your online sales business using an extremely powerful tool. Are you familiar with Jungle Scout It is a software extension and software that allows you to search for profitable products to sell in your online store on Aliexpress, Amazon, or both. Jungle Scout offers a list of products that could be winners and are worth selling. Jungle Scout considers many factors at once.

Jungle Scout isn’t free, but it can be very profitable if you have a winning product. Before you invest, make sure to fully understand the features and all of its benefits. What are its uses? What are its advantages? What are the benefits? How can we win?

Everything you need to know about Jungle Scout!

Before you can use Jungle Scout, it is important to first understand what it is. It allowed you to identify a quality product. But how?

Jungle Scout What is it?

Greg Mercer, an Amazon seller, created the software. He was aware of the difficulties encountered when searching for winning products manually and decided to create an easy-to-use, clear, and fast search tool that sellers could use.

It is used to determine the potential sales of an article. This allows you to choose the most profitable products for your business.

What are the benefits of Jungle Scout?

Save time and money Dropshipping entrepreneurs will find this tool a time-saver.

Vendors had to use the manual method because these tools were not yet available. This took a lot of time, effort, and analysis. They were required to search Amazon’s best sellers list by sub-category and category. This is after performing more complicated searches to filter results by pricing. Also, it was necessary to manually estimate products that were low in competition. You can see that finding the winning product was difficult in the past.

Jungle Scout has made it possible to quickly find profitable products for your niche.

Jungle Scout offers a simple example: Jungle Scout allows you to search for products that meet your criteria. It displays results in ascending and descending order depending on how many were sold or how much turnover each month. This allows you to see unexpected results that you might not have seen before. It is also possible to easily review the product sheets of Amazon competitors and analyze the potential sales.

Search for niche products with Jungle Scout filters

Jungle Scout offers features that make it easier for dropshippers to determine the most cost-effective products. There are many criteria that determine the order of products. All you have to do is search using the filters that you prefer.

Jungle Scout provides methods to help you find the right article by following your instructions. The criteria you choose will determine the potential products. These include the number of comments, selling price, monthly turnover, and notes.

If you sell a product with a weight of 4 kg, you can make sales between 40 and 75 Euros. These properties can be given to Jungle Scout, and it will filter the results.

Product Ranking By Category

You can start selling online if you don’t know where to begin.

Dropshipping is a new business venture and it is not wise to ignore categories such as food or electronics.

Then, you can filter your search results with Jungle Scout. Simply select the categories you wish to search.

Ranking using keywords

You can perform search by optimizing keywords that are related to the product you’re looking for.

You can also specify keywords to exclude certain results. Jungle Scout allows you to search for articles that fit your needs by simply entering keywords in the lexical field.

Ranking by number of critics

When searching for the perfect product, it is important to consider the amount of criticisms. Jungle Scout makes it easy to see the comments for each article.

You won’t be surprised if you choose a product that is not popular. Instead, you will win money.

Jungle Scout also considers other factors, such as rank, rating, level, and listing quality.

How much is Jungle Scout priced?

Jungle Scout subscriptions are not free. They cost $ 49 per month. If you sign up for the annual subscription, it is $ 39 per month. This is an investment, but it can quickly become a profitable venture if you find winning products.

How do you use Jungle Scout?

You have two options to use Jungle Scout: its web app or its extension in Google Chrome. The Chrome extension is extremely convenient and works well in your browser. For our part, we prefer the standard software.

The Jungle Scout app

It is easy to use the web app. It is simple to use, even though it is in English.

To access the Jungle Scout members area, you will first need to log in with your email address and password. Then, all you have to do is add the products that you wish to follow. Then, you can do whatever research you like regardless of how many criteria.

There are many functionalities you can use:

  • Multiple filters can be accessed (previously cited).
  • To recognize products with high turnover and not too much competition, you can use other dropshippers.
  • Access to sales history
  • Both in the United States and Europe, it is effective
  • Monitoring of 40 products
  • Access to the entire article database

Only a user is allowed to use this application.

Extension of Google Chrome

Like all extensions, Jungle Scout extension on Chrome is easy to install.

Its greatest advantage is its ease of use. It really saves time.

You might browse Amazon looking for a product that could make you big money. All product details are displayed directly on your Jungle Scout extension page. You don’t need to open any other tabs or applications. All information is available right away.

The final review of Jungle Scout, the search engine for profitable products

Jungle Scout, as mentioned, is a very useful tool for Aliexpress and Amazon sellers. It has already proven its worth.

Jungle Scout is a great tool to help you save time and quickly find the right products. You can test it for up to a month.


You might be curious to know more about the Jungle Scout, which is very popular in the ecommerce dropshipping market. This Jungle Scout was created to help you start or grow your business. It also has unique and fascinating features that will make it more useful to you. To find out more about these unique features, you can see the following list.

These are the special features of Jungle Scout you should know.

1. Find More Stores

Jungle Scout offered their client additional international stores in Mexico, India and Italy to aid them in their research and growth. The web application now has these beta stores. This feature was added in 2017 and you should expect more exciting features.

2. New and improved Niche Hunter Tool

They also renovated their niche hunting tool to present more detailed data in a concise format. They eliminated all unnecessary charts and graphs that were confusing and difficult to comprehend. This allows you to easily learn more about these niches, which come with detailed data and tips.

3. Additional Customizable Invoices

This feature will make sure you’re ready for the tax season. Jungle Scout allows you to access all details about your business and make changes or download them in just a few mouse clicks. It is not necessary to worry about tax season approaching.

4. New Available Blogs, Videos, And Webinars

You can view their views and insight about the industry through these blogs, videos, and webinars. They will gladly answer any questions you may have. They have created a relationship between you and them by doing this.

All the unique features of Jungle Scout you should know include more stores and a better niche hunter. Also, customizable invoices and new blogs, videos, and webinars. These unique features may encourage you to try Jungle Scout for your online business.

Jungle Scout can help improve your business’s standing. These features are constantly updated to improve their service to users. You can contact their customer service to ask questions or visit their website to learn more about Jungle Scout.