Leatherman Multitools Dropshipping Progam Review

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We are a multipurpose product manufacturer based in Portland, Oregon. Our goal is to bring you the best products that solve unexpected and expected problems in your everyday life. Our journey began over 37 years ago when Tim Leatherman, our founder, created the first multi-tool based on pliers. Leatherman! Leatherman!


Tim Leatherman and Chau were on a 1975 budget trip to Europe and came across leaky hotel plumbing, and roadside repairs for their Fiat. Tim saw the need for a multi-purpose, pliers-based tool. I used my scout knife for everything, from cutting bread to fixing cars. “But I kept wishing that I had a pair pliers!”

Tim returned to the States with his multi-tool idea and some sketches from the trip. He then got to work.


Tim estimated that it would take him one month to build the prototype of this new tool when he started. It took Tim three years to create the prototype he had in mind and file for a patent. He was now ready to market his invention. The companies he approached did not respond to his request. Tim received rejection letters after rejection for three more years. He teamed up with his college friend Steve Berliner and received their first order of 500 tools from Cabela’s in spring 1983. They also launched the first Leatherman tool, called the PST.

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We have been making our tools in Portland, Oregon, from Tim’s first prototype up to our most recent multi-tool invention. When it comes time to test our tools, we do so in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. We ensure that our tools can handle any task or adventure, no matter how big or small, whether it’s hiking in the Cascade Mountains or fishing off the Oregon coast. We invite you to test our tools, or read about people who saved the day using quick-thinking and their own hands with a Leatherman.

How to Start a Dropshipping Business

Dropshipping is simple to start, but it requires careful planning.

Dropshipping is essentially two steps.

Set it up

Step 1 – Market Research

It is important to find a product you are able to sell.

Start by choosing a category you are familiar with. You will find the competitive market less aggressive. You’ll also get an insight into how customers react and the market climate.

Learn more about:

  • What are the most popular trending products?
  • Which products are most in demand?
  • Are there products that are too expensive?
  • Which is the best price?
  • Which dropshipping suppliers are in this category of supplier?

Ex: The popularity of N95 masks at the outbreak of the pandemic was a result that met all the criteria. Many dropshippers were successful in this.

Step 2 – Assess your competitors

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Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

Find out if someone is doing it already.

How do they price? What are their suppliers/sources of income?

What is the quality of their website/store. Is it possible to improve?

What regions do they sell to?

These questions will give you an advantage over your competitors.

Step 3 – Launch your dropshipping website/store

Launch your dropshipping store/website now with the best products and competitive prices. Then, start promoting it.

Formalities & Legal Advice

Depending on where you live, make sure you have legal protection.

You may find the right legal entity to suit your needs among many options. Like a Sole Proprietorship, LLC, S Corp, etc. Based on your goals and scale, choose the one that best suits you.

Choosing the right business model

Your e-commerce company could be registered as a sole proprietorship or LLC.

Registrations, tax, licenses

These are important factors to remember to avoid your business being thrown out of business. There are several business licenses that you can acquire, as well as sales taxes to understand, pay, and business identification registrations like the Taxpayer Identification Number, (TIN), and the Employer Identification Number, (EIN).