List of Bonsai Dropshipping Suppliers Worldwide

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Bonsaiboy Dropshipping

What does it mean?

Drop Ship Partners upload images of our accessories and trees to their websites. The Bonsai Boy of New York provides a special discount code that allows drop shippers to process orders once they have received them. The code can be entered in the coupon field during checkout to get the wholesale price. Bonsai Boy will process your order by simply entering the buyer’s name and address in the ‘Ship To” field. The item will then be shipped according the schedule on our Shipping Information webpage.

This is our own Service Offered by the Blog Author.

shopify dropshipping store set up

Drop shipper will have access:

  • The largest selection of bonsai tree varieties on the internet
  • Customers who return repeatedly
  • More than 15 years of bonsai web presence
  • Get access to all our bonsai accessories and trees
  • Wholesale prices available
  • Tech support and customer service are free
  • Get our product datafeed, which is regularly updated
  • All FAQ’s, descriptions, and images can be used
  • Gift certificates
  • Secure Online Ordering
  • There are no minimums
  • Our shipping label will include your name
  • There is no membership fee! Dropship partners are 100% free! !
  • Here are some tips to help you market bonsai trees

About Bonsaiboy

My addiction began early in my life. Some were adorable, some were simple. Some were big and others small. I didn’t care if they would bloom or bear fruit —– I was hooked!

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Looking back on the years, I recall the exact event that kept my passion alive and led me to personal fulfillment. I signed up to take my first series in hands-on bonsai and then joined my first bonsai group. It was here that I found the time to fully immerse myself in the ancient art of bonsai. I soon found myself teaching bonsai to my friends and family. Then, I joined another bonsai club. My small collection had grown to a large collection and then to a massive collection. My wife and I took care of each tree —- and made sure they were named and referred to.

We took our passion for bonsai training and growing to a new level. The show was taken to craft and flower shows, street fairs, and finally malls. It is easy to imagine how hard it was to carry 5000lbs. You can imagine how tiring it was to carry around 5000 lbs. We grew older like our bonsai trees and realized that we needed a better marketing system to promote our products. We created our website in 1993, long before most people knew about cyberspace. It has grown over the years to accommodate the changing needs of our customers. Our internet business has evolved to the point that our cyber customers are our main focus. We no longer do shows.

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Our prices are kept low because we don’t hire any outside help. We take pride in each order as a family-owned business that is highly successful. We take great pride in the effort we put into choosing and shipping trees for our customers. We also enhance the quality of each gift by using the most recent packaging and shipping methods.

Easternleaf Dropshipping

We are grateful for your interest in Eastern Leaf’s Bonsai Drop Ship Program.

Eastern Leaf is a leader in bonsai trees and decorative Asian plants. We have developed customized packaging for each plant over the years to ensure that they are safe and healthy upon arrival.

Join our Drop Ship Program to benefit from our vast packaging and fulfillment experience.

Please fill out the online application to be considered for Eastern Leaf’s Bonsai Drop Ship Program.

An email will be sent to you with the reseller agreement and a request for a certificate. To activate your account, please sign and fax the following to Eastern Leaf

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About EasternLeaf

San Diego Farmer’s Markets

In the fall 2004 Jason and Renee founded Lucky Bamboo. They started out selling lucky bamboo arrangements at San Diego farmer’s markets. They would do their best to fill the booth’s 10×10 size with as many plants possible. Despite San Diego’s reputation for sunny skies, it rained almost every Sunday at the market. Jason and Renee might only sell one item on some days. Their persistence paid off as the shop gained popularity among regular market shoppers.

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Launch of

Jason and Renee launched in 2004 after receiving requests from market shoppers for a website. Jason, a technical professional, designed and coded the online store in a matter of hours and launched it the following day. Their first order online was received 5 hours later.

They were not able to ship their first order as the pot they received was broken. They had to reship the item and learn their first lesson. They have since developed custom packaging that almost all the trees use.

Establishing Eastern Leaf

Jason and Renee had been operating from their garage for 2 years. In 2006, they moved into their first warehouse. They initially thought that they wouldn’t be able fill the 1200 sq. ft facility with three pallets of inventory. They needed to move one year later.

Jason and Renee added more products to their store over the next two-years. They expanded their collection of bonsai, lucky bamboos, money trees and orchids.

Jason and Renee relocated to a bigger warehouse in 2008. The two had hoped to never use the warehouse fully, just like the one before. Four years later, Jason & Renee needed to buy a large nursery property in order to keep up with the business’s demands.

Eastern Leaf grew and became a trusted source of bonsai trees and lucky bamboo, money trees and orchids.

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Continue to Learn and Share

Jason was selected to be an apprentice to David Nguy, a renowned artist. Jason is very involved in bonsai. Jason was elected to serve on the board of directors for the Golden State Bonsai Federation in 2014. He was elected to the board of the Golden State Bonsai Federation in 2014. In 2015, he was appointed editor of Golden Statements (GSBF’s quarterly bonsai magazine). He has been an officer at Kofu Bonsai Kai in Southern California, which is one of the largest bonsai clubs. He is also a founder member of the Chino Bonsai Club. He holds regular demonstrations at bonsai clubs throughout California and other garden organizations. Jason continues sharing the knowledge he has gained through his videos and blog articles. He contributes to several bonsai publications, including Bonsai Club International (GSBF) and Bonsai Club International (Bonsai Club International). He helped to establish Bonsai Jidai in 2017, the premier bonsai school in Southern California.

Eastern Leaf was able to have its products featured in a variety of magazines and publications, including Better Homes & Garden magazine, Architectural Digest, Vogue. Washington Post, Martha Stewart Living. Veranda Magazine. Las Vegas Journal. Domino Magazine. They also made an appearance on Extreme Makeover Home Edition.

Eastern Leaf has helped many fortune 500 companies to promote an eco-friendly message. Eastern Leaf products are also widely distributed at parties and weddings as favors.

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Our Service

The company, warehouse, nursery and staff have grown, but the core values of the company have not changed. To provide an enjoyable and simple shopping experience for everyone with personalized service.

You are invited to visit our online store and to call us if you have any questions about our products or comments. We are always open to hearing from you.

Nebonsai Dropshipping

Drop Ship Program at New England Bonsai Garden allows for seamless transactions from orders placed through your website to fulfillment of those orders from the shipping facility. NEBG offers a variety of Bonsai tools, supplies, and pots. They also have a reputation for providing exceptional quality and customer service. Trust a company that has been growing Bonsai trees, choosing, pruning, and watering them by hand since 1987, and you won’t be able to trust their name and reputation.

NOTE To participate in DropShip, you must be a wholesale customer

This is our own Service Offered by the Blog Author.

shopify dropshipping store set up

You can sell New England Bonsai Garden products online and have them delivered to your company by becoming a Drop Shipper. We want the process to be as efficient and quick as possible. All of our products can be shipped immediately (mostly same day or next-day). You will receive an email with tracking information when the product ships. The shipping label on the package also has your company name.

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About Nebonsai

New England Bonsai Garden began as a single rented greenhouse in 1987.

It’s a huge eight-acre nursery located in Bellingham, MA. It has eight greenhouses and the largest Bonsai Tree & Supply Collection on the East Coast.

We have come a long distance.

We also grow our own trees from seeds and import cuttings from Asia. In addition, we source Bonsai from Florida and West Coast domestic growers. They are carefully cared for in our state of the art facility by our skilled staff under the watchful eyes Bonsai Master Jun Imabayashi.

We believe we have the best collection of bonsai trees (Martha Stewart concurs), and New England Bonsai Gardens is the top destination for Bonsai in America.

We have a wide range of tools, pots, and supplies. If we don’t have it you don’t want it.

We are not concerned about trees and supplies. We believe that educating the public about Bonsai is very important. Therefore, NEBG hosts a variety of bonsai experts regularly for workshops and training sessions. Additionally, we offer beginner courses for those who want to learn the hobby.

We are equally proud to host The Kaikou School of Bonsai. This two-year program, which is led by John Romano, focuses on intense bonsai practice and study.

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Additionally, we have more than 2,000 active New England Bonsai Gardens members who receive member benefits such as access to special events or product discounts.

Everyone takes great pride in our commitment to The Art of Bonsai. It’s our hope that this love and dedication will be reflected through our trees, facilities, and staff.

We invite you to visit New England Bonsai Gardens to see these incredible pieces of Living Art. It is difficult to not be moved by such art and we are sure you will enjoy your visit.