List of Countries to Avoid and Not to Target in Dropshipping

Every Dropshipper out there is concerned about the list of countries where there is a largest scope of Dropshipping. They are always in search of countries which have an audience that will potentially buy their products. However, it is very common for people to start their business in countries which are not suitable for Dropshipping at all.

We have talked about best countries where you can build your Dropshipping business quite a lot of time. You know very well about the countries that you should target. Today, we will talk about countries which we should avoid at all costs when it comes to Dropshipping business. The countries about which we will talk about today are not suitable for Dropshipping business however there are exceptions and you may get some successful sales here as well.

7 countries to avoid while testing your products with Facebook ads

These are the countries where you should not consider targeting with your Facebook ads.


It is the country which you should avoid while testing your ads. There are many people who have already talked about why India is not a suitable country for targeting. The reason behind saying that you should not test ads in India is that India has a bad traffic. You will get a lot of cheap clicks and traffic. The problem with Dropshipping when it comes to India is that you will get a lot of traffic but not enough sales. You can’t get well targeted traffic in India. It is easy to get tons of click in India but most of the people who click will not buy your products. Even if you get some sales you will your conversion rate will be very higher. Getting cheap traffic is not at all beneficial for your business. Its not the kind of traffic that you will like to have.

You may test cheap end products in India but it will never be one of the best countries where you can target. Beginners should avoid testing in India at all costs.


It is one country that you need to avoid if you are a beginner. We recommend you to avoid Indonesia completely. We suggest you to avoid testing in Indonesia is because there is an incredibly high fraud rate. You may get some sales and higher than average value sales when you are testing in Indonesia but more than that you will get a lot of frauds, disputes and chargebacks. You will have to face a lot of things which you want to deal with. Fraud is one of the biggest reasons that we recommend you to avoid testing in Indonesia.


We recommend you to avoid China as well in the beginning, the reason being the cheap traffic and the presence of AliExpress and Alibaba there. You will get higher cost for conversions because a lot of resellers will click your site just for checking out your site. Chinese people are likely supposed to not buy your products because they know that they can get same products from AliExpress or Alibaba at a very cheap rate. People of China will not buy products from an American or Canadian or British company. They will rather prefer buying products straight from a company which is located in their own country. This is the reason that you want to stay out of China if you are a beginner.


The reason being pretty much similar to Indonesia. We recommend you to abstain from testing in Afghanistan is on the grounds that there is a staggeringly high fraud rate. You may get a few deals and higher than normal esteem deals when you are trying in Afghanistan yet more than that you will get a great deal of fakes, debate and chargebacks. You should confront a great deal of things which you need to manage. Afghanistan will never give you good indication so, must stay away from this country when it comes to testing.


You will get a lot of frauds coming from Pakistan when you start testing your ads here initially. You will get a lot of cheap traffic. Also, there are hardly any chance that your products will be successful here. We recommend you to chose countries that give you the best indication and have the potential to get sales of your particular products.


As compared to other countries in the middle east Iraq will give you no indication if your products will get any sales. Just like Afghanistan and Pakistan, you will get cheaper leads in Iraq. There are hardly any chance that you can get high quality clicks in Iraq. We prescribe you to picked nations that give you the best sign and can possibly get offers of your specific items.


The last country where you will never want to test your ads is Malaysia. As similar to Indonesia, Malaysia will give you cheap traffic. We advise you to stay away from this country due to high fraud risk here. So many Dropshippers complaint of getting so much fraud from Malaysia. You don’t wan that kind of trouble in your business. Even if you get good conversions from Malaysia there is nothing that is worth so much trouble.

So, that was the list of countries which you should avoid when it comes to testing Facebook ads for Dropshipping products. There are many other countries as well which are like the countries we have mentioned above. We suggest you not to test your products in such countries because they will never get you enough sales that can profit your business.