List of Most Successful Shopify Stores and Their Analytics

It is not easy to build an eCommerce business. You’ll need to manage (almost) everything yourself, marketing product, design, finance, human resources, logistics, and so on if you’re a new entrepreneur.

This alone can make it difficult for many to succeed.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

It is possible, but not impossible.

You too can join the Shopify store owners who are succeeding with grit, business/marketing strategies, and a little luck. You can be one of the Shopify stores that is making waves in the industry by disrupting it or generating 7-to-8-figures revenue.

We’ve compiled a list of 5 Shopify stores that are the most popular. We will tell you the reasons they are successful and then try to break down their marketing strategies so you can copy them for your store.


Let’s take another look.

What makes a Shopify store successful?

The eCommerce industry is growing rapidly. By 2021, global retail eCommerce sales will reach $4.9 trillion USD. This figure will rise to $6.5 trillion in 2023.

How can you be different from all the other businesses looking to cash in on this rapid growth?

This is where our marketing strategy dissection steps in. These are the top Shopify stores.

1. Good customer experiences

Customer experience is a top priority at Shopify, just as you would expect when you visit a brick and mortar shopfront.

As inexperienced sales representatives, messy storeroom floors, and untidy shelving can lead to customers losing their hard-earned money, slow page loading speeds, poorly timed popups, or poor page layout can also be a problem.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

In fact, it has been shown that up to customer journey”.

Remember great website design is the foundation of a positive customer experience. Online shoppers shop online to save time and convenience. Do not make it more difficult than necessary. There are many eCommerce shops in your niche that will likely sell your products. They may shop at one of your competitors.

2. No hidden or extra costs

Potential customers expect a hassle-free checkout without any hidden or additional costs. An online shopper will find it frustrating to have to search for a product, locate its page and choose the size, color and quantity. Then enter their payment details and shipping information.

They will pay an additional $10 shipping fee.

This is a sure-fire way of driving a potential client away.

Top Shopify stores provide clear pricing and free shipping to their customers. This helps avoid any confusion.

3. High-quality product pages

The first step in the customer journey is researching a product. Your Shopify store should be able to provide potential customers with clear product descriptions and easy-to-find specs. This will help you gain their trust.

This is the best way.

Your product pages should include high-quality product photos, accurate size charts, well written product descriptions and video reviews. They have all the information they need and a place to purchase it.

4. Social proof

Top Shopify stores socialproof on their eCommerce site. They use customer reviews to inspire others to buy their products.

There are many ways to add a review system in your Shopify store. Installing a review plugin such as Rivyo, or is the easiest. This way, customers can see all the 5-star reviews on your product pages and know it is a good choice.

5. Solid email marketing

Shopify’s best stores know that not all marketing must be done onsite. They also realize the benefits of email marketing.

You can send marketing emails to your customers to keep them informed about product updates and customer sales. Email marketing is a great way for Shopify customers to keep in touch and resolve cart abandonment issues.

5 Top Shopify Store Examples

1. YouFoodz – 3846% Sales Growth in 14 Months

The market for online food is worth $3.5 billion. YouFoodz is a Brisbane-based online delivery company that can take advantage of this trend.

YouFoodz grew by 5% to 10% each week in 2015, according to a well-known statistic. According to YouFoodz Head Chef Christian Andrew that’s a 3,846 percent increase in sales over the past 14 months. It’s an understatement to say that we have been overwhelmed.

SimilarWeb reports that YouFoodz receives approximately 200,000 visits per month to its site.

Referrals account for almost 9% of all traffic. It is not easy to get almost 10% from referrals. )

It’s amazing.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

I can easily attribute the success of their referral marketing strategy and their referral program.

The headline “Get Free Meals” is captivating. After all, who doesn’t want to eat free meals? This will be displayed to the visitor after they click on the button at the bottom.

YouFoodz is generous with their incentives. They give away a week’s worth of food (that’s nearly $100 per person!)

YouFoodz knows that sharing is only possible with strong incentives. This is evident in YouFoodz’s referral program, which is one of the most effective aspects of their marketing strategy.

2. Thrive Causemetics: 500,000 direct visitors per month

Karissa Bodnar was devastated when her friend Kristy, a young woman who died from cancer at 24 years old, passed away. This is too young for anyone to take their life, especially a girl like Karissa Bodnar who was the most kind and compassionate person she had ever met.

Karissa was inspired by a friend and has a decade of experience in cosmetics and makeup. She started Thrive Causemetics to donate one product per purchase to a woman-in need.

Today, Thrive has an estimated income of $3.1 Million and has donated more than one million USD to charities like Mary’s Place or Dress for Success.

Thrive gets about 500,000 visitors per Month

They are mainly from direct traffic.

This is because Thrive is Beauty with a Purpose.

Thrive is more than an eCommerce shop. It’s more than just an eCommerce site. Thrive is a movement that empowers patients with cancer.

Many Thrive customers will get behind this movement and spread the word, resulting in Thrive being discovered via direct traffic.

Thrive has a page dedicated to their giving that explains how they do it, and contains powerful, emotional quotes that will touch the heartstrings of everyone who reads it.

The key takeaway:People want to do business with the people behind the company. They want to hear your story. Start telling your story on your website, in your copy, and on social media. Here are some storytelling formulas to help you get started.

3. Endy Sleep – 20 million in annual revenue and counting

Endy Sleep Canada is Canada’s largest online-only mattress retailer. Endy Sleep has achieved success in an industry full of larger-than-life claims. Endy’s mattresses are very expensive, and anyone looking to purchase one would be wise to test it.

Endy managed to create an online-only mattress company.

They are actually so successful, that they were on track for a $20,000,000 revenue year in 2017.

How did they do this?

Endy’s success can be attributed to the free trial. Free trials are an effective growth strategy, as we all know. Anyone who has used software for 30 days (or more) and loves it will be a customer.

Software and apps were the most popular way to give free access, and it also allowed you to make money.

Endy managed to pull it off despite all that. Endy isn’t afraid of losing their products to cheaters and thieves, which is what most companies fear.

Endy actually allows potential customers to test their mattresses for 100 nights (approximately three months).

Endy will take the mattress back if it is not comfortable after 3 months.

Endy is confident in their product and it’s a win-win situation. Endy knows that anyone who has used the Endy mattress for three months will love it and will continue to use it.

Here’s the kicker.

It works. Endy reported that the company has one of lowest returns in the mattress industry.

A multimillion-dollar business that Kardashians endorses

Children will outgrow shoes, so it doesn’t really matter what type of shoes they wear.

Susan Petersen disagrees. Soft soles are better for babies learning to walk. It promotes balance and allows them the freedom to move their feet.

This is what prompted Freshly Picked to open an eCommerce shop selling adorable baby moccasins.

Freshly Picked started off rough. Susan needed to sell scrap aluminum to get enough money to start the store. The story changed several years later.

Freshly Picked is now a top online store for kids footwear. An multi-million-dollar business selling children’s shoes to stars like Jessica Alba and Mila Kunis. Shark Tank even featured her. Daymond John offered $150,000 to purchase 25% of her company (the deal fell through but the publicity was tremendous).

Susan Petersen credits Freshly Picked’s frequent blogging for her store’s success. It’s easy to see why.

SimilarWeb says that most traffic to Freshly Picked comes from searches.

Freshly Picked ranks high for key keywords such as “baby moccasins”, which are highly relevant and help Freshly Picked to generate tons of sales.

This is a clear example of the power and effectiveness of a well-optimized website. A site that is optimized (along with its product pages and category pages) can rank well for many important keywords that are buyer-friendly. This will eventually result in sales.

The key takeaway: People search for products to buy constantly. Optimize your website for keywords that matter to you in order to capture this traffic.

5. Flat Tummy Tea – Over 14,000 glowing reviews

Flat Tummy Tea was founded in 2013 and is a herbal detox tea that helps speed metabolism, increase energy, and reduce bloating.

Flat Tummy Tea, along with #fitspo, has seen a rapid growth, with over 13,500 positive reviews.

It also generates an estimated annual revenue of $35,000,000, which is huge for a tea website.

Instagram is a key reason for Flat Tummy’s success. Flat Tummy’s Instagram account has 1.5 million followers. This allows them to reach millions with just a few posts.

Flat Tummy Tea’s Instagram followers have grown through the help of influencers. Flat Tummy Tea sponsors celebrities, influencers and actors so they can share Flat Tummy products with their followers.

Flat Tummy Tea teamed up with actress Laila (110,000 fans) to promote their new product, the lollipop.

They are so beloved that an announcement post even receives more than 8,000 likes.

Key Takeaway : Is your product visually appealing? Does your product have a high aspiration (in that customers can notice a change in their lives after using it)? If so, Instagram is a great marketing channel. Partner with influencers to grow your account and sell your product to their followers.

How to Make Shopify a Success

Why Shopify is so important?

Shopify is huge because of a variety of reasons.

Beginner friendliness. Shopify stores are easy to set-up. With a little knowledge, anyone who is new to website development will be able to quickly and easily set up a store.

Proven success. Shopify has 20% of the eCommerce market and made their billionth sale in 2018.

Affordable. Shopify is affordable with prices starting at $29 per month and a 14 day trial period.

Customer support. Shopify offers 24/7 live chat customer service. There’s no time that you won’t get help when you need it.

Potential for marketing. Shopify offers many SEO tools and other marketing tools to help maximize your marketing potential.

How much does a Shopify store cost?

Littledata conducted a survey and found that Shopify stores earned an average of $72 USD per customer in 2020. A share of the estimated $100 billion in global sales.

How many Shopify Stores are successful?

Although there isn’t consensus on the number of Shopify stores that are successful, Shopify announced in 2019 that they had exceeded one million merchants around the world. Shopify’s new stores increased an average of 62% between March and April, which was a record for 2020.

Why Shopify stores fail?

Shopify stores often fail for a variety of reasons, including:

Incorrect product niche. Shopify merchants are often too competitive or don’t have enough interest in a particular product niche.

Bad product selection. Finding the right niche is not enough. Quality products that solve problems are still important.

Shopify site of low quality. Slow page speed, irritating popups and difficult-to-navigate website design. Low-quality product images. Product pages with no detailed information. These things can increase bounce-rates on your site, turn away customers, and harm your Google SERP ranking.

Poor customer service. Customers expect prompt and friendly customer service. You risk losing customers and creating negative reviews on your product pages if you don’t provide this service.

Final Thoughts

Although it is difficult to be successful in eCommerce, it is possible.

You can see that Shopify has many successful strategies and a lot of hustle and grit.

Take their stories and learn from them. Replicate their strategies. If possible, get in touch with them to ask how they did it. Learn.

You never know! We might profile you next on this list.