Shopify Stores Near Me Locator APPS and Reviews

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What is Shopify Store Locator?

Customers unfamiliar with your location might not be able to find it easily. Customers might need to find the closest store to place an order . If you have physical stores, Shopify has many store locator apps.

What are the Shopify Store Locator apps good at?

Shopify store locator app can be a great tool for small businesses. It allows you to increase foot traffic to your stores. This will help increase sales because you can cross-sell impulse purchases at the checkouts.

It can also help to increase trust among audiences. This can be a sign that your business is legitimate if they see you have a high-street location or another location that houses other retail.

Shopify’s store locator app can help you with click and collect orders. Customers can order online and pick up their goods the next day. If they know the location of your store, they are more likely to do so. Some apps even allow you to click and collect.

What are the best Shopify store locator app? These are the best options.


Storemapper Shopify is an easy to use, customizable store locator that you can customize for your business. In just minutes, you can integrate this tool into Shopify and customers will be directed to your store or stores carrying your products. That’s it. It’s simple, yet powerful.

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Based on online reviews, consumers visit stores. A Dimensional Research study of shopping behavior found that searching online for products and finding a location near you were the top reasons people shop. This is possible with the Shopify store locator. Shopify, a Canadian commerce platform that powers over 500,000 businesses worldwide to generate more than $40 billion in revenue, is Shopify.

Storemapper Shopify is a powerful tool for all companies. Storemapper works for all sizes, no matter how many stores you have. Storemapper will automatically be installed on your Shopify site within minutes. Upload store locations separately, via a bulk CSV upload or a Google Drive sheet.

All data stored in your Shopify store locator can be transferred and managed easily. If you need to make large edits to store information, you can export it at any time. If you have any questions or concerns about data management or installation, our Storemapper support team is always available via email or chat.

Designers and brand specialists will feel at ease knowing that fonts, colors and logo placement can all be customized to match your Shopify store locator. We offer custom CSS for many of the most popular Shopify themes such as the Responsive and Parallax themes.

Our analytics suite provides valuable data about the customers who have used your store locator. This data can be exported to your computer for analysis, or it can be used in Storemapper tools.

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We offer a free 7-day trial to prove that Shopify Store Locators are easy to add to your website through Storemapper.

ProMap ‑ Store Locator

Locate the nearest store

Customers can find the nearest store and get directions instantly on Google Maps.

It’s easy to upload unlimited stores

A shop owner can easily create a location or import multiple stores from a CSV file in just a few clicks.

Places to drive sales

Help your customers locate your products offline to increase your sales.

Secomapp Store Locator Map (Since 2016, A Must-Have!

This app is extremely simple to use. You can add as many store/dealer locations you wish and your customers will find you quickly. Customers can enter their location to find the nearest store. Details such as phone number, address, opening hours, etc. will be displayed. Get instant directions from Google Maps. Our team is available to help you with any questions or concerns about the app.

Outstanding Features

  • Bulk Import Unlimited Stores: It’s not difficult to import thousands of stores! Upload your CSV file in minutes to add as many stores you wish.
  • Filter Stores by Tags – Store location filtering allows your customers to narrow their search by assigning tags stores.
  • Display Directions and Distance: Customers can see distances and directions from their locations to your stores.
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Other Incredible Features


  • Manage unlimited stores simply.
  • All necessary information about the store, such as contact information, address, website, tags and images, should be included.
  • Promoting stores with custom pins, banners, embedded forms, etc.
  • Flexiblely set store hours and days off
  • Upload images from your store.
  • Unlimited store locations can be exported and imported
  • Google Maps Marker Clusters can be added to.
  • With our simple instructions, you can easily create an API Key.
  • Customers will have a better experience if they are given default search criteria.
  • You can customize the search box, location list and map.
  • To best match your theme, change the color and map style.
  • Support Translation
  • Mobile-friendly layout
  • All locations can be removed in just 2 clicks
  • There are many other options.


  • You can search for stores quickly using different criteria.
  • Locate your current position.
  • Google Maps – Full store listing with custom pin icon
  • You can filter stores using tags.
  • You can search for stores by their distance.
  • Receive instant directions to any location.
  • You can seamlessly switch between satellite and map view modes.
  • You can contact each store directly by email, phone, or address.
  • Find out about special offers for each store by reading the description.
  • See opening hours, special working days and days off.
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Bold Store Locator

Unlimitted store locations

Bold Store Locator allows you to add unlimited locations. This app is great for dealers, distributors and stores!

Drag and Drop pins

Auto-location is built in by the address. You can drag and drop pins or use the drag and drop feature to specify the exact location of your store(s).

Make your own search filters

You can create clickable search filters in your store locator. These could include “Open 24 hours” or “Wheelchair Accessible”, and many other options.

Bold Store Locator, an app that can add a “Store” section or “Dealer” section to any Shopify site, is extremely powerful. It uses your postal code to locate the nearest store and gives you driving directions.

Google maps

The only store locator app that uses Google Maps, this produces the best search results and driving instructions. It supports simple searches such as street names and cities with misspellings. Google is the #1 mapping solution in the world, and for good reason.

Use your branding scheme

You can customize the app’s look and feel to match your brand style and language using editable text fields.

You can add unlimited locations

You can add as many locations you like, whether it be your own store, a wholesaler, or a stockist.

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Change locations

Drag and drop your pins to change their locations.

Bulk import/export

You can add one store at a moment or you can use the bulk import tool to import them all at once. Export all your stores to a CSV file.

Custom pins

You can use any image or icon for your pins, such as your logo and a wholesaler’s logo.

Modify the map

You can customize the map size, its starting point geographically, as well as what is displayed for store listing.

You can use it in any country

The app can be used in any language and anywhere you are.

Location groups

You can create customized groups for wholesalers or stores to rank them or display them differently. You can even label them for shoppers.

Dates of expiration for certain locations

You can add an expiration date for stores and locations that you do not want to be featured for a limited time. For example, a pop-up shop or market event.

Real-time distance calculator

Drag the location pin to a different spot on the map, and it will recalculate distance.

Filters and search fields that can be customized

You can create custom search filters to make it easier for shoppers find what they are looking for.

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Multiple search options

Customers can search for their name, address or ZIP code by city.


Your customers can easily find you on any device.

Works with:

Snazzy Maps

Shopify’s most trusted Store Locator App

Shopify’s largest stores rely on our app for surviving any traffic spikes. Slawsa, our client, went on Shark Tank using another store locator app. It crashed during their most critical time. They switched to our app and returned to Shark Tank one year later, on a reunion show that had 10X as traffic. There was not a second of downtime.

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