List of Online Shoe Stores Powered by Shopify

It’s true, I don’t really like shoe shopping. My children will knock down every box in a shoe warehouse if I go there. I can accidentally buy everything if I go to Zappos. I will buy 10 cinnamon sugar pretzels at a mall instead of the shoes I was looking for.

There are many smaller e-commerce websites that can be used to entice and not overwhelm the average shoe buyer.

These are the top 10 Shopify stores. They not only make great shoes but also create an incredible Shopify-fueled customer experience.

Tecovas: Hypnotizing Hero Video

Tecovas produces beautiful, handcrafted cowboy boots at a reasonable price. You’ll see that their brand is all about quality the moment you visit their website. The bootmakers are shown in action in their full-width, professionally-produced hero video. Just one glance at their website and I knew immediately: 1. These boots are real and legitimate. I should quit my job to become a bootmaker.

The best thing about Shopify’s top-rated customer service is the fact that all those annoyingly simple-to-answer questions are answered right away.

Allbirds – Fun with Tree Puns

Only one way to sell shoes made from wool and trees is quirky looped animations with tree puns. (And some creativity from the Red Antler. I am able to stay on the homepage longer thanks to the loops, which allow me time to enjoy all the wonderful images of comfortable Runners. Soon, it’s hard for me to recall a time I didn’t have shoes made from trees.

Let’s just say that it’s a shopping experience stays with your. These types of customer experiences are what will keep customers coming back and will be a key part of brands’ metaverse.

Livie & Luca

Do you want squishy little feet and bunny-shaped sandals for your baby? Yes, please! These adorable shoes for children deserve a Shopify store that is equally cute, and Livie & Luca delivers. Shopping boutique brands can be difficult for my 3-year-old, who has wide feet. The shoe box sometimes fits better than the shoe. L&L’s Zendesk-hosted knowledge database allows me to know which styles are best.

Packer Shoes: More Than 100 Years Experience

It is always a pleasure to see a well-known brand seamlessly move to e-commerce. Shopify has some of the most popular Shopify websites. Packer Shoes deserves my praise for giving their history the hero treatment. Their homepage is a bold statement: “We know that shoes and neckties used be really short.”

Although the historic shoe brand has been around for more than a century, its customer service strategy is not outdated. The Shopify storefront features a self-service FAQ section that empowers customers to search for answers. Packer Shoes has matched the CX strategies of new brands step by step and kept up with them.

Peter Nappi: Indoor Google Streetview

The Peter Nappi studio is a neon-filled haven in Nashville, TN. It’s located in an industrial area. A few years back, my first visit to the studio was a five minute wait while a stray dog peed on my tires. This place is a great find.

Shopify, the beautiful website of an Italian-rooted shoemaker, offers visitors the in-store experience through embedded Google Indoor Streetview widgets. The best thing about the Shopify website is the ability to interact with the chat support team if I have a human connection request. Peter Nappi is definitely one of my favorite rabies-free online shoe shops!

Thursday Boots – Good Values and Good Design

Thursday Boots’ Shopify site has so many soft buttery images you can almost smell the leather from your screen. They’ve also included an easy-to use submenu with an “Our Values tab” that explains their ethical sourcing practices and responsible manufacturing. Finally, I can smell the leather and not feel guilty!

DTC brands need to keep in mind that they can win customer loyalty and offer a value-based customer experience that sets them apart from their competitors. You can follow the lead of Thursday Boots to incorporate social impact in your customer experience.

GREATS – The Reviews Are… Great!

When I’m trying on a new brand of shoes, I ask my friends for their opinions, compare prices, and look at as many reviews as I can. This is mostly to get information about sizing. GREATS has integrated both site and product reviews directly into their Shopify pages, which reduces the amount of work I have to do. Thanks, GREATS!

They have integrated multiple channels into the customer support platform so that I can search for an answer, chat, or send an email.

Rothy’s – By the numbers

A good ticking odometer is something I enjoy, especially when it involves repurposed bottles and sensible work flats. This Shopify website offers more than sustainable shoes. It also provides customer service options. The variety of options will keep customers interested.

Helmboots: Additional Perk for Customers

Until I can become a professional bootmaker (see Tecovas above), someone else will need to do my resoling. Only the most reputable Shopify stores will stand behind the product after it is sold. Helm Boots makes top quality boots and offers a Resole Program that allows customers to send in their boots for a tune-up. Thanks to detailed FAQs and a Contact Form, the process is simple.

No.6 Store: Look Book Paradise

Because high-end clogs always seem to show up in my life, I’m familiar with No.6. The site’s ShowTime template displays beautiful accessories and clothing. This website is a great example of Shopify’s best work. My favorite feature of No.6’s site, and the reason it is one of my favorites, are the PDFs of their Look Book PDFs. These PDFs offer a calm respite from the stress of online shopping. You can take a leaf from No. Take a page from No. 6’s Look Book to test different marketing formats in your CX. See which format resonates with your customers the most!


Turin’s heart was the birthplace of an online fashion boutique in 2008. It allows young designers to share their ideas with the world. You will find a wide range of in-style, rare and hard-to-find shoes and clothing for men and women.

Steve Madden

An iconic footwear brand has emerged from a New York-based shoe store. It started out as a small investment. This business was founded on the idea that New York’s rock and roll aesthetic should be shared worldwide through shoes. They have incorporated rock and roll’s ideas and designs into their shoes, and they have enjoyed a lot success. The shoes are highly sought after because of the unique mix of trends and willpower that their manufacturer uses in creating them.

AMR Store

One of the many options for women all over the world is to shop at a luxury brand that includes a fashion store selling women’s clothes, shoes and handbags. They are able to offer top-quality brands and a great shopping experience for their customers.


This store is embracing the 00’s fashion trend in 2022 and has made this their main focus. You can find everything that Britney Spear loved, from Parker Boots and Trinity Boots. This site features all the top-rated products of fashion influencers. This site is your ultimate destination if you’re looking to travel to the 2000s, not just fashionably but also physically.

Jimmy Jazz

The store opened in 1995, when there was a sudden rise in menswear demand in New York. It offers a wide range of top-quality streetwear and footwear brands including Nike, Adidas, Levi’s and Decibel. They work with designers who create the hottest trends.


Attention cat lovers! RipnDip, an online store selling unique products featuring white cats, is now open! It’s fun to browse and the products are strangely satisfying. You can find everything you love about Gen-Z, including rolling papers and cat sliders. This website accurately describes cool due to its products. We can even forget about the cat cursor!


It is a fashion destination that offers a wide range of luxury brands at discounted prices. You will find many high-end brands at great discounts here. You will find dresses and shoes to suit every occasion. It offers quality customer service and high-quality products.


NOBULL is a Crossfit product that is focused on the community. They have a range of shoes, apparel, accessories, and other training gear. They know that comfort and durability are important to athletes, especially when it comes to their boots. They value honesty and hard work, and they want to share that with their customers and offer eBay.

Windsor Store

The Zekaria family started Windsor’s first store and it is still managed by them. Through their clothing, they express their views on beauty. Since fashion icons such as Jacqueline Kennedy have graced us with their style, it has been in fashion. It has made celebrities look beautiful and empowered ordinary women to feel confident in what they wear.

Italy Station

Italy Station has over 300 luxury brands and 35,000+ products. It is the largest luxury online shop in the world. It sells handbags, accessories and shoes as well as clothes. They have partnered up with many renowned designers and suppliers. Their main goal is to please clients both locally and internationally.


In 2006, a sister foundation was founded that values strong work ethic, dedication, passion, and hard work. The foundation is about discovering your style and feeling your best. They are not looking for authentic style women like the ones in magazines. Therefore, the founders design products that inspire women to love their style and show it off to the rest of the world.

La Garconne

La Garconne was founded in New York in 2005. It is a clothing line that embodies all aspects of life: work, play, and leisure. The collection combines androgyny with femininity and masculinity to create a bold, timeless piece of clothing and a shoe line. La Garconne has a team of world-class workers to provide the aesthetic you desire.


Because of its lightweight design, this Unisex shoe collection is made for comfort all day. They are the ideal companion for your feet, as they can be worn anywhere without feeling heavy and also give back to the earth as sustainable products. It promises to be a blessing to your feet and lives up to every expectation.

Holabird Sports

Baltimore is home to a family-owned sportswear business that was established in 1981. A family is a group that includes runners and tennis players. They have everything you need for any sport. There are many products that are purely for athletic use. They have shoes for all ages and abilities. Comfort is their top priority. This store has the right shoes for you, even if your not a professional athlete or a regular player.

I Saw It First

The store is known for its innovative in-house designs. It also has designer brands. The store’s motto is to allow fashion lovers to access the most current fashion trends before anyone else. Their shoes and garments are a great way to grab attention and be the center of attention.

Nine West

Nine West is the perfect shoe shop for any shoe-lover. There are many styles to choose from. This brand is known for its classic designs and bold appearances. They are known for making comfortable sandals and heels at an affordable price. It is worth mentioning their customer service. This store offers everything, from eye-catching colors to exciting designs!

24. White Fox

White Fox is a bold, fashion-forward brand. It was founded with the goal of styling every confident, sexy woman in the world. They are proud to promote boss-ass women worldwide, allowing them to be who they are and showcasing their unique style. They can help you find your style and allow you to be yourself.


This brand is passionate about the environment and provides footwear that respects our environment. Their entire framework is built on sustainability. They are aware of the negatives of the fashion industry, and they want to make it better. Shoes are designed to be sustainable and meet the fashion needs of customers.


Kizik is well-known for its shoes that incorporate hands-free technology. Their shoes are designed to combine fashion and technology in a more harmonious way. To ensure their durability, the shoes have been subject to many tests. They feel that shoes don’t need laces to be fashionable.


OluKai was founded in order to create comfortable, durable footwear for ocean-lovers. This brand quickly rose to be one of the most popular shoe brands worldwide. The company specializes in sandals, boots, and shoes with a Hawaiian theme. They take great pride in their work and are known for being some of the best at crafting.


Atoms was founded with the goal of making the best shoes, just like any other shoe shop. They are grateful for the amazing people they have met along their journey and value the people more than the money. They are just starting and are working hard to make each shoe better and treat their customers well.

Heydude Shoe USA

Heydude sells shoes for women, men, and children. Their bright and funky designs are what make them stand out. They are light-weight, flexible and foldable, and machine washable. They are primarily focused on sneakers and are extremely comfortable to wear. They are very open to customer feedback and value the needs of their customers.


The men’s boots store was created for the bold. They make it easy to express your boldness, loudly or quietly. There are many styles to choose from, including some that are more subtle than others. They ensure that every detail is visible and reflects your personality. They aren’t afraid to go the extra mile for better-finished products.

Indestructible Shoes Shopify

It is difficult to find work shoes that are durable and of decent quality. All your questions about finding the right work shoes are answered by Indestructible. They are designed to work in any workplace. These shoes are made with safety, comfort, and style in mind. The shoes’ materials are high quality.


Every girl dreams of feeling confident and beautiful in all they wear. The Mint hopes to help women around the world achieve that goal. They offer a variety of styles and options for customers, including cute sandals and trendy casual sneakers. They take into account the needs of their customers and provide the same to them.


It can be difficult to find the right shoe for you if your foot is affected by any of these conditions. But you don’t have to suffer pain when wearing shoes. Orthofeet won the challenge to create supportive and well-fitted shoes for your feet. They are biomechanically designed to provide unique comfort features, making them the best choice for anyone with sensitive feet.

Beckett Simonon

Beckett Simonon believes that quality should not be something for the rich. The founders of this company believed that everyone should be able to access high-quality products. They sell leather goods made of top-quality material at an affordable price to their customers.


AMIRI is a lifestyle brand that caters to both men and women. They collaborate with many talented designers and offer world-class brands. They are unique shoes that will enhance your sense of style. Their shoes offer designers endless possibilities and hope, and they are just as respectable for their customers. They are also exemplary in customer service.

Cult Gaia

The store creates a wardrobe that is full of magic and a lifestyle that is effortless. This brand is known for its detail. They see the beauty in everything. Its mission is to inspire people with timeless pieces of art and provide quality products to its customers.


This store combines luxury and performance to provide the best in comfort and fashionable footwear. These shoes are versatile enough to be used for everything, from training to traveling. They offer shoes in a range of styles, from casual wear to boots. They are well-connected in New York City and other cities.