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When it comes to motor vehicle per capita, the United States is the leader of the road. No other country has more cars, trucks, buses, and semis than the United States, which has 910 vehicles per 1,000 residents. In the United States, almost 12 million recreational boating vessels are registered. This is 12 million people with a car and a boat.

These motor vehicles require a wide range of products and supplies to keep them running. This makes the American marine and automotive market very lucrative.

It is possible to manufacture, store, pack, and dropship automotive and marine supplies from a vast base. The demand for parts and accessories is huge.

It is not enough to have a product that sells to a large customer base. A business must be able to manufacture, warehouse, sell online, and track orders so supplies arrive on time and in good condition.

With the exception of some large corporations, most automotive and marine supply companies don’t have all the components. TopDawg is here to help. TopDawg connects wholesale suppliers to online retailers, so even small businesses can manage every step of the supply chain. This includes warehousing and tracking, as well as dropshipping supplies directly at customers.

TopDawg is a platform that allows you to expand your customer base among millions of motor vehicle owners across the country. TopDawg makes it easy to grow your customer base through strategic partnerships and seamless integrations.

It is easy to use TopDawg. Online retailers can enjoy a 14-day free trial. Sign up and connect to the product feeds to start selling and dropping shipping automotive and marine supplies directly.

Marine Dropship from Cwrdistribution

It’s easier than ever to start a marine business

It should be easy to conduct business. CWR is a global leader in marine shipping. We offer drop-shipping without any additional fees and no minimum order quantities. We have a large selection of products from more than 300 manufacturers. These include everything a boat needs, as well as sporting goods and consumer electronics.

Drop shipping same day

CWR has a variety of service providers and levels to help you meet your delivery needs and reduce costs.

Large In-Stock Inventory

CWR Wholesale Distribution has over 18,000 products in stock. We also have the ability to leverage relationships and establish relationships with more than 300 manufacturers so we can offer the best inventory for the lowest prices all year. It’s easy.

Superior Customer Service

CWR’s customer support representatives can help you with any question or problem. You will be even more impressive to your customers by doing this! Call 800-527-3305.


Our warehouse can be your warehouse. Let our IT staff handle your IT needs. CWR has a wide range of products that you need and a focus on drop-shipping. This will help increase your profits.

About Cwrdistribution

CWR believes that doing business should be easy. Wholesale marine products are sold by CWR Wholesale Distribution to dealers. We promise to provide the best service and aggressive pricing. CWR Wholesale Distribution is the industry’s most customer-focused wholesale distributor of marine products. CWR has over 300 manufacturers and offers a wide range of products for marine use.


CWR Electronics was founded in Somers Point in New Jersey in 1981 as a wholesale supplier of marine electronics with four dealers. CWR Electronics has grown rapidly over the years, adding outdoor wholesale products to our stock and expanding drop-shipping. CWR Wholesale Distribution is a company based in Bayville (New Jersey) and boasting almost forty years worth of outstanding customer service.


CWR employs over 80 people who work hard to fulfill your needs. We offer a unique advantage over your competitors by offering knowledgeable sales staff, dedicated customer service, and decades-of experience. As we grow and develop, our promise to wholesale customers is unchanged: We will continue giving you the best in the wholesale marine electronics market.


CWR strives to be the best wholesale distributor for the marine industry. Since its launch in 2001, our interactive website has been continuously updated. We guarantee your satisfaction while we work together to grow and expand.