MARQ Logistics Software to Reduce eCommerce Returns

MARQ is an artificial intelligence-powered logistics platform that allows companies to share their operational procedures with their consumers. In addition, it enables you to create high-definition video records demonstrating to your consumers that you properly and adequately wrapped their products.

When shopping for a good online, shoppers are 25% more likely to return it.

Unfortunately, these returns might easily become catastrophic for organizations with low margins. This is the issue that the MARQ software is designed to address.

By enhancing trust and openness, MARQ reduces product returns by 95%.

In practice, if 25 things are returned from 100 sales, MARQ reduces the number of returns to around one. It also saves time and money by resolving return disputes in 30 seconds.

What MARQ Does

MARQ automatically records your packaging process, provides the video to your customer and manages return disputes.

Among the features of MARQ are:

  • Record your packaging process with a mobile camera app.
  • High-definition 720p HD video lets customers see exactly what they paid for without touching it.
  • Time-stamped, tamper-proof videos to reassure customers that you did not modify the recordings.
  • A simple dashboard with everything you need in one location.
  • Barcode-detecting software allows customers to verify that what they see is theirs.
  • The shop can use marketing analytics and verification reports to track performance and conversion.

How MARQ Benefits Online Retailers

Buying and selling things on the internet is perilous since it’s tough to trust strangers. As a result, retailers are wary of selling expensive things to strangers over the internet. On the other hand, customers are hesitant to purchase high-priced things from persons they don’t know without seeing the product in person.

Here are some of the ways that MARQ helps internet retailers.

Improves Trust

MARQ makes clients feel present, no matter how far away they are. It also acts as a quality control system for retailers. Because you can’t tamper with MARQ’s video time stamps, the consumer knows you didn’t modify the movie.

As a result, MARQ keeps track of each package’s shipping information and automatically stores it in your dashboard. As a result, you’ll have a record of the shipping information long before the package arrives.

Protects Your Brand

MARQ not only reduces returns by 95%, but it also helps consumers cut shipping complaints by 90%. Furthermore, videos improve the consumer experience and increase revenues by 10%.

Because some consumer complaints aren’t genuine, merchants can use tamper-proof video recordings to show that rogue complainants are wrong.

Anything that helps retailers reduce the number of customer care emails and returns saves them time and money. As a result, they have more time and money to invest in activities that will help their businesses expand.

Improves Sales

You repurchase rate will normally rise by 15% if you employ MARQ. This is because they believe that when clients gain trust in your brand due to your openness, they will become attached to it. As a result, it increases brand loyalty.

Prevent Mistakes That Lead to Unwanted Costs

MARQ is an artificial intelligence-based technology that assists businesses in avoiding packaging problems such as shipping damaged products or incorrect orders. Because the software is digital, you can keep track of your employees’ productivity. In addition, the films assist businesses in verifying outbound transactions and lowering customer complaints.

The software recognizes the tracking number on shipment labels automatically while recording. The packaging video and the extracted tracking number are then uploaded to the dashboard, allowing you to send it instantly.

Installing Your MARQ App

Go to the App Store (for iOS) or Google Play Store (for Android) to download the MARQ app (for Android). Although this post focuses on an Android phone, a similar procedure can be followed on an iPhone.

To begin, go to the Google Play Store and search for MARQVISION.

Select “Install” from the dropdown menu. If you already have an account, a form will display “SIGN IN” or “SIGN UP” to establish a new account.

If this is your first app use, click “SIGN UP” and complete the following form.

Before making an account, you must agree to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

Click “CREATE YOUR ACCOUNT” after you’ve checked the box. Then, you’ll receive a four-digit confirmation number in the email address you used to establish the account.

In the next stage, you’ll need that. Then, enter the numbers in the four fields to resend the code and click “CONFIRM.”

MARQ Vision does, however, urge customers to utilize their computers to access the dashboard.

Click “OK” and fill out the following form to register your business.

The following screen describes what you must accomplish before you can begin recording.

You’ll get to the dashboard once you’ve completed this process. As you can see in the image below, using the dashboard on your phone necessitates frequent movement. As a result, a desktop is required.

How to use MARQ

Make a recording workstation for yourself.

Your workstation should include the following items:

  1. A slab or a working table
  2. Your phone, as well as
  3. A mobile phone stands

Place everything you’ll need for the packaging process on the table. Set your phone on a pedestal and place it over the packaging area, parallel to your workspace.

Then, position your phone so that it is facing away from the package.

Package the Order

Open the app and sign in to your account when you’re ready to begin packaging the product. It’ll take you to MARQ’s mobile dashboard, where you may see a quick summary of your account.

Start documenting the entire packaging process by scanning the barcode on your shipping label.

If you don’t stop filming until you’re ready to review it, the video will be automatically uploaded to MARQ’s online dashboard.

When you finish recording, the first place you’ll go is back to the mobile dashboard, where you’ll see if the process was completed successfully.

The three smaller circles represent video recordings that are completed, in progress, and failed. When you end recording, it appears in the middle ring and moves to the left if it successfully uploads and to the right if it fails.

Check Quality and Send Video

Before sending the video, check it to ensure it recorded everything you wanted to show. All movies sent to customers are time-stamped and include your company’s logo.

Double-click the field you wish to fill in, click outside the textbox, or hit enter when you’re finished. Keep in mind to save your changes.

Before you submit it, double-check that you entered the correct customer information. The status of the video will change to SENT once it reaches your clients’ mailbox.

Manage Dashboard on Your Desktop

MARQ delivers an all-in-one dashboard to handle all of your packaging video footage. In addition, you may easily look for older videos using the correct client information or tracking number.

Go to and click login to get started.

Fill out the following form and click SIGN IN.

After signing in, you’ll be taken to your dashboard, where you can manage all your video uploads, collaborate, and track your productivity.

If your dashboard has a lot of videos, you can use the search box to discover a certain video.

Import CSV Files

CSV files can also be imported into the dashboard. MARQ, on the other hand, would only accept files with comparable columns.

This is how you do it.

Select “Import” from the dropdown menu.

Then, in the pop-up that appears, select “Choose File.”

The columns in the CSV file your importing must match your MARQ dashboard’s current setup. If your columns aren’t aligned, you’ll get an error message that says, “Invalid CSV template format.”

To circumvent this problem, obtain a compatible file format using the CSV template. Then enter your information.

After using the template, you obtained to place the data in order, go back to “Choose File” and repeat the process.

Read the text and check the box to confirm that you understand the implications of uploading the CSV file, which will be explained later. The “Upload File” button will not be clickable if you do not accept the terms.

Troubleshoot Shipping Issues

You can check the clarity of your video and pictures by clicking the Manage icon on your dashboard before sending or deleting them.


Message setup and marketing statistics are dealt with under the marketing section. You can customize your company’s logo or URL on the left panel.

The recommended size for your marketing banner (a screenshot of the product) is 640 x 360 pixels. A link is activated when you upload the marketing banner.

The Marketing section’s right-hand column gives you a sneak peek at the message your clients will receive.

The video clip will be at the top of the message to your customer, which they can keep or share. A message thanking your consumer for their order and telling them its location appears below the video. It also provides information about the carrier and tracking.

The statement underneath this part asks your clients to rate the video, which is critical for your business.


The dashboard’s marketing analytics area displays how many messages you’ve sent. It then tells you how many emails your consumers have opened and your message’s open rate. Finally, the video play count displays the number of times your videos have been downloaded or shared.

You can also check how many logos your consumers clicked on and how well they rated you.


The Productivity area allows you to keep track of your team’s progress. For example, it displays the number of orders you’ve processed and your average packing time. It also displays the number of faults, damages, defects, and incorrect and missing items.


You can edit practically everything in this section, which displays your company’s profile.

By designating job titles for employees, you may control their level of access. For example, when you click “Learn More,” you’ll see what level of access a member, manager, or administrator has.

Only the mobile app is available to members. This implies they can create movies and upload them to the dashboard. On the other hand, members do not have access to the dashboard.

The mobile app, dashboard, and marketing are all available to managers. The admin, however, has the highest level of access because they have access to all four sections and can award access privileges.

By issuing an invitation, you can hire someone to assist you. Select “Invite Member” from the “Account” menu on the dashboard.

You can leave the name area blank and enter the person’s email address. Then, by selecting “Send Invitation,” you instruct MARQ to send an invitation to that individual.

You would receive a message if your invitation were delivered to the intended recipient.

You can also invite a group of individuals at once. You’d fill in the fields after clicking the plus (+) that reads “Add another” on the form. Then select “Send Invitation” from the dropdown menu.

MARQ will invite all the email addresses you specified and provide you with a report.

Since you own the account, you are the principal Admin, and no one can change your status.

You can, however, change the status of any new board member.

You can assign a member to the manager or administrator and vice versa. You can also deactivate any account at any time.

The “Getting Started Guide” can be used as a checklist for tasks that need to be completed on your dashboard. For example, you’ll note in the image below that creating your account is one of four steps you must perform to finish your dashboard setup.

The checklist’s “Upload Logo” button sends you to the same spot as the logo box in the navigation area.

Click “Leave Feedback” and fill out the dropdown form if you require immediate assistance from the support team.

You can utilize your two-week trial period to test the waters, then choose a plan when you’re ready.

The “Select a Plan” and “Upgrade Plan” buttons take you to the dashboard’s price plan.

When you pay for a plan or after the 14-day trial period, “Select a Plan” disappears. On the other side, an “Upgrade Plan” is what you utilize to switch from one payment plan to another.

Instructions for Use

Anyone who has been granted access to the dashboard can download the “User Guide” to learn how to:

  • Create a workstation
  • What is the best way to record and maintain packaging videos?
  • A quick tour of the dashboard on the web
  • Clients’ videos should be reviewed and sent to them.
  • Your video consumption summary can be seen just below the “User Guide.”

It shows you the plan you’re on, how much of your video allotment you’ve used, and when your payment plan is due to be renewed.

Pricing at MARQ

The five price plans offered by MARQ are Basic, Lite, Standard, Advanced, and Enterprise. The first four options come with a 14-day free trial.

The Basic Plan

If you pay annually, it’ll cost you $5 every month, but it’ll cost you $6 if you pay monthly. This subscription includes 50 uploads and access to the following features:

  • An app for smart cameras
  • With a video dashboard
  • One month’s worth of video storage

The Basic Plan

The Lite plan includes 200 uploads and all of the Basic plan’s features for $42 (billed annually). It also provides marketing analytics and has a three-month storage duration. In addition, you can pay $0.40 per video if you need to upload more videos than it covers.

However, if you want to pay monthly, you will be charged $50.

The Standard Plan

The Standard plan is $79 per month (paid annually), but you’ll spend $95 if you want to pay monthly. It has all the features of the Lite plan plus a few extra. You’ll have access to productivity analytics and a complimentary smartphone holder. If you go over your video upload limit, you can pay $0.30 for each additional video.

The Advanced Plan

The Advanced plan’s annual billing is $158 per month, but you’ll pay $190 if you pay in monthly instalments. This plan includes 1,000 uploads and all of the other Standard features. In addition, each additional video upload costs $0.20.

The Enterprise Plan

For high-volume retailers and premier brands, the Enterprise plan is designed. It has all the qualities of the others, plus a few more.

You will also receive extra offers such as:

  • Best Price Guarantee
  • Integration with a Custom API
  • Volume Discounts
  • Dedicated Support Group

You’ll need to contact MARQ’s sales team by filling out a form that specifies the type of assistance you require.

MARQ Ratings


You can’t modify MARQ’s videos because they’re time-stamped and tamper-proof. Customers can tell it’s their goods because of the barcode detector, and since MARQ recommends including your brand, it decreases the odds of being impersonated. You must also keep track of the packaging from beginning to end.

As a result, it receives a 5-star rating for features.


The mobile and web dashboards from MARQ are extremely simple to set up and use. It provides a large amount of data in a short amount of time, and account owners have complete control over what occurs.

However, uploading videos can take a long time – a flaw they also note. As a result, I’ll give it a four-star rating in this category.

Customer Service and Support

The MARQ website offers live chat help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can ask a question or request by filling out a form and waiting for a response.

I’ll give it a five-star rating out of five.


When compared to other logistics software packages, MARQ offers a low price. It also has a variety of payment options, and you can upgrade at any time. As a result, I give it a five-star rating.

Overall Scores

Any retailer, especially those who deal with e-commerce, benefits from MARQ. Some clients return items claiming that they were damaged when they received them. Others claim that’s how they viewed the shipment and returned it with incomplete goods. As a result, every retailer requires an alibi.

Final Thoughts

While protecting their brands, MARQ helps businesses develop trust, make fewer mistakes, and increase sales. All you need for your workstation is a table, a phone, and a holder, so you won’t have to spend much money.

You have a 14-day trial period to determine which package is best for your company. The program also assists with marketing, analytics, cooperation, and logistics.